Retirement Planner

Last week I was excited to share with you my updated retirement plans.  In spite of everything going on right now I find it is really important for me to focus and work hard on my goals rather than the multitude of conflicting news reports and the negative rhetoric that seems to go along with all of that.  By looking toward the future I find I am better able to cope with the issues we are facing these days.

Last year I shared with you the ginormous day planner I used to plan and orchestrate our extremely busy 2019.  This year I went back to a much smaller and more compact day planner and decided to repurpose last year's and make it into my retirement planner.  And of course I got out all of my scrap papers and some craft supplies because I had to make it pretty.

Using up what I have on hand

First things first was to empty out the old binder and remove all of its contents from last year and give it a good wipe down.  Then I got out a roll of clear packing tape and reinforced the binding that was beginning to tear a bit.  I put a couple layers of tape inside and out.  This planner needs to last me for the next three and a half years and I think it will.  If not, I have more tape!

After sorting through everything I had taken out of it I kept the dividers, leftover notebook paper, page protectors and the pencil pouch.  I used a scrap piece of white cardstock to cut new pieces for the divider tabs and got out a partial sheet of clear labels I had.  Once I knew what I wanted each divider to represent I made fresh labels and put them on the new pieces of cardstock before sliding them into place.  Nice and neat.

New tabs and pretty papers

I had already made a calendar to print out for the final year leading up to my retirement date as well as six months after.  I printed that out and placed it after the divider tab marked "Dayplanner".  

I also printed out my savings goals blog post as well as a color map of my savings goals and added that after the divider marked "Savings".

I have a another tab for "Travel" and "Homemaking".

Travel guide for Europe! 😊

I added a smaller pencil pouch to slip notes and other things that was formerly used to keep my grocery coupons in.  Not sure if I will need it yet, but I've got it do use if I do.

My favorite section right now is one marked for "Housing Plans".  I have a list of qualities I want my next home to have as well as some pictures of homes I'm interested in.  This section really inspires me and helps me keep my eye on the prize.

Planning for a future home!

Lastly I made a supplemental journal to go along with my planner.  I carry this one with me every day to jot down ideas and make very detailed lists.  No detail is too small in my opinion, and it keeps me inspired and focused on a daily basis.  I'll go into detail more on this journal at a later time.

I cannot tell you how much joy I feel having these two journals to work with each day.  Especially right now when it might be easy to get off track and lose my focus.  Right now, more than ever, I need to stay the course and know that a bright future lies ahead of me.

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