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If you need to move from one Canadian city to another and find yourself all set without trying to remember what you might have missed, the best solution is to create a moving checklist. Its help is indispensable because once you put all the necessary stuff on paper or in your smartphone notes, there will be no way you can forget it. The best thing is to make a printable moving checklist, so you can carry it around and physically mark all your notes. Let’s find out more about creating a moving checklist in Canada and follow the instructions.

Plan Beforehand

The best advice on saving money and moving without regrets is to set a date and make arrangements and reservations for local Toronto Movers. Booking in advance usually costs less than if you do it two or three days before the actual date.

Organize Pet and Plant Transportation

If you do not have a suitable vehicle to place all your animals and plants, simply order their transportation from one of the services for moving locally. Ensure that it is safe and reliable, check the insurance, and get ready to welcome your most precious things to your new home.

  • Manage travel arrangements and reservations for your pets, plants, and other valuables which need special care.


Find a local moving company that provides specific moving services in Ontario, like GTA Moving.

Pass On Information

Certain people need to know your address, so be sure to notify them of your move beforehand:

  1. Reach out to your agent or someone who helps you with moving, and inform them of the date;
  2. Call your boss and book some time off work;
  3. Inform your closest relatives and friends about when you plan to move, and share your new address;
  4. Notify your kids’ school about the relocation.


Then start creating an address change checklist to fulfill the necessary activities.

A Month Before the Move

When you have a whole month left to go, start crossing off the assignments according to your checklist for moving to Ontario. Begin doing the most challenging tasks, like gathering your belongings and organizing them properly and conveniently. When the movers deliver them to a new location, it will be easier to unload them from the truck and set them out inside.

Free Moving Life Hacks to Pack and Sort Out Your Stuff

So, here are some timesaving tips for moving to Toronto:

  • Check your storage locations. These may be an attic, basement, or garage;
  • Move out all the trash and prepare some moving boxes;
  • Divide the items into 3 categories:
  • Can be used in your new house;
  • Broken and ready to be thrown away;
  • Items for charity and suitable for a garage sale.
  • Pack the ones you might need in the future and mark them with stickers or simply write what’s inside;
  • Store the boxes in a closet close to the exit so that the movers can load them faster;
  • Move to the other rooms and start sorting the things into the same three groups. If there are many items you decide to sell or donate, select one location in the house where you can put them. It will save time and help you see what to do about other items;
  • Check if some of them need to be repaired, and call specialists. This measure prevents further damage during transportation.

Gather the Papers

Another vital point on the change of address checklist is to prepare a special binder where you place all the essential documents:

  • First, visit your local post office and fill out “Change of Address” forms, so all your new mail will be forwarded to your new location;
  • Contact a local Canada revenue agency to check if all your records are in order and all the taxes covered. Additionally, if you are relocating because of your job, you can find out from the revenue agency if some of your moving expenses are tax-deductible;
  • Visit your dentist and other medical facilities to take all your and your kids’ records. Also, ask your vet for all the necessary documents if you have pets;
  • Ensure the transfer of the kids’ papers to a new school.

2 Weeks Before Moving

The preparation process takes a significant amount of time, so to make it efficient, rely on your checklist for moving in Toronto or any other city and cross out what you’ve already taken care of. Then, when there are 2 weeks left, and you have already packed most of your stuff, it’s time for new challenges like mopping and sweeping around the house. First, if you still do not know which moving company to choose, check out GTA Moving. They will carry out the transportation, and all you will have to do is make the checklist.

Cleaning and Appliance Packing

When most of your belongings are packed, cleaning is more convenient. However, the kitchen is the toughest spot. Get it done in several steps:

  • Check all your appliances and disconnect them one by one;
  • Carefully clean them and put them into prepared boxes;
  • Clean the stove.

Remember that you might need some devices in the runup to the move, so do not tape the boxes yet. Continue checking with your address change in Ontario checklist.


Each house has potentially hazardous equipment and stuff you cannot simply put in the trash. So that is why you have to:

  • Call the services and arrange for their utilization or find specific centers that can collect and recycle them.

Arrangements for a New House

Your change of address checklist in Canada needs to include the points for a new location. When you arrive, you need your cable TV equipment and other services already working; that is why you have to:

  • Arrange a phone service;
  • Find a new Internet provider.

If you do that planning and managing beforehand, you can start working right after the move without any delays.

Day Before the Move: Things to Do

Let’s skip to the main content of your  checklist for moving in Ontario when there is only one day left:

  • Defrost the fridge and clean it;
  • Eat the food that you have left and pack some non-deteriorating stuff. Ensure that these boxes are put at the end of the truck;
  • Pack your items into separate packages. If you need them urgently, it would be easier to reach out.

On the Day

Start the moving day with the inspection of your rooms. The only thing you need to find there are boxes. Look at your moving checklist again and see if you have crossed off all the tasks. Do a final walk around the house and check if all the windows and doors are locked. Turn off the lights, and ensure that you turn off all the taps in the kitchen and bathroom. Prepare your appliances and other belongings for long-term storage.

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