How To Make Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Christmas Tree Cupcakes – This is an easy, festive, and fun cupcake idea! Perfect for holiday baking! Top your favorite cupcakes with these festive cupcake toppers! See how to make Christmas Tree Cupcakes.

Use these decorated holiday cupcakes for holiday celebrations, Christmas celebrations, parties, or during the holiday season. Do this activity with the kids or grandkids or for them.

We love baking and having fun over the holidays. Do you?

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Christmas Tree Cupcakes - Christmas cupcakes decorated with Christmas trees. See how to make Christmas Tree Cupcakes, cupcakes decorated with sugar cones, frosting and sprinkles. Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers. How-To Make Christmas Tree Cupcakes.
Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Decorate baked cupcakes with Chistmas Trees by using sugar cones, frosting and sprinkles. With a few easy steps and our vanilla cupcakes recipe (or your favorite cupcakes or box mix cupcakes) you can make these Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers to decorate your cupcakes.

What is the best tip to use?

Use a Star Tip on your piping bag/pastry bag.

How To Make Christmas Tree Cupcakes


Cooled cupcakes, sugar cones, green and white frosting, powdered sugar and sprinkles for making cupcake toppers for the holidays - Instructions at
cupcake supplies and ingredients

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Christmas Tree Cupcakes - How To Make Christmas Tree Cupcakes With Ice Cream Cones, Frosting, and Sprinkles - Step-by-step instructions...

How To Decorate Sugar Cones To Make Christmas Tree Cupcakes


  1. Frost the cooled cupcakes with white frosting.
  2. Add white sprinkles to a bowl. Then dip the frosted cupcakes into white sprinkles.
  3. Use the green frosting to cover the sugar cones using the star tip, leave the tip of the cone unfrosted until you place it on top of the cupcake.
    Note: You can add spread a layer of green with a pastry knife or butter knife prior to adding the star tip frosting application.
    Decorate the cooled cupcakes with frosting, dip in sprinkles, decorate the sugar cone with green icing. Then add sprinkles or powdered sugar. How-to for making Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers at
  4. Once the cone is frosted, apply the sprinkles in desired colors. 
  5. Place the cone on top of the cupcake and frost the tip and apply additional sprinkles.
    How to make Christmas Tree Cupcakes with ice cream cones. DIY Christmas Tree Cupcakes -
  6. Next, place the star sprinkle on top. 
  7. Dust with powdered sugar to create snow by using a sieve/fine mesh strainer.
Decorated Christmas cupcakes - How-to at
Finished, Decorated Christmas Cupcakes

You can vary the finished cupcakes look by using various sprinkles and powdered sugar. Carefully, place the cupcakes

on a serving plate and enjoy!

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Christmas Tree Cupcakes - decorated cupcakes using ice cream cones and frosting that look like Christmas trees.

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Are you new to piping?

Two helpful videos for doing this cupcake topping piping and instructions. (HowTo) or see this quick demo (here). Or this (How To via Just a Taste)

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