Keep Your Office Organized With These Simple but Effective Guidelines

Working in a clean and organized office is known to increase productivity.

Instead of having to constantly address a messy workspace, you’ll be able to fully focus on your work. Also, sitting in an office where everything is organized causes less stress since you don’t have to worry about clutter and other distractions.

If you don’t know where to start and what to do with all these things around you, organizing your office may seem daunting. However, when you know where to look and what to do, the task becomes much easier. Here are some simple yet effective guidelines for keeping your office organized.

Hide the Wires

Visual clutter will immediately increase stress levels, and you will feel more burdened by your work. We use various devices that need loads of wires to keep them running, and that can quickly create a mess. Reduce your stress by hiding these wires either by making them go through the desk slot or using binder clips to hold them together and keep them out of sight.


We get emotionally attached to stuff we have around us although we don’t use them anymore. You might need to ignore their sentimental value and be more rational. Look at each item and consider if it’s truly necessary for your workspace. Judge this based on utility, frequency of use, and how essential it is to your daily activities.

Organizing your office will take more time if it’s filled with clutter you don’t actually want. Don’t be afraid to cut whatever is unnecessary.

Rent Self Storage Units

Even after decluttering, you may find stuff that you will use now and then or sentimental objects you can’t part with. Instead of keeping them in your office, you can rent a secure self storage unit in any size you want for these things. You can put files you only use a couple of times per year, frames, old devices that might come in use later, or anything you want.

Go Paperless

If you take notes or write down work-related stuff, you will get lost in these papers when you’re trying to find the information you need. Additionally, having a lot of papers on your desk will stress you and make you feel like you have a lot to do. There are various note-taking and to-do list apps that eliminate the need for papers. Since most of them are cloud-based, you can access your notes wherever you are, and on any device, as long as you have an internet connection.

Keep Essentials on Your Desk

Inspect your desk for items you don’t need and store them away. Your desk will look neater and more organized. Keep only the essentials on your desk so you can find them quickly. For items you use daily, putting them back in place will keep your desk organized. The essentials include stationery, office supplies, sticky notes, a water bottle, and any other items you use every day.

Use Adjacent Walls Efficiently

You can do more with office walls than just stare at them when you’re bored; you can use them to keep your office organized. Get creative with your wall space by using it to store files, office supplies, or electronics.

Consider installing a pegboard to hang your office supplies and keep them within reach. You can add floating shelves with lively colors to brighten up the place and to put various items on them such as photo frames, books, files, or office supplies.

These guidelines can instantly change the way your office looks. By decluttering, you don’t only get rid of stuff you don’t use anymore but also reduce stress. Keep the desk clean and neat by hiding wires, going paperless, and keeping only essential items within reach. Use the space around your desk like walls to store and display various items that would otherwise clutter your desk.

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Keep Your Office Organized With These Simple but Effective Guidelines

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