I used to keep a binder filled with typed notecards of recipes, and then I started adding in handwritten post it notes too

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One of those post it notes is over 13 years old, because I know I made this at our previous house, and we've been in our current one for 12 years now! So I have no idea of the origin of it, and there's not even a title on the post it. I just know that this recipe is the best marinade for grilled vegetables I've ever had. So this post it note is very important.

Print Pin Best Marinade for Grilled Vegetables Stop searching for a great marinade for grilled vegetables, because this is the best one there is. Grill any mixed vegetables in a grill pan and enjoy. Course Main Course Cuisine American Keyword grilled, vegetables Prep Time 20 minutes Cook Time 20 minutes Resting Time 30 minutes Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes Servings 4 servings Author April Equipment Grill Ingredients Marinade ½ cup vegetable or canola oil 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons soy sauce 2 tablespoons Worchestershire sauce 1 clove garlic minced 2 teaspoons dried oregano 2 teaspoons dried basil 2-4 inches rosemary branch Vegetables 1 zucchini sliced in circles ½ cup baby carrots 2 bell peppers cut into 1+" squares ½ onion quartered 1 cup broccoli florets 1 cup cherry tomatoes Instructions Combine the marinade ingredients in a large plastic container with an airtight lid. Shake to emulsify. Add in 8 cups of chopped vegetables and put the lid on tightly. Turn the container around to distribute the liquid. Let marinate for at least 30 minutes and up to 2 hours. Rotate the container upside down, and right side up a few times to make sure the vegetables are soaking up the liquid. Turn on your grill (sooner if using charcoal), and about 2 minutes before adding the vegetables, put a grill proof slotted grill pan over the heat and let it warm up. Add the vegetables, reserving any leftover liquid, and grill for up to 20 minutes. Use a grill safe spatula to rotate the vegetables in the pan every 5 minutes. Pour the remaining marinade on the vegetables in the last 5 minutes of grilling. Remove from heat using oven mitts and serve hot. Discard rosemary branch. Notes Add in whatever vegetables you want, up to 8 cups worth. Other vegetable choices can include: mushrooms, yellow squash, cauliflower, asparagus, eggplant, snap peas. 

Vegetable Grilling Tools
Grilling vegetables is so much different than grilling meat, because vegetables are smaller. You'll want a grill-ready pan that's large and wide to keep your veggies contained. This large square grilling pan with sloped sides gives lots of surface area for the vegetables to have their chance at getting lightly licked by the flames and giving it that perfect light char we all want from our grilled veggies.

Long grill tongs are also a necessity. You don't want to expose plastic tongs to the high heat of the grill and ruin your food with melted plastic! And long ones help you not expose your arms and hands to the high heat either.

Finally, you will need some heavy duty oven mitts to pull the pan off the grill. Don't try to juggle it with the tongs or anything like that... I know from experience! You'll end up burning your leg as grilled vegetables tumble to the ground below, leaving you in pain, hungry, and having to start all over again for dinner.

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