IKEA Hack Your Crafting Space | 51 Craft Room Storage DIY Projects

Looking to IKEA hack your crafting space? Hack your way to an extra spacious and more functional craft room with no less than IKEA items that are both reliable and easy to find!

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IKEA Hack Your Crafting Space | 51 Craft Room Storage DIY Projects

Ikea Hack Craft Room Ideas

Let’s face it, our craft room space may contain a lot more stuff compared to the other rooms in the house. This is why a particular storage for these things is a must.

This will help us avoid clutter, the unnecessary usage of space, and having an unruly working environment. Hacking IKEA items will help you solve all this!

Whenever we talk about storage, IKEA definitely has plenty to offer. What’s more is that you can use their storage items in various forms and designs, depending on your style taste.

We have gathered here some of the best hacks that you can do on your own craft room, too!

Check out some of the IKEA hacks that will be best suited for your crafting space.

1. Ikea Kallax Hack: Craft Room Storage


It’s not just about your craft room storage – it’s also about your craft room table. This awesome piece, made out of an Ikea Kallax hack, is the one that you should not miss out for.

Get the full process for this project.

2. IKEA Expedit Hack


An ultimate space saver, the Ikea Expedit is transformed into this highly functional storage area. Enjoy working clutter – free, when you have this in your craft room!

This guide will teach you how this is made.

3. IKEA Hack Magazine Files


These magazine files can store so much more than just magazines, and they are capable of helping you organize your things as well. Aren’t they lovely too?

4. Trones Shoe Holder for Paper Storage


Transforming this old torn up shoe holder into a decorative paper file storage is an innovative way to save space and decorate a room. Here’s to learn more about this project.

5. IKEA Spice Racks as Desk Organizers


Old and dingy spice racks restored into office organizer shelvings. This project takes minimal floor space so it’s great if you don’t have much room to use.

6. Helmer Drawer Set


Turn any old file cabinet into a shabby chic drawer storage. With its durable metal construction and build-in casters, this will surely be useful to any room in your home.

7. Numbered Ikea Boxes


Here’s another clever idea to maximize storage. These simple yet handsome boxes are stackable and sturdy enough to hold quite a of stuff.

8. Transforming Expedit Shelves with Paint Sticks


Rescue those old expidit boxes. Dress them up with paintsticks and presto!

You have these decorative boxes that will make any storage problem disappear.

9. Rast Ikea Hack


These decorated boxes will definitely compliment your craft room. Labels will be of great help too with this rast Ikea hack!

10. Ikea Rolling Storage Behemoth


This rolling storage behemoth hack is a promising storage for your home. It is spacious, and is made more convenient with the wheels installed.

11. Ikea Hack Modern Desk


Looking for a lovely desk to work on? This modern desk will help you finish off projects in your craft room with ease.

12. Transformed Pottery Barn from Ikea


This piece will not only keep your craft items, it will also interestingly add accent to your room. The look of this transformed Ikea piece is amazing!

13. Rustic Ikea Hacked Cabinet


Always loved rustic? Now, even your craft room can have this kind of theme too! Start with this cabinet.

14. Besta, Billy, & Brass Bookcases


A combination of Ikea’s best buys, this storage will totally accommodate your craft materials in your craft room! There are additions to get you to love this project more.

15. Craft Storage from Ikea Raskog Cart


A Raskog cart can be a perfect storage for any type of art material you or your child has, and it will be kept well organized. Click here to get more details about this project.

16. Study Space with Pegboard


This is a great addition to your craft room: a table to create your projects, and a peg board that can hold some of your craft items and ideas in an open view.

17. Ikea Custom Craft


This custom craft is just awesome, and just about everyone’s dream craft room addition. It does not only work as a table, it also has a storage space, as its legs!

How cool is that?

18. Ikea Hack – DIY Utensil Slatted Sultan Lade


Hang your items and art materials in this DIY utensil slatted sultan lade. This is one great way to utilize your craft room walls.

19. Wrapper Holder


Searching for a cool wrapper holder? An ideal hack for small spaces, this wrapper holder can easily be bought from Ikea.

20. Ikea Rolling Desk


A rolling desk is a great idea for easy room rearrangements and in making hard-to-move projects, allowing you to freely move it around your work place.

21. Ikea Rast Hack: New Craftroom Desk


Your craft room desk will totally accommodate a cabinet as its leg. Now, you get to have more storage space, and you also get to have a sturdy desk!

22. Yellow Ikea Raskog Cart


Utilize this Ikea cart for your extra art materials in the craft room! Just spray paint on it with whatever color you like, preferably the one that matches your crafting space, to have that unified feel.

23. Artful Expedit Hack


You can totally make use of an Expedit like this: storage compartments at the bottom, organized books in color codes at the middle, and minimal decorations on top. This will be perfect for your crafting space!

24. Office Built-In Craft Storage


Having an Ikea built – in for your office or craft room will be a wise move. Check out the tutorial here.

25. Hanging Files with IKEA


Hanging your files and keeping them organized is one sure way of saving valuable space and being systematic, like this project with an Ikea box.

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26. DIY Craft Table


This craft table is definitely what you should have for your own craft room, stat! With easy storage shelves, and a convenient table to go with, this item is an absolute must-have.

27. Desktop Storage Ikea Hack


Avoid clutter atop your desk with this hack. See more details about this desktop storage Ikea hack.

28. Gold Leafed Ikea Desk Hack


Keep your craft area fluidly organized through this Ikea hack! Everything is just elegantly in place – keeps your mind relaxed while getting your work done.

29. Corner Shelf Hack


You can install this clever corner shelf in your craft room to maximize space and store more stuff! This won’t have a problem fitting in a limited room space.

30. Floating Cubby Buffet


This floating cubby buffet is a great addition to your craft room, given its storage capacity and its elongated shelf that can hold a lot of your finished projects for display.

31. Ikea Hack Mail Rack


From magazine stands, you can make mail racks out of these Ikea purchases. Instead of mail, you can put your craft papers and other documents here for sorting and organizing.

Have one in your craft room now!

32. Ikea Hack Activity Table With Storage


Going through some busy hours? This activity table is for you.

Underneath can be a storage area for just about anything, like your child’s go – to playing station while you are attending to your crafty project.

33. Ikea Boxes Upgrade


Upgrade your Ikea boxes so they don’t just store your items for you, they also give life to your crafting space. Get the full tutorial here.

34. Expedit Cutting Table on Wheels


Another version of an expedit table,but this one’s on wheels! The storage area below is really a gem.

35. DIY Murphy Desk


A brilliant installation to your craft room is this shelf with a detachable table, which saves you much room space. You are able to easily keep it when not in use. Convenient!

36. DIY Lego Table


This is the hack you need so you can stop risking your life stepping on legos everywhere in the house! Seriously, this is one great idea to keep your lego pieces together.

37. Simple Ikea Hack: Narrow Console Table


This narrow console is compatible to whichever room you want it installed in. The project alone is a space saver not to mention the beauty it adds in the room!

38. DIY Box and Arrow


Get yourself sturdy boxes or drawers for storage, and play with it a little with some colorful crayons and then drawing an arrow on the sides. This DIY box and arrow hack proves that utility and fun can go together.

39. Book Case from Ikea Hutten Wine Rack


Too many books and less wine? Grab one of the wine racks and make it a book shelf instead! Get more details here.

40. Chinese Expedit Cabinet


You wouldn’t believe that it’s an Expedit inside this Chinese cabinet! A touch of Chinese style is also a touch of elegance.

41. Complete Workstation Desk Home Office IKEA hack


This complete work station is what you and your craft room need. An ultimate MUST, with the table that allows you to finish your tasks, and the storage that comes with it that will keep your stuff at bay – no clutter.

42. Ikea Fintorp Storage


Hang other craft items that you use more frequently, for easy access. This Ikea fintorp storage is perfect for that.

43. Expedit Sewing/Crafting/Cutting table


This is another table inspiration you need to check out. Then you will be able to choose the most appropriate one for your space.

44. Fabric Filer


Looking for a better way to organize your fabric? Use less space by filing your fabric this way!

45. Wooden Crate Storage Area


Try using your wall as an add – on storage help, like installing these cute crates. Learn more about this project by clicking here.

46. Needlepoint Pencil Cup


Avoid being plain in your creative room. Start to redecorate by upgrading a simple pencil stand where you store pens and other writing materials into this cool ensemble.

47. Ikea Bygel Wire Basket Hack


Utilize the extra basket wires you have by making them into publication racks. This is a brillint way of using bygel wire baskets.

48. IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack: DIY Dress Up Closet


Who ever said book cases are merely for books? You can easily store and display finished craft projects in just a blink of an eye!

49. Makeup Brush Organizer

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/8VJYLzrghC/ hidecaption=true width=625]
You can’t have too many make-up brushes; neither with art brushes! Keep them safe in one place with this nifty IKEA hack. Brush through for a complete guide on how to do this!

50. IKEA Window Bench Tutorial


This spot, right beside the window, is a perfect place to get all melodramatic. And with drama comes inspiration!

Keep your craft materials ready by stacking them neatly underneath this IKEA window bench storage.

51. IKEA Malm Bed Storage


This is the best one IKEA storage hack for me, by far! If you have a pile of crafty projects, like kiddie costumes, quilts and such, then this is where they are meant to be.

Here is Kari Webster’s video on craft room organization using IKEA Alex Five Drawer Unit:

Now that you have more than a handful of inspiration to hack your Ikea purchases, start maximizing them for storage! Who doesn’t love to get new organization ideas to utilize at home?

Have fun with these Ikea hacks!

Got more Ikea hacks to share in this post? Tell us about your own hacks in the comments section below!


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