Must-Have Planner Accessories

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What are the must-have planner accessories for any beginner planner? Planning can feel overwhelming when youre just getting started, but using these accessories can make planning easier and more effective.

In a recent blog post, I shared my top recommendations of the best planners in 2020. Really, you cant go wrong with any of them!

Once you have purchased your brand new planner, its time to personalize it with some must-have planner accessories! In my opinion, this is where the magic really happens.

Must-Have Planner Accessories

Today I am sharing some of my favorite go-to planner accessories to help you put those finishing touches on your planning system. Planner accessories are the key to making planning so much fun (and effective), after all.

Here are my favorite accessories that I find myself reaching for again and again. Load up on some goodies and have fun getting organized.

You can find all of these supplies on Etsy, in craft stores, or on Amazon!

Washi Tape

Washi tape is the easiest way to decorate your planner. I use it to mark events that run over multiple days in my monthly calendar.

Another way to use it is to cut it up to use as flag stickers, bunting flags and more to indicate certain events or sections throughout your monthly calendar.


A picture is worth a thousand words, right? I think of planner stickers as the emojis of planning systems. They add so much personality, color, and fun to your events and to-do lists.

Put a sticker in your planner when you have a girls night or a vacation planned. Or heck, just put one in when you need a pick-me-up that only a fun sticker can provide!


Stamps can be so fun and creative! They are perfect for plans that re-occur on a regular basis. Why write it over and over again when you can just stamp it?

Just make sure to test your stamp ink out on your planner first. Many planners have thick pages that can handle dark ink, but some do not. Pick a page in the back and make it a test sheet.

Paper Clips

You will definitely need some paper clips in your planner!

They are perfect for marking your spots in your calendar. I also use them to mark sections that you refer to often. With so much variety available (anything from colored paper clips to paper clips with tassels or ribbons attached), you can create your own color system!

Binder Clips

If you like to bind pages together to keep your notes together, I highly recommend using binder clips to help you make your search easier. They can hold more pages than paper clips can and are much more secure.


Tabs are one more way to help you mark your pages. I typically like to use tabs to divide up the months within my planner and mark the current days page.

I also like to use sticky tabs for my list of projects to tackle, and more! It just depends on what you are using your planner for.

Sticky Notes as Planner Accessories

I. Love. Sticky Notes. They have truly been a lifesaver!

With all sorts of colors and sizes available, they make great reminders that can easily be attached to any day in your calendar.

Sticky notes are a favorite among the planner community because of their functionality and ability to move around to different sections. You can also layout your whole schedule simply using your sticky notes.

For example, I use sticky notes for day-specific tasks that need to happen in the future. This lets me move the event to different days when plans change rather than scribbling it out and writing it somewhere else multiple times.

Happy Planner Accessories

The accessories I mentioned earlier are universal to almost any planner. But what if you happen to use the ber popular Happy Planner? The Happy Planner has its own set of accessories to personalize and use your planner to its fullest potential.

Budget Extension Pack

Add this Budget Extension pack to your Happy Planner if you like to keep track of all your budgeting and planning in one place.

Home Extension Pack

Trying to stay organized with all your homemaking tasks? Use this Home Extension pack in your planner to keep everything together and organized.

Note Paper Sheets

I almost constantly need places where I can jot down notes and reminders for things that dont necessarily fit in my daily, weekly, or monthly calendar. Thats why I love these notepaper sheets!

Pocket Folders

Since I take my planner with me everywhere, I also end up stuffing loose papers, receipts, and other small things into it so I dont lose them. These pocket folders help me keep them safe so they dont fall out.

Snap-In Pen Case

I love that the Happy Planner has a pen case accessory. I am always losing my favorite pen!

Colored pens are one of my top favorite planner accessories, so I need a place to keep my pens so they are ready to use anytime I need them.

Half Sheets

Another great place for making notes or jotting down my grocery list. These half sheets are easy to tear out and take with me in the store so I dont have to carry my entire planner.

Colored Divider Sticker Notes

Besides pen, these colored divider sticker notes just might be my favorite Happy Planner accessory. They combine my love for color, jotting down notes and marking my page. I use them all the time!

The Best Pens For Writing

The ultimate key to making the most out of your planner is to use colored pens. With this must-have accessory, you can color-code events to make them quick and easy to find as you glance in your planner.

Here is an example of how I color code the events in my calendar. Feel free to use this or adapt it to make it work for you:

  • Home = Blue
  • Kids = Orange
  • Sports = Yellow
  • Clean = Blue
  • Personal = Purple
  • Appointments = Green

Here are a few of my favorite pens to use in my planner: Frixion erasable gel pens, felt tip flair marker pens, gel pens, or cute ballpoint pens.

Planner accessories are designed to help you with your planning and organization efforts. You dont need all of these accessories to be organized, but using a few of these must-haves will help you save time and feel less stressed.

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