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Instructional coaches are asked to do lots of things but don't have the time to do them all. That’s why I’m calling this month’s series on The Coaching Podcast, “So much to do, so little time”. 

On this episode, productivity and time management coach Kierra of Miss Unconventional joins me. We talk about setting goals, gaining clarity, and conquering your chaos. During our chat, Kierra shares how coaches can set boundaries and be more purposeful with their time.

Conquering Your Chaos 

We all know a lack of boundaries is prevalent in education. Kiera says that this lack of boundaries allows other people to impose their priorities on us, and clouds our judgment about what’s important. To get control of your time she recommends getting clarity around your role and setting boundaries. Once you define your role it's easier to create an aligned coaching schedule and prioritize what's important.

Productivity Personas

Kierra uses relatable productivity personas to help her coaching clients identify what’s holding them back. Here’s a brief description of each one. You may relate to one or all of them. 

No Boundaries Barbara 

Barbara allows others' agendas and emergencies to take precedent over her needle-moving tasks. She struggles to get her most important tasks done. Kierra says that people like Barbara shouldn’t be afraid to set boundaries because it might be liberating for both parties.

No Clarity Cara

Cara longs for purpose but lacks clarity. Her lack of self-awareness means that she doesn’t have a grand vision for her life or career. Kierra says if we're like Cara we need to ask deep questions and take time to reflect on what truly brings us joy.

No Focus Fiona

Fiona has a strong desire to be productive, but she just can’t seem to get it together. She wears a lot of hats and is constantly distracted by her environment. Kiera explains that the problem is that when we aren't focused we let tasks pile up and it can be overwhelming to start tackling them all.

No Help Halle

Halle has a superhero complex and doesn’t ask for help. She struggles with relinquishing control and this causes her to constantly operate outside her zone of genius. Halle often feels like if she doesn’t do it herself, it won’t get done. I used to be like her, but the day I learned to ask for help was one of the best days in my coaching life. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

No Systems Sandra

Sandra is ambitious and goal-oriented, but she has no systems in place to support her. As a result, she suffers from exhaustion and burnout. The thought of putting systems in place sounds like a waste of time to her. If you relate to Sandra, Kierra suggests putting 3 systems in place to help you get control back in your life. You can learn about the systems she recommends and more details about each persona in the episode.

10 Step Goal Alchemy

A lot of people set goals but don’t achieve them. During our talk, Kiera explains that setting relevant and realistic goals are non-negotiable when you're trying to conquer the chaos. 

Kierra has a 10-step goal alchemy formula that she shares on the podcast. This is a monthly goal-setting intensive that she does with her clients. Listed below are the steps. You can listen to the episode for more details about each one.

  1. Select a word of the month
  2. Write an affirmation using the word of the month
  3. Write your “why”
  4. Write a mantra that will sustain your motivation when things get tough
  5. Set 3 – 5 SMART goals
  6. Turn your SMART goals into gratitude statements
  7. Write an action statement for each goal
  8. Create a monthly vision board
  9. Select an accountability partner
  10. Set up check-in dates

Get Started Conquering Your Chaos

At the end of the episode, I ask Kierra to share some things coaches can do to conquer the chaos right now. Her first recommendation is to ask questions that help you become more self-aware. Self-awareness will allow you to identify your goals and focus on achieving them. 

Her second suggestion is to design your ideal morning. Having a morning routine that nourishes you is a great way to start your day and sets the tone for the rest of it.

This episode is packed with so much gold when it comes to productivity and creating clarity in your coaching role. Ready to listen? You can listen below with the media player, or search for Buzzing with MS. B: The Coaching Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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