Why You Should ALWAYS Review Routines After a Break

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Do you know why you should always review routines after a break with students? Well… because it will make your life easier in the long run! After long breaks like winter break, students tend to forget a few things that they learned already! They forget routines such as their morning routine or how to walk in the hall. They may forget how to put their folder in their bag or how to complete centers.

If your students don’t follow routines, you and staff will be prompting all day long, all year long.
Learning routines and following them takes the pressure off of everyone and gives you the remaining time to teach.
SO MUCH TIME WILL BE WASTED if you don’t follow this structure. 

Let’s talk about some TIPS for when you review routines after a break:


On the first day back from winter break, what are you planning on doing with your special education students? Hopefully not starting new curriculum right away. Why not? Well because all brains (including yours!) have been “shut down” for longer than usual. It’s best to ease back into school. Start immediately with reviewing routines on the first day back. I would start by reviewing the morning routine. This will help the next few days run smoothly when students are entering the classroom and getting unpacked. Want to see how my morning routine went in my self-contained classroom? Check out this post.

Special Ed Routines Visuals
Grab these Special Ed Routines Visuals! (Print + Digital Options)


Our students NEED visuals. Even when reviewing routines you can use visuals. It helps so much for students to actually SEE the steps in action in front of them; just saying the words doesn’t always work. To help with this, try using this Special Ed Routines pack. You can print it out and laminate or use it digitally on an iPad with students. It’s also included in The First Ten Days Bundle if you already own that!

My morning work routine digital version on an iPad
Special Ed Routines is also available in a digital version!


Every special education classroom is run differently so all classroom routines will be different. When I was in the classroom, I taught self-contained elementary students. These are the types of routines I always made sure to review after a long break: (You can also check out this post all about routines and how to teach them)

morning routine

independent work


lunch line

indoor recess clean-up

walking in the hallway

packing up/dismissal


When you grab this pack of visuals, you will be set for the year on routine visuals! These routine materials will help you to explicitly teach routines throughout any time of the year. The visuals provided for routines can be used in any order you choose. Leave some out, mix them around and use them as it will best support your students.


Laminate and velcro each routine to a paint stick for easy use. Carry it to the areas of the room needed, or hold it up for whole group instruction.

+ Morning Routine
+ Morning Work
+ Independent Work
+ Walking in the Hall
+ Lunch Routines
+ Center Routines
+ Rewards Routines
+ Clean Up Routine
+ Dismissal Routine
+ My Routine Book

+ Visuals for each routine
+ Directions for Prep
+ Teaching Suggestions
+ Data Sheets (editable)

picture of morning meeting with real pictures set up
Grab the Morning Meeting with REAL Pictures Pack to make your morning routine in the classroom simple!


Morning Meeting Routine

All About Morning Work

Morning Work Binder for Special Education

Visual Schedule Pieces

The First 10 Days of School

hello binder for using in morning work routine
The Hello Binder is perfect for a morning work routine for your students!

Get your students back on track for learning by ALWAYS reviewing routines after a break!

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