Top College Student Resources for Success

I won’t bore you with a long introduction.

This blog post is meant to be a quick resource guide to help with all of your college needs.

So, have a question? Looking for some inspiration? You’ll find it all in this one convenient location.

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Top Supplies for College Students

First, let’s take a look at some of the top supplies every college student needs for success…

  • Binder: I will always go back to this amazing Staples Better Binder for all of my organizational needs. They last forever, even when you toss them into your bag over and over again. Personally, I prefer the 1.5 inch with D-rings. It is the perfect size and your papers never get stuck in the back.
  • Student Planner: You cannot stay organized in college without a student planner. It is seriously one of the best college student resources. Unfortunately, I was never able to find that perfect student planner I always needed, so I created my own. It is a printable planner (so you can reprint any page you need, and easily put it into your school binder) and includes over 50 student worksheets and planning pages. Check it out!

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  • Dividers: These are, hands-down, the perfect dividers. They are a great price and have pockets on each of the dividers for loose paper.
  • Filler Paper: Not all filler paper is created equal. I absolutely swear by this paper. It is a tiny bit more expensive than the regular binder-filler paper but all of the holes are reinforced so you never have a problem losing papers that rip out.
  • Sticky Notes: A not-so-secret tip is to always carry sticky notes with you. They are incredibly handy!
  • Printable Goal Planner: In addition to having a student planner, using a goal planner to make sure you are chasing after your dreams and meeting your goals throughout school is just as important! Check out my goal planner here.
  • Highlighters: This might sound nerdy but… these highlighters are AMAZING! They come in a ton of colors, have two different tips (fine and thick) and are not as bright as traditional highlighters, so they make your notes look WAY more aesthetic.

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  • Colorful Pens: I always go through different pen phases, but this pen pack is the one I am currently loving!
  • Pen Case: Need a cute place to organize all your pens? Check out this cute, yet functional pen case.
  • Thumb Drive: You never know when you are going to need a thumb drive. Might as well grab one now before you forget.
  • Desk Organizer: Making a nice study space at home is incredibly important. This desk organizer makes it SO easy to make that happen!
  • Backpack: Finally, you absolutely NEED a backpack. I have had this one for over 8 years now and it still is holding strong! It is the perfect mix between function and cuteness. If I had to go back, I would probably get the black one (goes with more outfits). But when it’s time for me to get another, I’ll probably get this same one, I just love it so much!

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This student printable planner is perfect for students in college, high school, middle, elementary and home school. Includes hundreds of pages and templates that will help your time management, goal setting, personal development, organization, and more! Includes layouts for daily, weekly, and monthly planning as well as calendars, cleaning schedules, shopping lists, meal planning and everything in between to organize your life. Read now to learn about the perfect student planner today! #college

Free Study Planner

This free study planner will help you ace your next exam. It walks you through creating a study schedule as well as lists each study task to complete before the big day.

The ultimate guide to help prepare you for your next college exam and finals. Learn the best study tips, time management techniques and gain inspiration to motivate you to ace that next exam. Includes tips on how to create an organized study system with a great free printable. Read now to learn how to prepare for your next exam!

Top College Student Resources for Success

These college student resources include everything from the top study tips to boost your GPA to scholarship hacks to help you pay for college.

Interested in any of the articles? Just simply click on the name of the blog post 🙂

College Preparation & Back-to-School Resources:

Studying and Classwork Resources:

Productivity Resources:

College Scholarship and Financial Resources:

Healthy Resources for College Students:

Career Search and After-Graduation Resources:

Resources for your Spare Time:

Seasonal Bucket Lists:

Other Resources for College Students:

There you have it, the top college student resources to help you succeed. I hope you found this post helpful! Be sure to save this post for future reference. It is an easy way to have a TON of resources at your fingertips.

This complete list of college student resources will answer all of your college-related questions. Even includes free printables and other great free resources for you to utilize throughout your college education!

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