All I’ve Got Is A Squirrel

Since I showed you most of the yard's flowers yesterday all I have to show you today is this squirrel dangling from the suet cakes eating like a furry pig.  It kept looking around like it was waiting to be chased away but it managed to eat quite a bit before dropping to the ground and then leaping up for a drink from the birdbath.

The Stella d'Oro lily was the only new flower in the yard today.  I have to show you the daily Stella, don't I?

The drawing lesson today was Advanced-Level Cylinders.  It was fun to draw even if the results turned out a little cartoon-y.  And then the bonus challenge was the holes.  With eyes peeking out of some of them.  Weird but I'm playing along.  There must be a point to this that will become clear in a later lesson.

I got invited to a baby shower so I dug out some cotton yarn and an old pattern to make some bibs for the babe.  I cast on the first one tonight and worked on it while watching TV.

Today's toss was an index card binder and some thumbtacks.  I don't use index cards and don't have much of a bulletin board.

The prompt today said to write these words on pieces of paper:  soldier, mother, lover, overcoat, sail, and danger.  Fold up the papers, put them in a bowl, and pick one to write a piece about.  I picked my least favorite--danger.  So I wrote about almost falling down a cellar stairs when the light bulb had burned out and the replacement bulbs were in the cellar.  It could happen.

The sun came out today!  For the first day in about a week.  It's supposed to come out over the weekend too.  Yippee!


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