Free 30-Day Challenge Ideas (41 Monthly Challenges with Resources!)

Monthly challenges ideas to rock your world over the next 30 days. These free 30 day challenge ideas will help you jump-start a new habit, and make noticeable changes in your life.

Why am I so stoked about 30 day challenge ideas for kicking off your New Year Resolution?woman doing yoga, text overlay

It's because of Matt Cutts' Try Something New for 30 Days TED talk (3:27).

His speech opened my eyes to the possibilities of trying something new for 30 days.

Not 5 days, not 10 days, but 30 days.

That's because if you do something for 30 whole days, then it has a way better chance of becoming a habit than if you only committed 5 days, 7 days, or a shorter time frame. It's apart of you, and you no longer really have to think about doing it it'll feel weird if you DON'T do it.

In fact, he spent a whole year taking his own advice and pursuing a bunch of different 30 day monthly challenges himself (including no Microsoft software or operating systems for 30 days woah!).

As a Challenge Connoisseur myself, I've got a few tips for you no matter which free monthly challenges you choose from below:

  • Print Everything Out Ahead of Time: It is so much easier to skip a day if you have to put prep work into it on the day of. So I like to get everything ready ahead of time as much as possible. I find this ups my success rate monumentally. That means printing out any PDFs I need, or saving a link/website to the challenge in my favorites in Chrome.
  • Keep it in Front of You: Either digitally keep the challenge within eyesight, like as an image on your desktop, or physically keep the challenge in front of you by printing it out and taping it to your bathroom mirror.
  • Write Down Your Purpose for the Challenge: If you're clear on why you want to take the challenge, then committing to it is much easier to do. Write this down on the challenge printable you're keeping on that bathroom mirror.

Alright, here's my list for you!

Psst: rewarding yourself kind of goes hand-in-hand with these 30 day challenges. SO, I've got an article with 365 ways to reward yourself for $5 or less!

30 Day Challenge List (Money Challenges)

Could your money use a little love? Whether you're working on paying off your debt, saving towards a vacation, or getting your financial house in order, these 30-day challenges will push you forward much faster.

Challenge #1: 30-Day Debt Busting Challenge

Well of course I'm going to start you off with my own free financial challenge! I've put together a 30-Day Debt Busting Challenge for you over on my Pinterest page. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and each day come on over to get your money mindset shift, a debt-free inspiration story, and your debt bustin' challenge.

screenshot of the Debt busting debt free challenge free debt calculator excel sheet

Challenge #2: 30-Day KonMari CashOut Challenge

After reading the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, my natural organization geek was super inspired. However, I did get some heartburn. The author wants you to rid your life of these items as quickly and easily as possible. So she usually talks about dumping them into trash bags and throwing them away.

In this post I show you how to reap the most amount of cash for your items instead of just ridding yourself of them as quickly as possible.

So far I'm up to $71 back from sunk costs.

Challenge #3: 31 Days to Positively Improve Your Financial Life

PT Money has a killer list of 30 (actually, 31, but we'll pretend the last one's just a bonus) steps to take in order to improve your financial life.

And if you actually accomplish all of them in 30 days? Well, I think you deserve some honorary personal finance degree. You can download a free PDF by subscribing.

30 Day Monthly Challenges Ideas Food

Are you looking for ways to change your eating habits? A 30-day food challenge can help you bust through some of the mental obstacles you've felt trying to make those changes before.

Challenge #4: 30-Day 64-Oz. Water Challenge

You're looking at a chronic under-drinker (me, not you!). Other than those 10 months when I was pregnant, my water intake is usually well below what it should be. No, it's not supplemented by other liquids like caffeineit just doesn't happen.

So this water drinking challenge is one I've got my eye on.

Challenge #5: 30-Day Smoothie-a-Day Challenge

Smoothies are something that always appeal to mebut I normally don't ever get around to making them. Maybe a smoothie-a-day challenge would help me with that?

Challenge #6: 30-Day Cleanish Eating Challenge

I like how this challenge says it's cleanish! You'll work through things like cleaning out your pantry to nix distractions, make a game plan for snack foods, and rethinking your latte.

Challenge #7: 30-Day Reboot Challenge

This eating challenge is based around 3 lists: the red list, the green list, and the orange list.

You can make a pledge on the website, and get started!

30 Day Challenge Weight Loss

Joining a 30-day challenge can really kick-start your weight loss goals.

woman doing yoga as a 30 day fitness challenge idea

Challenge #8: 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Sign up for this 30-day weight loss challenge, and get daily exercises that will take you less than 30 minutes to complete (a combination ofcardio, fat-blasting, yoga, and muscle-toning workouts). You'll also get tips on eating, grocery shopping, and other things to complement your weight loss challenge.

Challenge #9: 30 Day Muffin Top Challenge

Ahhhh, the muffin top. And I don't mean the ones found at the bakery (though, yes, those could be causing this!).

Take the next 30 days to work off your muffin top with this challenge.

Challenge #10: 30 Days of Yoga Camp with Adriene

I'm on Day# 5, and am absolutely in love with this yoga challenge series. Every time I do this I feel some yoga + energy bliss.

Challenge #11: Natalie Jill's 30-Day Fitness Challenge on Youtube

I discovered Natalie Jill this year, and what I love about her is she makes exercise look incredibly fun, plus she shows you how to do it all from home. Two wins in my book. here's her 30-day fitness challenge.

Challenge #12: Lean with Lilly's 30 Day HIIT Total Body Challenge

Lean Lilly offers up two fitness challenges. Here's her 30-Day HIIT Total Body Challenge (a set of videos on YouTube), and you can sign up here for her free 28 Day Fat Burn & Sculpt Challenge.

Challenge #13: 30 Day Weight Loss Exercise Plan (Videos)

I found this playlist that will give you a workout to follow for the next 30 days (actually, 34 days). Show up each day, and see how much weigh you can lost!

30 Day Life Challenges List

Challenge #14: Jennie's 30-Day Creative 2030 Challenge

What a fun 30 day challenge: Spend 20 minutes a day for 30 days creating something you've been wanting to do (especially helpful for all those projects you've pinned on Pinterest to complete some day). Comes with a free workbook you download.

Challenge #15: Do Your Hair for 30 days

I'm a mamaand a work-at-home Mama, at that. In other words, I have prioritized just about everything else above my appearance.

But you know what? I get tired of all the frumpiness. Not everyday, but in general.

SO, I was seriously thankful when I found Corina and her Frump Fighters.

You can use this article here to do your own 30-days of doing your hair (these are 30 videos of different wet hairstylesso really there's no excuse to NOT do your hair).

I used two of these just last week, and was pleasantly surprised with a) how easy and fast I was able to do it, and b) my hubby noticing my hair right away.


Speaking of 30-day appearance challenges from Corina

Challenge #16: 30-Day Get Dressed Challenge

If you join Corina's free Facebook group (I'm in there!), she does these periodic dress challenges. Using her free and paid guides (plus examples from all the other group members), you can take your current wardrobe and figure out all sorts of cute ways to wear your pieces in new ways.

I'm practically a fashion-phobe, and I can tell you that a) it's a heck of a lot of fun, b) I feel better about my appearance, and c) I never understood how to put together an outfit before this.

Challenge #17: 30 Days of Gratitude Journaling

You don't have to only journal your gratitude in November. Choose to do so in any month of the year! Text My Journal offers 30 days of prompts to get you focused in on all the good in your life.

Challenge #16: Minimalist Fashion Challenge Project 333

Have you ever wanted to give minimalism a go? Project 333 is a great way to not only get your feet wet with the minimalist movement, but to open your eyes to the actual pieces in your wardrobe that you care about.

Because if you choose to take this challenge, then you have to choose just 33 items in your wardrobe to make outfits from for the next 3 months (psst: want just 30 days? Here's the 30 X 30 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge).

Speaking of minimalism

Challenge #18: 30-Day Minimalism Challenge

Anushka has 30 steps to take in order to increase the minimalism in your life (ha! I could definitely consume more minimalism).

Challenge #19: 30-Day Vocabulary Challenge

Are you a word nerd like myself? Jillee put together a 30-day list (free printable) to tack onto your fridge of 30 new vocabulary words you can learn.

Challenge #20: 30-Day Take-a-Risk Challenge

Feel like you're playing life a littlesafe? Print this challenge out and each day take on a new risk. But don't worry, there's nothing too crazypants here. Think things like introduce yourself to your neighbors, and dance like no one is watching.

Challenge #21: 30 day Happiness Challenge

This is a really simple happiness challenge. Download the free PDF and check off one happiness activity each day as you complete them.

Challenge #22: 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Are you an artistor do you just want to flex your creative muscles a bit? This woman held a challenge where you paint 30 paintings in 30 days!

Challenge #23: 30-Day Life Makeover Challenge

Each day for the next 30 you will get an affirmation + a simple mini-lesson to increase your inner peace and self confidence. The first 15 days are focused on creating inner peace and the last 15 days are for cultivating more confidence and self-love.

Along those lines

Challenge #24: 30 Day Adulting Challenge

Does your adult life need some tweaking? You know, to make you feel more responsible and actually BE more responsible? I love this 30-Day Adulting Challenge and I think the prompts will really help us all.

Challenge #25: 30 Days of Motivated Mornings

The goal here is for you to wake up 30 minutes early each morning for the next 30 days, and use that time to get your motivation groove on. There's a small list of ideas for you to do in order to feel more motivated the rest of your day, such as using that 30 minutes to read a book or taking the time to blow out your hair (yes, TEGyou got me on putting my hair in a top knot most every morning. And by most I really mean every).

Challenge #26: 30 Days of Trying Something New

What if you simply committed to trying one new thing a day for the next 30 days? For me, that's trying a new recipe from my recipe binder (filled with ripped out ones from magazines + printed ones off of Pinterest), driving down a new street on the hunt for a Vietnamese Temple only slightly visible from the main road (and actually finding it!), and riding a mechanical bull for the first time at a Halloween festival right down the street from where we live.

It keeps life interesting, for sure!

Challenge #27: 30-Day Meditation Challenge

When typing this one out, I accidentally typed Medication Challengewhich is funny because if you take this challenge for the next 30 days, you might be able to skip out on some medication in the future!

Challenge #28: Tim Ferris' 21-Day No-Complaint Challenge

Okay, so technically this one isn't 30 days long (ahhh the perfect opportunity to start those no-complaining days!). But you could easily extend it to 30 days (except not entirely because of how hard it is going to be to completewait, was that a complaint? Oh boy.).

Challenge #29: 30-Day Cleaning Challenge

What if, instead of feeling overwhelmed with Spring Cleaning, you set out to complete just one cleaning task per day for 30 days? Well, hopefully your house would stay shiny and decluttered so you didn't have to restart again on Day 1 of the next month.

Challenge #30: Nanowrimo

Have you heard of this movement to write an entire book (at least 50,000 words) in just 30 days? While you can run this on your own, the entire community gets together and does it for a specific month each year. Check back to the link above for when it will be held in the coming year.

Challenge #31: 30-Day Read More Books Challenge

I have a bad habit. My husband calls it my two-year reading list. The fact is, there are so many books that I take out of the library and actually read, that books I purchase or am gifted often sit on my book shelf for about two years before I get around to reading them.

If you're looking to turbo-boost your own reading this year, then check out this challenge.

30 Day Business Challenge List

I'm constantly taking business challenges so that I can learn and implement more in my online business. The amount of learning (and doing) I've done in the last few years is unreal!

Challenge #32: 30-Day Networking Challenge

Are you networking skills a little rusty (er, non-existent *raises hand*)? Download this printable filled with 30 days of networking activities.

Challenge #33: Business-Idea-a-Day 30 Day Challenge

This one is very simple, and no-frills: Can you come up with one business idea, every single day, for 30 days? Imagine where you might be at the end of the month?

Challenge #34: 30 Day Business Clean Up Challenge

Us business ownerswe understand the clutter.

It's crazy how many folders I've created that do the same thing, and how many items I have on my desktop, and how many favorites I have that I always thought I'd get back to.

I love the idea behind this challenge take 30 days to properly clean up your business!

Challenge #35: 30 Day Tap Into Your Courageous Leadership Challenge

I just love the title of this one. True, it's a mouthful. BUT, as a business owner and entrepreneur, I can tell you that these prompts to help with being a more courageous leader are really appreciated (and needed).

Challenge #31: 30 Day Mompreneur Challenge

Sign up for this free challenge, and get daily tasks in marketing, social media, and other business-running (and growing) activities straight to your inbox.

30 Day Love Challenges List

Love is all around both love for others, love for our kids, and self love! Choose one of these challenges to help you spread some more.

Challenge #36: 30-Day Love Challenge

Looking for ways to reconnect with your loved one? The Dating Divas have put together a free love challenge with tons of free tips + printables to help you shower your loved one withwell, love, everyday for 30 days. They've also got a handy-dandy supplies list in case you want to print + gather supplies ahead of time.

Challenge #37: 30-Day New Mom Self Care Challenge

This challenge helps new mothers pick non-overwhelming self care items, as well as helps you build routine self care into your new hectic life.

Challenge #38: 30 Day Relationship Spice-Up Challenge

Here are 30 prompts for how to add some spice back into your relationship. Be sure to read ahead, as some days you'll have prep work.

Challenge #39: 30 Day Marriage Challenge

Print this 30 day marriage challenge out and tack it on your mirror or the fridge. Then, check off as you send some extra love your spouse's way!

Challenge #40: Skinny Mom's 30-Day Self Love Challenge

Grab the free printable and tape it to your bathroom mirror so that each morning for 30 days you know exactly what you are to complete. The first sheet is for if you want to complete the challenge publicly, and the second page is for completing it just for yourself.

I didn't post 30 different 30 Day Challenges to overwhelm you, but rather to give you a long enough monthly challenges list that you can pick something with complete and utter conviction and delightedness *clasps hands* to actually go through with it. After all, just completing one of these challenges will change your life.

In fact, I've turned taking challenges into a routinethis year alone I've strengthened my core, meditated my way to a few moments of bliss, and drank some extra water. I'm excited to see what I can accomplish and better in my own life next year!

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