Should You Bring A Gift To New Neighbours?

Being the new neighbours is sometimes awkward because you don’t know anyone on your street.

We’ve been living in our house since 2009, and both of our neighbours were here before us.

When we moved in, the couple next door came over and introduced themselves to us.

It was a great chat on a summer afternoon on the front porch, which turned into a BBQ dinner.

I ended up being close friends with the guy on the left of us as we would help each other when needed.

For example, if he went on vacation with his wife, we would care for his cat and feed our fish.

On numerous occasions, we’d both be in the backyard with our charcoal BBQ, drinking a beer.

We’d yap about what was new and anything general that was happening in the country.

Overall, he was a great friend, and his wife was charming. Sadly they just sold their house and moved to Japan.

Before they left, they told us a bit about our new neighbours who would be moving in.

He also gave us a cat tree stand, a BIG JOE chair our son loves and a $600 snowblower.

Great people, and it was s sad time for us both.

Today, I want to talk about ways you can introduce yourself to new neighbours and perhaps bring them a small gift.

Leaving a gift for new neighbours at the door
Leaving a gift for new neighbours at the door

New Neighbours On The Right Of Us

We slowly got to know the neighbours on the right side of us, but they were very kept to themselves.

Unfortunately, the husband/father passed away shortly after we moved in.

He was the man who would keep the house running and try to hide what was happening.

It wasn’t long before we found out what was happening, as many emergency vehicles would show up for the son.

His wife was a hoarder and loved to shop when she was in a manic state, which included two big purchases.

I never asked about those scary times we witnessed, but financially our neighbour was mortgage-free.

Over the years, as we got to know the new neighbours, we had many pleasant conversations.

She was a PSW and very soft-spoken but tried to avoid situations where anyone would be invited over.

We would bring her lots of tomatoes and rhubarb in the summer because we couldn’t keep up eating them.

She loved the little gifts, and we were glad they made her smile.

Her house sold for $700,000 cash as-is, later resold to a couple for $755,000 as-is.

Overall, if they had cleaned out the house, our neighbours could have sold it for close to a million dollars.

That was never going to happen, and now we are just seeing why she was a new neighbour who was distant.

New Neighbours Cleaning Up The Mess

So far, the home’s new owners have filled three massive bins and figure they will need six.

They are almost gutting the house as it smelled the cat urine as there were four cats and one dog.

It wasn’t until moving day that Mrs. CBB went to say goodbye to her, and she handed us two freshly baked butter tarts.

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Her daughter had a box of them, and she wanted to thank us for all the help over the years.

It was a tearful moment because the family had gone through but starting a new life was best.

She also told me to take the ladder off her husband’s wall and keep them.

It is worth a few hundred dollars, but she figured our new neighbours would toss them in the bin.

New Neighbours On Both Sides Of Us

Love Your Neighbour Hat

Both of our neighbours sold their houses and have now moved within months of each other.

Two months ago we introduced ourselves to our new neighbours on the left of us.

They are a younger couple in their 30’s with no kids and struggled to buy a house.

First, they could not find one in their price range, and when they did, it was getting sold $100,000 over asking.

To buy a home, they had to borrow money from their parents to get into the market.

Prices of houses everywhere are so far out of reach for anyone at the moment, and it’s not slowing down.

According to Re/Max’s housing market outlook report published Wednesday, sale prices are projected to increase by 9.2 per cent on average across the country in 2022.

CTV News Canada

A former Canadian Mortgage and Housing association CEO says that we’re not in a housing bubble.

“If demand is going up and supply is not, prices will go up, that’s not a bubble. So it’s a question of what the future brings and whether there will be supply and demand coming back into balance and that’s a crystal ball question.”

Remax Canada

Last week Mrs. CBB made a Cherry Bundt Cake and brought it over to our new neighbours on the left.

We included a note with the cake to say welcome to the neighbourhood, and if they needed anything, ask.

They were thrilled to get the cake and later told us it was delicious and wanted the recipe.

Little things like that make us smile.

Currently, our new neighbours on the left are renovating their home with new flooring, paint and flooring.

There were some promises of beers and BBQ in our conversation, which was good.

Welcome Our New Neighbours On The Right

Just a few days ago, our new neighbours on the right sort of moved in.

They stayed a short-term rental as they sold their condo out of the city and needed somewhere to stay.

After the closing, we finally got a glimpse of our new neighbours and realized they had their work cut out for them.

After walking our son to school, they introduced themselves to us when we walked outside.

We were off to a good start as they were very friendly and learned how wrong the house was inside.

On the first clean-up day, they filled the bin in an hour, and a second was on the way.

One of the bedrooms upstairs took hours to clean, but they wanted one room to sleep.

There was so much stuff, most of which could have been sold, but they had no time.

We had no interest in anything after we pledged to get rid of what we didn’t need in this house.

When Mrs. CBB and I pass, we don’t want our son left to clean out a house.

I offered to help them any way I could, and if they needed anything, just to let us know.

It was nice when the husband laughed and said. “I think we’re all going to get along.”

Gifts For Our New Neighbours On The Left

There was no bundt cake involved in this scenario but something completely different.

Since many family members were helping to clear out the house, they were parking on the street.

Currently, we are not allowed to park on the road overnight unless we call in the by-law for a permit.

Homeowners and renters are only allowed ten permit numbers per year to park on the road.

I did for our new neighbours to offer them to park in our driveway since we have an extra spot.

A ticket for parking on the road during the winter is something you don’t want as it’s pricey.

They were SO happy, and so were we. That small gesture was a way for us to welcome them.

We’re still working on something for them since they work day and night on the house.

Perhaps I’ll make Italian meatballs and pasta and bring it over for them with garlic bread.

These are low carb meatballs ready to be dropped into a tomato sauce to cook.
Meatballs are ready for a tomato sauce. Drop them in raw, and you will get the best meatballs ever.

Types Of Gifts To Give New Neighbours

Firstly, I want to say that having new neighbours could mean anyone on your street.

It doesn’t have to be who lives on the right or the left of you or in an apartment building.

The idea is to welcome the neighbours to the street and offer any help if you’re available.

For both of our neighbours, we let them know that there is an app for our entire neighbourhood.

The app is excellent because everyone chats about situations such as break-ins, free stuff, needed stuff and events.

Let’s talk about ten gifts you can give to your new neighbours after moving in.

Bake A Dessert For Your New Neighbours

Cherry cheesecake is one of the most popular welcome gifts for new neighbours that we would give. One CBB fan says she brings her new neighbours an apple crisp which is a great idea.

We’ve made banana cake, kimchi, rhubarb crisp and various types of cookies and cakes.

Look on Pinterest as well as you’ll find loads of recipe ideas. You can also check out my Free Recipe Depot, where I keep all of my blog recipes.

Parking Spot

If you have extra space in your driveway, offer your new neighbours a spot to park, especially in the winter.

We offered our extra spot since they have two vehicles and a big bin in their driveway.

During the summer, parking on the road is permitted, but the gesture of offerings may be a big gift,

Shovel Snow

Helping New Neigbours By Snowblowing their sidewalk and driveway
Helping New Neighbours By Snowblowing their sidewalk and driveway

We have a new snowblower thanks to our friends who moved to Japan. Since our new neighbours are moving in and it’s snowing, I’ll make sure to take care of their driveway and sidewalk for them.

An older gentleman across the street from us takes his snowblower out and takes care of the sidewalks.

He can’t do it all as we have about 50 houses on our street, but he does the best he can.

The plow came around one day, and I had to go to work.

It just so happened that he was outside with his snowblower, and he came over to say hi.

He asked if I would like the end of the driveway taken care of to leave.

I gracefully said that would be excellent, sir. That was the first time I had met him, and I’m glad I did.

He was such a kind man that both Mrs. CBB and I made him and his wife the best banana loaf and brought it over.

Plants or Flowers

A variety of succulent plants
Succulent Plants

 I never have, but my next door neighbour did bring us one when we moved in. She brought us a plant.

Stefanie P from CBB Facebook

Small easy to manage plants like a money tree or succulents with a welcome letter or card are sure to make your neighbour smile.

Christmas Macaroons pink with design
Christmas Macaroons

At Christmas, I bring a card and some baked goodies. I have always has pleasant neighbours. In return we have received knitted items for our kids, garden vegetables at harvest and home made wine.

Kim T from CBB Facebook

We tend to make a few Christmas cookies over the holidays, along with Potato Donuts.

Our favourites are coconut balls, chocolate peanut butter balls, biscotti and snowballs.

We’ve often gifted a small plate of treats to our neighbours, and they loved them.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls are also called Buckeyes. These have nuts and red cherry pieces inside.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls are also called Buckeyes. These have nuts and red cherry pieces inside.

Fruit and Vegetables Basket

Garden Fresh Vegetables and fruit basket
Garden Fresh Vegetables and fruit basket

We have loads of tomatoes, rhubarb, green peppers, and herbs during the summer months.

If you garden and have an abundance of extras, put a lovely basket together and bring them to your neighbour.

Wine and Preserves

Clearsprings wine for your new neighbours


Bringing wine or preserves to your new neighbours is a fantastic gesture even if they don’t drink wine.

It’s more about the idea of welcoming them to the neighbourhood and saying hello.

My father-in-law made lots of wine and would give it to the neighbours new or established.

I don’t make wine but I love to make jam preserves and pickled beets which are my favourite.

Any type of preserve whether made or purchased is something nice to give to your neighbour.

Below is a Strawberry preserve that we make each summer after picking strawberries from the fields.

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Sugar free strawberry jam are fantastic for gifts.


Welcome Card or Handwritten Note

A letter welcome to your new neighbours is fantastic as it costs you nothing but paper and a pen.

If you have some fancy writing paper and envelopes that would really jazz up the look. 

Leaving a handwritten note in an envelope at their door is sure to make them smile and feel welcomed.

Offer Your Help Moving In

If you see that your new neighbours have a big load to cleanout of a house or moving to offer your help.

Not everyone can afford to hire movers which can get pricey and two extra hands would be a blessing.

Bring Coffee, Tea, Donuts

easy homemade donuts


If you notice your new neighbours are not quite moved in yet perhaps they would enjoy homemade donuts.

They are easy to make or you can stop by a donut shop to pick up a dozen along with coffee and tea with all the extras on the side.

Recipe for Homemade yeast donuts

Snack Box Of Goodies 

We’ve used Urth Box Organic Products and love the variety of snacks that arrive. 

Urthbox also ships to the USA and Canada which makes for easy ordering. 

When you’re busy often times it’s easier to grab a snack than to sit around eating a meal

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Gifting New Neighbours Is Different Today

Old Man opening a door
The old man opens a door to see a package left by a neighbour or friend.

I believe too many people overthink the meaning of bringing a gift to welcome new neighbours.

It doesn’t have to be anything to eat, and perhaps society should start thinking of kindness,

Back in the 1950s that’s what people did in my neighbourhood. But somewhere in the 1960s that pretty much faded away. I do have one neighbour who has popped over a couple of times with a large casserole for no particular reason at all. 

Thad T – CBB Facebook

As Thad points out, back in the ’50s, this was what people did for new neighbours and older neighbours.

I’m not sure why it faded away, but it only takes a small bit of time to do something nice for someone.

If you’re worried about allergies or food dislikes, write a welcome letter or buy a welcome card.

Never expect anything in return, and don’t be grumpy because nobody brought you a welcome gift.

Our new neighbours are great, and we hope to get to know them both and perhaps have a few laughs.

One last idea before I go is that if you can knit perhaps knit indoor slippers for the family. 

Discussion: Have you ever received or given a gift to new neighbours?

Please feel free to leave me your comments below. 


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