50th Day of School Room Transformation

Juke Box Themed 50th Day of School Room Transformation

Welcome to the 1950’s room transformation to celebrate the 50th day of Kindergarten. Let me walk you through some of the decorations and how we created them to spark engagement for the 50th day of school. Most importantly, I hope you get some easy 50th day of school ideas.

Check Out The Before

Check out this room before the transformation.

Here is a glimpse of my classroom before the room transformation. I literally took these pictures just before we started decorating. We took down our student art work from their clips and moved the desk over. And we began to piece together the diner themed outside.

Let me also stating that we have always celebrated the 50th day of school with a sock hop and 50s themed learning activities. Our admin encouraged us to up the game this year with more decorations and integrated more people in our school to help with the transformation. She also secured funding for some of the decorations you will see. Any larger backdrops were school purchases. We also got sunglasses for all the Kindergarten students in case they don’t come dressed up. Most of everything else you see can be made with school items we already had or could get cheaply.

50th Day of School Room Transformation

Diner Themed Outside for 50th Day of School Ideas

This themed was Pinterest inspired. We started by added blue paper to the background with tape and hot glue. Then, we added cut black construction paper into squares and glued it to big white poster paper. This creates the checkerboard themed bottom. Next, we hot glued on top of the blue. The diner header is black paper, measure out and rounded on the corners. Then, we die cut pink circles and letters for the food items on the bottom. The “Rock n Roll Diner” letters were cut out of pink paper and accented with hand punched white circles. We are hopeful that the bottom checkerboard and top header can be reused year after year.

The guitar detail is created by cut out of paper and backed on cardstock. Same for the window people. These details are 100% reusable. The records and 1050s artist images are also laminated and can be reused. The only items purchased for this transformation for this section were the car cut outs. (Here is an Amazon link to the cars.)

Diner Themed Inside

50th day of school ideas for decorating a kindergarten classroom

Here is the look at the inside of my classroom. We kept the set up almost exactly the same as we always have it, we just added pink and blue plastic dollar store table clothes and simple paper/record decorations. We are using these tables for learning and art so we don’t want anything we want to reuse to get ruined.

This large diner themed backdrop was purchased by the school and is hanging from the ceiling. (Link to this backdrop here.) We did use a little cardboard across the top of the backdrop and we used binder clips. This is a very simple and pretty quick set up for the 50th day of school ideas.

1950s Room Transformations Glimpse

Check out this 1950s Kindergarten Classroom transformation for the 50th day of school.

Here is another peek into my classroom set up. Simple plastic table clothes and left over paper for the win. I won’t lie… the Juke Box was created by a coworker who LOVES these kinds of projects and she goes over the top. She told me it plugs in and turns on… so I can’t wait to check it out.

Simple decorating idea for the 50th day of school.

Simple decorations are always fun. These are plastic glasses with chocolate and strawberry flavors (aka shredded papers) and tissue paper whipped topping are cheap and precious. We added these details to my technology table since we knew room was tight but we wanted the theme to carry through the entire class.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Paper cut out and a banner for the 50th day of school win!

I am so proud of the way my room transformation came together. But I know that every classroom can’t do a full transformation. Maybe you have students who thrive with consistency and need it to learn? I would not be able to do this full room transformation every year either, but I can this year so was pumped to be able to. Keep in mine that simple works! Add a simple header or banner to your calendar or smart board with some music notes! This can take minutes and cost you very little. Most importantly, it is a way to dress up the room without stressing out your learners who can’t handle it.

That Juke Box

I have to show you this Juke Box. I didn’t make it but man… my coworker went over the top with this detail. Remember she LOVES this stuff and offered to do it. The idea of making this myself stresses me out, but she was truly excited about it . I know my students will love to see what a Juke Box looks like and this is as close as we can get. You can easily grab a juke box decoration to put up! Here is one on Amazon.

Our 50th Day Schedule

We are doing real work on our 50th day so grab some 50th day of school ideas for learning here too. To start, we will be doing our Daily 5 structure in the morning. We will be diving into 1950s writing and little reader as well as a painting 5 sets of 10 to create 50. Room transformations are about engaging our learners and using that engagement to teach them. Counting to 50 is hard work in Kindergarten but we are up for the challenge.

Then, our students will be doing to the gym for a hula hoop contest and a sock hop during their specials time. We love to use the Just Dance song Barbara Anne to teach them some moves and we teach them The Hand Jive. They really get into some of these moves and do so well with them.

Next, we will come back to the classroom and we will do a three room swap. Since we have 6 Kindergarten teachers in my school, we have two groups of 3 to swap out and this swap is based on their location. Each group of three Kindergarten teachers will swap classes for quick and FUN activities.

More 50th Day of School Ideas

Each classroom in the swap group has a theme, one is juke box and we will be making an art project juke box and working on the idea of now and them. Next, one room is diner and they will work on creating diner hats and tasting moon pies for the snack. Lastly, one of the rooms is a drive in and they will discuss what a drive in was and how people would watch movies. This room transformation is over the top and I can’t wait to show you it.

Additionally, we will be decorating the lunch room with simple table clothes and we will be playing 50s music. Our lunch staff has agreed to be part of our day and dress up too. Finally, when the students come back to the rooms after lunch, we will be making coke floats as we discuss first, then, last. We will taste them and make a math chart to show who liked coke floats and who did not.

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