End of the School Year Ideas & Activities That are Sure to be a Hit

As the end of the school year approaches, make some fun memories with your students! Here are some of my favorite end of the school year ideas and activities to make your final days together a huge hit!

Engaging EOY Activities
Themed Behavior Management Game

We can all agree that this time of year can get a little chaotic. So, if you're looking for something to keep your classroom management running smooth and help your students stay focused, summer-themed classroom behavior management bingo game boards are it!

These classroom management bingo boards are perfect for you to spruce up your classroom expectations and behaviors in an engaging way that will make the end of the year much easier.  

You and your students can focus on classroom behaviors such as transitions, kindness, teamwork, participation, staying on task, and much more! 

What's included in this end of year classroom management resource?

  • 10+ different expectation bingo boards
  • Individual/small group bingo boards
  • Printable version with bingo cards
  • Prize ideas
  • Google slides digital version also included
End of the Year Escape Room

Are you ready for your students to have some FUN this school year?!

This End of the Year Escape Room is a chance for you to encourage teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving with your students all while having some fun! Just add your own questions and answer choices, and the rest is done for you.

The digital version has everything linked for your students to begin the escape room-simply add your questions and assign it. Yep! Use this for ANY CONTENT!

  • Math Skills
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Science
  • Social Studies

The options are not limited to just subjects either. You can even use the escape room template to review expectations, prep for tests, or even just for fun. Use it for what YOU need in YOUR classroom!

Looking for a printable review? Included are also printable task cards, recording sheets, and decoders for your students to work on.

No matter which way you use this escape room template, you are sure to have:

  • instant student engagement
  • student excitement
  • little to no teacher prep
  • a resource you can use AGAIN AND AGAIN in different ways

The End of the Year Escape Room is sure to be one of your students' favorite things during the last month of school!

Themed Writing Prompts

Throughout the year, I love to give students a choice! The end of the year is an especially great time to give students a choice of what they want to work on. Writing prompts are great for this!

There are 20 prompts that can be assigned to students in the End of Year Writing Prompts pack. Assign 3-5 at a time, and let your students choose which prompt they want to respond to. Prompts can be used in many different parts of your day, so fit them where you need them!

  • Morning Work: Assign a writing prompt for morning work during the last couple of weeks of school.
  • Warm-up: Use the writing prompts for a writing warm-up. When prompts are paired with a real photo, students will have an easier time coming up with an idea.
  • Fast Finisher: Some students love writing! Offer a few of the prompts as a fast finisher choice.
  • Station Choice
  • Shared Writing: Discuss how and why we use details in our writing. Show a bad example and work together to make it a strong writing piece!

Here's a small peek at just some of the prompts included:

  • Write a letter to your teacher next year telling them all about you
  • What have you improved the most on this year?
  • What was your favorite thing about our class this year?
  • How is Summer break different from Winter break? How are they alike?
  • What are 3 things you would tell the students next year?

Prompts come in both printable color cards (4 to a page) and digital slides to be used with Google Slides. Use them as task cards or easily assign them on your online learning platform. Themed Writing Prompts are such a versatile activity for the end of the year.

Summer Reading Passages

The end of the school year is the perfect time to focus on reviewing reading skills with these engaging summer-themed reading passages

This set of reading comprehension passages and questions includes 12 ready-to-use summer reading passages with various reading strategies and skills addressed in the questions. In addition, there are both fiction and nonfiction passages to keep engagement high. 

Easily focus on isolated skills as a check-in to gauge student understanding or as a review for previously taught skills. The passages can be used in SO MANY parts of your day!

  •  easy test prep
  • independent skill review
  • reading center activity
  • end of the week quick check
  • small group practice

These are also a great resource for summer reading programs coming up!

Included for each reading passage:

  • Printable Version: Full page in black and white
  • Printable Version: Half page in color
  • Digital Version: Student-friendly with the reading passage and questions on one slide
  • Digital Version with Audio: Passage read out loud to the student right on the slide
Balloon Countdown Freebie

The last 10 days of school are always so fun! Start a balloon pop countdown with your students. Fill each balloon with a fun activity for them to do for the day. Pop a balloon each morning and see what's inside!

The printable “Countdown to Summer Break” sign, numbers, and activities are all included in the freebie! A digital version is included too if you want something fun and easy!

Easy Class Gift Ideas

Put all the pictures you take of your students learning over the year to good use by turning them into a fun Classgram!

Classgram makes the perfect and easy end of year student gift! You can individualize them for each student or create the same one for everyone! Then, print the pages to distribute to your students as a class yearbook or add to their memory books and pass them out at your end-of-year celebration or last day of school.

ClassGram is not only a fun way to save favorite memories from the year, but it also doubles as a bulletin board so you can use it in the new school year too!

Memory Book

At the end of each year, creating end of the year memory books for students is a great way to commemorate the school year. You can also include your students' selfie writing at the back of each book. Finally, use a binding machine to fasten each student’s completed pages together. You can also use a 3-hole punch and binder rings or brads. Your students will love this special gift!

Gift Idea #5: Sample Digital Student Memory Books
Digital Memory Books

You can print these memory books out and pass them out to your students or share them digitally with students and their families with a Google link.

End of Year Bundle

Want a one stop shop for the End of the Year?! This bundle includes EOY themed resources at a discounted price!!

Bitmoji Bookmarks

Encourage reading even after your students are gone! Print out these fun Bitmoji bookmarks and fasten them to a $1 Scholastic book! Scholastic usually has great deals at the end of the year where you can grab a class set of books for $1 each. Students will love having something to read over summer break with a bookmark that reminds them of their teacher.

End of the Year Celebration
Bitmoji Awards

Celebrate your students with these customizable Student Awards! With over 40 certificate choices, you can easily recognize each of your unique learners with this inexpensive student gift.

Add your own images to these editable awards, including your personalized Bitmoji! Then, share them during your end-of-year celebration or promotion/graduation ceremony.

Photo Booth

Put together a fun little photo booth for your students at your awards ceremony or year-end celebration. Include these themed props and set up a background. Colored plastic table cloths from the dollar store make easy backdrops! If you want to read more on how to make a classroom photo booth, click HERE.

While any of the awesome ideas above will be special for your students, remember that the memories you and your students have created the entire year are the most important gifts. Make this your focus, and you'll be sure to end this time of year on a positive note!

End of the Year Teacher Tasks Made Easy
Free Organization Checklist

Grab this printable and digital checklist template and start purging, organizing, and cleaning!

Free End of the Year Family & Student Surveys

Grab these printable and digital end-of-the-year surveys for student and parent feedback!

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