Have you been looking for an ELA curriculum to use in your classroom? I use the Simple ELA curriculum with my K-2 students, and we love it! It is easy to prep and easy to use with students of all age

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s. There are 5 units with tons of activities. Let me show you how I use the Simple ELA Curriculum in my SPED Classroom!
This is an example of a visual poster included in the SSE Simple ELA Curriculum. Unit Posters
There are color posters for each unit. I hang these in my classroom so my students can reference them whenever they need to. Plus they become more familiar with the topics the more they see them in the classroom! I put up the new posters as we work through each unit.
There are adapted books that align with each unit of the Simple ELA Curriculum. Adapted Books
Each Monday, we read the adapted book for the unit we are on together as a class. I use the digital version for whole group so we can use our interactive Smartboard. There are two books for each unit. I will typically spend about a month on each unit, so we will use the first book for two weeks then the second book for the last two weeks.
This an example of the digital workbook included in the Simple ELA Curriculum. Digital Workbooks
The next piece I use of the Simple ELA curriculum is the Digital Workbooks. There are print and digital versions available for each unit. I use them both for different purposes. I use the digital workbooks on Tuesdays with my class in a whole group setting. We work through the workbook together as a group so I can teach how to complete each page. For the pages that require open responses, I supplement with visual supports for my students that need them.
This is the printed version of the workbook included with the Simple ELA curriculum. I store mine in page protectors in a binder. Printed Workbooks
The next way I use the workbooks is with the printed format. I prep the printed workbooks in binders with page protectors so they can be reused. The printed workbooks are great for independent, 1:1, or small group use. On Wednesdays, we use the printed workbooks for independent/1:1 work. We do the same pages we completed together as a whole group the day before for repetitive practice. You can modify this as needed for your students.
There are file folders included in the Simple ELA curriculum with levels to meet the needs of all your students! File Folders
On Thursdays, we use the file folders that go along with each unit. During our Simple ELA time, I will have each student complete between 1-3 file folders depending on their level. These are great for independent work as well because there are different levels of each skill! I love using these later in the week after the students have practice the skill for 3 days. It is great for promoting independence!
This is a page within the workbook included in the Simple ELA curriculum. I choose a page each week to serve as a quiz to check my students’ understanding as we work through the unit. Quiz
On Fridays, I use a page of the workbook as a quiz or knowledge check for my students. There aren’t specific quiz pages within the workbooks, so I just choose one each week that is fitting for a quiz. Really any of the pages would work for this! I use this quiz at the end of each week so I can gauge where my students are with the unit and to lead my instruction for the next week.

The Simple ELA Curriculum has been a great addition to my ELA block each day. The activities are engaging and challenging for my students, and the materials are easy to prep for me! It is a win-win curriculum! Do you use the Simple ELA Curriculum in your classroom? If you liked reading about how I use the Simple ELA Curriculum, check out Tiffany’s post about how she uses the SSE Comprehension Bundle!

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