I’ve been a fan of coffee enemas for the past 2 years!! Every time I share about them on social media I get a ton of messages like:

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Whats a coffee enema?
How do you do them?
What coffee and bucket do you use?
Do they hurt?
I’m scared…! What should I do?

And I totally get it because I was terrified at first! Coffee enema’s are not for everyone (caution: do not do them if you are pregnant). It took me a while to get the hang of them but the rush of clarity you get afterward is unlike anything else! Now it is a form of self-care for me. I do them once or twice a month, or when I’m feeling really run-down. If you aren’t comfortable doing them, then don’t! If you are curious, then try it! There’s nothing to be scared of, really.

There are many forms of detox and coffee enemas happen to be one of them, and maybe even my favorite (aside from colonics!). But you can do an enema in the comfort of your home and its a much cheaper option.

Everyday, we are exposed to environmental toxins, parasites, bacteria, pollutants, preservatives, heavy metals, pesticides and other cancer-causing chemicals. We breathe them in, ingest them or absorb them through the skin through direct contact. These toxins then get stored and trapped in the tissues and cells of our body and can have harmful cancerous, reproductive, metabolic and mental health effects.

Some signs of toxic overload:

belly fat
skin problems
food cravings
low energy
bad breath
mood swings

However, by using detoxing therapies like coffee enemas (parasite cleansing and infrared saunas!) we are able to lessen our toxic overload over time, before it becomes a bigger issue and leads to disease. Not only will detoxing help to reduce the above symptoms, but it will also boost energy, cleanse your body’s filters (your organs), and remove unwanted toxins and sludge from the gut wall and bloodstream, which in turn promotes glowing skin, clarity of mind, gut healing, improved sleep and so much more.

What are the benefits of coffee enemas?

Coffee enemas can be used to detoxify the body and open the bile duct system, flushing stagnant bile from the liver and gallbladder. This is often why we feel a rush of mental clarity afterward!

They can also stimulate an increased production of glutathione by up to 700%!!! Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and is involved in different phases of detoxification. Every six minutes all of your blood filters through your liver to be detoxified. When you do a coffee enema, that time shortens to three minutes and acts as a purification cleaning process of your blood.

Coffee enemas work because the hemorrhoidal veins in the descending colon dump into the portal system via the hepatic portal vein. The coffee uses the hepatic portal vein as a direct connection to the liver (this is also why you lie on your right side during a coffee enema). The caffeine in the coffee cause the liver and bile duct system to release bile into the colon and increase the flow of bile, essentially bringing in new bile. This allows your body to use the bile created in your liver to rid of toxins.

Bile takes a lot of energy to create, so your body likes to reuse it instead of making new bile. But the problem is, your bile contains toxins, so when you body does recycle it, it recycles the toxins as well… possibly leaving you feeling fatigued and ill. The solution? Take a binder before and after your coffee enema.

Anyone with a chronic illness, or parasites (which is basically everyone!), could use help optimizing their drainage pathways and cleaning out the liver and gallbladder. Parasites of all kinds love to live in the bile duct, and when it’s clogged, you’ll start noticing you don’t feel well. You might have bloating, constipation, abdominal pain (especially the upper right quadrant), diarrhea, loss of appetite, and other symptoms similar to gallbladder attacks. Coffee enemas help get the liver and bile working optimally!

Supplies Needed & How to do a Coffee Enema:

Doing a coffee enema in the morning after you have a normal bowel movement is best. Coffee enemas have the potential to disrupt sleep if done at night because of the caffeine in the coffee. Morning is also when the colon is in an expelling mode versus at night when it is in an absorptive mode. But if you must do it in the afternoon that works too. I recommend doing them once or twice a month. You do not want to become dependent on them though. Use your intuition!

Enemas can seem like an incredibly complicated process, but the truth is, there are just a few vital supplies you’ll need to get started and it’s easier that it seems. You’ll need:

Coffee Enema Coffee: The coffee you should use should not be a dark roast of any kind. In fact, “enema coffee” should be organic and roasted extremely light, leaving it almost green or a very pale color and to maintain the high levels of compounds in the beans. You can use king coffee but it is super intense and I do not recommend starting with that! Start with the organic light roast I linked above.

Coffee Enema Bucket Kit (preferably stainless steel)
Distilled or filtered Berkey water
Coconut oil for lubrication
5-10 mineral drops to add to coffee for an extra boost (optional)

Other steps to consider:

Be sure to replace electrolytes afterward too, preferably by drinking a few glasses of fresh green juice on days you perform coffee enemas, or by adding mineral drops to your water, or by drinking coconut water.
It’s important to take a binder like Bio Active Carbon Biotox before and after the enema to mop up toxins released from the bile duct. Binders attach to toxins and escort them safely out of the body.

Basic Instructions:

1. Bring 4 cups of filtered water/distilled water to a slow boil.

2. Stir in 4 Tablespoons coffee and turn off heat. Let steep for 20 minutes

3. Strain with very fine strainer.

4. Cool down the mixture to in between room temperature and body temperature, then pour the coffee mixture to your enema bucket, making sure the tube/hose is closed off. I lay down a blanket on the bathroom floor and set the enema bucket on the bathroom countertop so it’s higher up allowing it to flow down. Open the hose to let some coffee drip out in order to let any air out so you aren’t filling your body up with air (hello, gassiness). Then close off the hose again.

5. Lie down on your right side. I have a pillow to lie my head on and a blanket to put over me too if I’m cold. Some people do this in the shower for any possible “accidents” haha. Add coconut oil to the end of the enema tube hose and insert hose into anus (about 6 inches in or so). Allow coffee to flow in slowly, about 2 cups or until you feel full.

6. Hold for 15 minutes, then gently expel the liquid into toilet. Repeat a second enema right away with the leftover 2 cups of coffee mixture.

Coffee Enema Kit

Organic Coffee

Coffee Enema FAQ:

What if I feel worse after the enema? A small number of people may have an adverse reaction, usually just for a few minutes after the enema. If you’re very toxic, or your liver/gallbladder is extremely clogged, you may feel worse for a short amount of time when the toxins are being released. If this happens, you can reduce the amount of coffee to a comfortable amount for next time (ie: prepare the enema with just 1 tablespoon), and work your way up. You can also hold it for less time, but you really want to reach the magic 15-minutes if at all possible.

I can’t hold the enema nearly long enough! Any tips?
Every enema is different. Sometimes I can hold it through the cramping and other times I can’t. Some people find they can hold it the full fifteen for the first few sessions, then suddenly they need to expel the enema after just a few minutes the next time. You want to make sure you’ve cleared the air out of the hose before inserting it. Another tip that works well is to do a water enema to evacuate the colon before doing the coffee enema. If you’re doing a parasite cleanse, it’s likely it will become more difficult to hold the enema because the dying parasites are irritating and your body wants to get rid of them! Do the best you can and sometimes we have to work our way up to it and get used the the cramping feeling.

How often should I replace the stainless steel bucket or hose? As long as you’re properly cleaning the bucket and hose, you should only have to replace the bucket if you see any visible wear and tear, rust, or mold. The hose should be replaced every 3-6 months, just to ensure it’s clean and safe to use.

I have trouble inserting the hose. How can I make it easier? It’s easiest to lay on your right side, in a fetal position to insert the hose. Make sure it is well lubricated with coconut oil.

How do I clean the tools after I use them? Washing the hose and bucket is very important, so mold and bacteria don’t build up. You can use a very gentle, unscented soap and a bit of hydrogen peroxide on the end of the hose where it enters you. Make sure to rinse very well with warm water and hang the hose long to dry out, so no water is trapped (creating a great environment for mold to grow).

I’m very sensitive to caffeine. Will coffee enemas give me those same symptoms? No. It’s very different to ingest coffee as compared to performing a coffee enema. If you’re worried, you can start with a small amount of ground coffee and judge your reaction, but you cannot use decaf coffee for enemas. The caffeine is necessary.

Is there a specific kind of diet to follow to enhance the benefits of coffee enemas? Just eat real whole foods! Eating lots of organic vegetables and fruits will ensure your body is getting enough fiber to keep bowels moving regularly which as you know is essential for detoxing. Raw green juices help to replace any lost minerals. Just avoid processed foods and refined sugar to reap the benefits.

Here’s a helpful video from Dr. Jay explaining a little more!

I hope you guys find this post helpful and informative! Let me know if you have any questions below in the comments

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