9 Cheap And Easy Ways To Get More Organized In Minutes

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Getting organized is a great way to save yourself considerable time and effort around the house. As grandma used to say, “A place for everything, and everything in its place!” And while it is possible to spend a lot of time and a lot of money on organizing your home, you shouldn’t have to! In fact, a lot of my own organizing projects usually take place in a spare 5- or 10-minute window throughout the day, using stuff I already have lying around the house.

These super quick and resourceful organizing methods are a specialty of mine, so I thought that’s what I would share with you today! Here are 9 quick, easy, and inexpensive hacks to get a little more organized around the house. (If you have one or more brilliantly cheap and easy organizing hacks that you don’t see on this list, share them with us in a comment at the bottom of this post!)

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9 Cheap And Easy Organizing Hacks

DIY Organization

1. Cookie Cutter Control

Hate digging around in a drawer for the right cookie cutter? Try this simple solution! Sort your cookie cutters into smaller groups based on holiday, season, type of baking project, or any other system that makes sense to you. Put each group into its own ziplock bag and label them clearly with permanent marker. Next time you go to choose a cookie cutter, you’ll know exactly where to start your search.

DIY Organization

2. Pockets For Papers

Keep important papers organized in your kitchen with durable plastic binder pockets like these ones. Use them to store your take-out menus, favorite recipes, printable reference sheets, coupons, and more! Tape the pockets on the inside of a cabinet door to keep them hidden, yet accessible.

DIY Organization

3. Keep Hardware Together

It’s always a pain to have to take apart your furniture, no matter the reason. But you can make it easier on yourself by using this little trick to keep the hardware together! Lay down a strip of packing tape sticky-side up. Stick the hardware onto it, then cover it with another piece of packing tape (so the sticky sides stick together.) Write a label on the tape with a permanent marker so you know what piece of furniture the hardware came from. The hardware will stay securely encased in the tape, and you’ll know exactly where it goes!

DIY Organization

4. Hang Measuring Cups

Make your measuring cups more convenient by hanging them individually, rather than storing them in a stack. I used small Command hooks to hang mine up on the inside of one of the cupboard doors. It makes them easy to grab when I need them, and everyone knows exactly where to put them when it’s their turn to unload the dishwasher. :-)

5. Instant Ribbon Dispenser

You can use a cheap plastic bin as a super simple ribbon dispenser! Just look for a small bin with holes on the sides. (You can usually find them at the dollar store.) Stack your ribbon into the bin and thread the ends through the holes in the bin. Pull on the ribbon as you need it, and the rest will stay nicely organized!

DIY Organization

6. Hang Tank Tops

Have a collection of tank tops and sleeveless shirts taking up space in your closet or drawers? Save space with a hanger and a few shower curtain rings! Hook the straps of each shirt onto a shower curtain ring, then clip the rings onto the bottom of the hanger. You’ll be able to fit about 5-6 shirts on one hanger with this method!

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DIY Organization

7. Container Lid Storage

Here’s an easy way to keep the lid from your food storage containers organized. Get a small plastic bin from the dollar store, along with a cheap cooling rack. Set the rack on top of the bin, then slide your container lids into the slots formed by the rack. Your lids will be easier to see and be much more accessible this way.

DIY Organization

8. Cheap Fridge Bins

You don’t have to shell out a small fortune on fancy bins to organize your fridge. Just grab a handful of small plastic bins from your local dollar store! You can label them however you want to help keep your food more organized.

DIY Organization

9. Recycled Desk Organizer

Use a few cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls and an empty tissue box to make a desk organizer! Cut the tubes to different lengths, then glue them upright into the tissue box. Decorate it with washi tape, paint, or scrapbook paper, and use it to keep your pens and desk accessories organized.

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