What Are Canadian Athletes Main Sources Of Income?

Canadians athletesprimary sources of income are not always what they earn from playing a sport.

Sports are a big part of the culture in Canada, especially professional hockey and baseball.

There are so many famous Canadian athletes around Canada that are current or retired from the sport.

To name a few, Wayne Gretzky (hockey), Mike Weir (Golf) and Clara Hughes (Speed Skating, Canadian cyclist)

It doesn’t matter if the sport is professional or amateur; Canadians are always interested.

As a result, a whopping 78 percent of Canadians, or well over 3/4 of the population, are avid fans of professional sports, according to the research.

Today, let’s look at three Canadian athletes and where their sources of income come from.

What Are  Canadian Athletes Main Sources Of Income
What Are Canadian Athletes Main Sources Of Income

Canadians Love Their Sports

One thing that many Canadians share is a passion for sports.

Many different athletic competitions and games are available to watch. It provides a stage for the world’s best players and teams to display their talents and go head-to-head.

In light of Canada’s long history of success in world-class sports and the Olympics, it’s merely additional evidence that these kinds of activities are flourishing in this region of the world.

When it comes to Canadian sports, you usually think of winter sports like hockey and ice skating when you hear “winter sports.”

Two Canadian Passports with Sports Tickets Inside
Two Canadian Passports with Sports Tickets Inside

According to Canada’s climate and topography, this seems logical.

Hockey, skiing, skating, and other winter sports are well represented throughout Canada’s sporting heritage.

A handful of Canadian athletes have recently made an impression at the top levels of their respective sports.

The following is a list of the best Canadian athletes and their source of income:

Georges St Pierre

If you’re a lover of fighting sports, Georges St Pierre is a hero.

Georges St. Pierre, commonly known as GSP, was instrumental in making the UFC and mixed martial arts popular.

He defended his belt eight times before returning from a 4-year hiatus to capture the middleweight world championship in 2017.

As we all know, George St-Pierre is a 30 million dollar man. But in the last few years, Georges has been able to enhance his worth by 52%.

Likewise, Georges’ net wealth is derived mainly from sponsorships, brand partnerships, and contract fees.

Additionally, GSP receives an extra $52,000 if Georges wins Fight of the Night or Performer of the Night, for about $7 million each fight.

As of this writing, Georges is the 15th richest mixed martial arts fighter globally.

UFC Betting in Canada

UFC has increased in popularity in Canada in the last five years. With the popularity of the sport growing, so did betting on UFC.

Since UFC has become a very prominent sport in Canada, Canadian bookies have provided excellent service.

Some bookmakers have more options and bonuses for UFC bettors than others.

While a few bookies focus on the highest incentives, others provide a variety of additional features, such as in-play gambling, cash-out choices, and more.

Before going ahead and putting a deposit on a new website, you should conduct some research on Canadian sportsbooks.

Sports Betting experts from Canada recommend looking at this source of insightful info about the best UFC Canadian betting sites,

In addition to UFC betting odds, sports fans can also find MMA betting odds for other mixed martial arts leagues, including Bellator fights; bettors can find helpful reviews by top experts.

Some popular Canadian Sports in Canada
Some popular Canadian Sports in Canada

Andrew Wiggins

NBA star Wiggins, who plays for the NBA’s Minnesota Wolves, begins our list.

The Cleveland Cavaliers selected Andrew Wiggins first overall in the 2015 NBA Entry Draft.

Before his NBA debut, he was moved to Minnesota, where he promptly made an impression, winning Newcomer of the Year in his debut campaign.

In his third NBA season, Wiggins’ agility and talent have made him a budding NBA star.

As a part of Canada’s 2016 FIBA Americas Tournament bronze-medal winning team, the Ontario native has also served his country on the international scene.

Incorporating $147,710,050 in guaranteed money, Andrew Wiggins agreed to a five-year deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves worth $147,710,050 with a median yearly wage of $29,542,010.

It is estimated that Wiggins will receive a base salary of $31,579,390 in 2021-22, with a total wage limit value of $31,579,390.

Whether you earn millions a year or thousands, having additional income sources is innovative finance.

Sidney Crosby

There can be no better choice than an NHL player to lead this year’s list of Canada’s greatest players.

Sidney Crosby has earned this honour, having been at the pinnacle of his career for the last decade with the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins and Canada’s national team.

A national name in Canada since he was a youngster in Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia, Crosby rose to prominence by dominating every age group.

Before making his Hockey debut at the age of 18, he had a career in the minors.

With two Stanley Cup titles, two Hart trophies (NHL MVP), two Art Ross awards, and a Conn Smythe trophy under Crosby’s belt, his domination has been maintained (playoff MVP).

He is known for his impressive speed, strength, skill, and grit. On the other hand, Crosby is a well-rounded player with few, if any, faults.

Aside from two Olympic gold medals and a World Junior Championship, two World Championships, and a World Cup victory with Team Canada, his international career has also been fruitful.

Crosby has agreed to a 12-year, $104,400,000 deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins, including $104,400,000 secured and a median wage of $8,700,000.

Crosby will make $9 million in basic salary and $8,700,000 in cap hit in 2021-22.

Most Popular Canadian Sports

Basketball Being Thrown Into The Net. Popular Canadian Athletes Sport.
Basketball Thrown Into The Net.

The national sport of Canada is ice hockey, the most popular sport.

When it comes to hockey, Canada is the place to be. 42.9% of the NHL’s players are natives of Canada.

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens are the two most adored clubs in the NHL.

Canadians aren’t only passionate about their sports; they’re also passionate about participating and betting on sports.

Canada is a melting pot for people from all over the world, and one of the ways they communicate their culture is via sports.

Based on the season, numerous prominent Canadian sports are practiced and watched across the nation.

Discussion: Who is your favourite Canadian athlete, and why?

Please leave your comments below and tell me what you’ve learned about your favourite Canadian athletes.

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