Preparing for Christmas when there is no money for gifts

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I get this email every year. And every year it breaks my heart. Each year I get messages, deeply personal, and always from mamas who are tired and overwhelmed. There is simply no money for gifts this year.

And the message is always clear that this woman was trying to create a special Christmas for her family and friends in spite of her situation.

The first year I got such an email I went to myYouTube communityand asked what advice they could give her. The ideas were brilliant, but that doesn't surprise me. The women who watch my videos are just a great group of people.

You can watch the video here or keep scrolling to read my tips.

Use what you have.

If you're like me you have a TON of free samples and empty baskets lying around. Put together a little gift basket. Or fill a mason jar with beauty products from your stash and make little gifts for your mom, your kid's teachers, or friends.

Give the gift of reading.

If you have a novel you love give it to a friend and include a nice note telling the person why you wanted them to have your copy.

Make a photo album.

If you have photos of the two of you together, or you have photos of their family make them a nice photo album. You probably already have an album in your home.

Print an awesome photo

Walgreens often runs their 8 by 10s for free (follow me on Instagram. I always share these deals!) pop it in a Dollar Tree frame and youre good to go!


Upcycle a picture frame.

I did this last year and they turned out so cute. I justglued some buttons to a frameand that was it. And this5 minute upcycled frame is great too.


Give things new life.

Last year I made thesebutton bobby pins. They turned out so cute and would make a sweet gift for a daughter, niece or friend.

Make a recipe book

This is something my mom and mother in law did for me when I got married. They collected family recipes, printed them and put them in a three-ring binder. They also included childhood photos. I still have it and use it!

Bake something.

If you already have cake mix, bread mix or flour and basic baking supplies make some muffins, breads for cookies. I love baked goods and they don't clutter up my house!

Be honest with people.

I know it's hard. But be honest with people about your situation. You could say something like "our family isn't doing gifts this year. How about instead we all get together, bake cookies and watch "White Christmas."

Bottom line: Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the celebration of grace and mercy and the purest love imaginable. It is not a time to stress out.

Do you want the people you love to stress out because of your birthday? No.

So.What do you think? What are your suggestions for $0 Christmas gifts?

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