How to Add Text to Any .PDF (Customize ANY Printable)

How to Add Text to Any .PDF (Customize ANY Printable)

Wondering how to add your own text to any printable .pdf? Maybe you have the perfect printable and want to fill in your own text so you can personalize it, or print several copies of a personalized planner. Here’s a quick tutorial with video on how to add text to ANY .pdf (even on a Mac). It’s so much easier than you may think!

Looking for the perfect printables to add your own text? Try it on our Thanksgiving Planner, our ultimate Home Management Binder, or any of our free printables here.

There’s been so many times when I’ve found the perfect printable but want to type my own text on it. I’ve also wanted to add my own text and print several copies to give to various people. This is especially true for printables like forms and planners.

For example, how great would be be to add text to this medicine inventory and print it to hand to your doctors? Or use our weekly planner as a template, and add recurring events in the spaces and print enough copies for several months?

Why would you want to add your own text to a .pdf?

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