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Pre-sharpened pencils are great to get because you can pick them up and get right to work. The best pre-sharpened pencils out there are the Ticonderoga pencils because they're certified non-toxic and have a latex-free eraser. If you want a different pencil, maybe with a bit of flair, there are other options to fall in love with.

Best Overall: Ticonderoga Pencils

When it comes to the pencil game, Ticonderoga is the end-all, be-all brand that comes to mind. Its pencils have #2 graphite for smooth writing, and the eraser is latex-free and erases everything perfectly. They are also Puma certified non-toxic, so you won't have to worry if you occasionally hold it in your mouth.

These pencils are created with premium wood, so the pencil itself won't snap. However, the eraser on these pencils wears down quite quickly, especially if you're using it frequently. It would be a good idea to get another eraser or even an eraser topper.

If you're prepared for the eraser to shave down, then this is the best choice for you to pick up. It's certified non-toxic and also includes a latex-free eraser for any allergies. With the #2 graphite, you will be able to write nicely and smoothly to make all your assignments look pristine.


  • #2 graphite
  • Latex-free eraser
  • Certified non-toxic
  • Created with premium wood


  • Eraser wears down quickly

Best Overall

Ticonderoga Pencils

Known as the best

Ticonderoga is known for making the best pencils, so it comes at almost no surprise that it made it to the top of the list.

Best Value: BIC Evolution Pencils

Sometimes, pencils can be a bit expensive, so if you don't need a lot, this is an excellent value for 18 pencils. The lead and eraser are durable, meaning they can go through a lot of writing without breaking off easily. The eraser is also latex-free to prevent any allergies or breakouts. The wooden barrel is also made to avoid any splinters while sharpening or use the pencil.

There have been some comments saying that erasers are hard on these pencils. Try using it a few times to soften it up, or even sub it for an eraser topper or a stand-alone eraser. After a few uses, the eraser should soften up a bit and be able to erase your writing without just rubbing it around.

Once you get the eraser working, you will fall in love with this cheap alternative pencil. The lead and eraser are incredibly durable, preventing it from breaking inside the pencil or having the eraser fall off. The splinter-free wooden barrel is a huge plus as well; you don't have to worry about getting wood in your finger after sharpening.


  • Durable lead and eraser
  • Latex-free
  • Splinter-free wooden barrel


  • Eraser is rock solid

Best Value

BIC Evolution Pencils

Save a few bucks

BIC Evolution pencils are an excellent option for anyone looking to save a few dollars while shopping for school or work supplies.

Best Alternative: SKKStationery Pencils

The SKKStationery pencils are a great choice if others don't quite meet your needs. The eraser is soft, which is makes erasing mistakes easy and smooth. The pencil is also very easy to sharpen, so you don't have to worry about sitting at the sharpener for a long time. This also makes writing nice and smooth as the graphite will easily show after sharpening the pencil.

The manufacturer of these pencils has a refund guarantee so you can easily get your money back if these pencils are satisfactory. One of the complaints about these pencils is the eraser, and the metal tip can fall off. The glue seems not to be strong enough to hold it on so you can super-glue it back on or get an eraser topper.

This pencil is an excellent option to pick up if you need a large number of pencils. The soft erasure easily makes mistakes disappear, and it sharpens easily to give you the best writing possible. If there's something wrong with the pencils, you can get a refund or replacement as guaranteed by the manufacturer.


  • Soft eraser
  • Easy sharpening
  • Manufacturer refund guarantee


  • Eraser and metal tip can fall off

Best Alternative

SKKStationery Pencils

Another choice

If you need a large pack of pencils that are of good quality, then these SKKStationery pencils are a perfect product to grab.

Best Package: AmazonBasics Pencils

If you need tons of pencils for your workplace or classroom, these AmazonBasics pencils have the largest quantity you can buy off the website. As always, buying anything from Amazon is a reliable choice because of their solid return policy. Plus, AmazonBasics is a reliable brand that will surely give you quality products for a low price.

The erasure is smudge-free, so it won't just drag the graphite throughout the area you're trying to erase. There have been some comments stating that you have to continually sharpen these pencils. This could be because sometimes the graphite is not completely centered, but it's not too big of a deal if you aren't writing an entire essay by hand.

If you don't mind having to sharpen these pencils a lot, then these are a perfect option for anyone who needs lots of pencils. AmazonBasics is an incredibly reliable brand to purchase just about anything. If you need to return these for any reason, this company will happily do that for you without putting up a fight.


  • Reliable choice
  • Largest package option
  • Smudge-free eraser


  • Constantly have to sharpen it

Best Package

AmazonBasics Pencils

Get the most

AmazonBasics offers the biggest package of pencils you can find on the website, and they're rather good quality for the price.

Best Simplicity: Cezan Pencils

These Cezan pencils are your picture-perfect generic yellow #2 pencils, and they come in individual boxes, so you don't have to carry all 144 of them with you. You can take one box at a time with you and have enough pencils to get through a few weeks. The eraser is also non-toxic, which a large sigh of relief if you were worried about it being harmful.

This is created with high-quality wood as well, so worrying about splinters is a thing of the past. The eraser on these pencils falls off easily, however, so you may have to glue it back on yourself. Otherwise, you could purchase an eraser topper or a stand-alone eraser so you can erase any mistakes you make with ease.

This option is perfect if you need a lot of pencils, but you don't want to carry all 144 of them at one time. With the individual boxes of 12 pencils and high-quality wood, this is an excellent choice for a simple yellow pencil. The non-toxic eraser is suitable for erasing any of your mistakes, as long as it stays on the pencil.


  • Individual boxes of 12
  • Non-toxic eraser
  • High-quality wood


  • Eraser falls off easily

Best Simplicity

Cezan Pencils

Regular old pencil

If you're looking for just your basic yellow pencil, then this is it. High-quality wood and non-toxic eraser does what it should.

Best Colors: Ticonderoga Neon Pencils

These Ticonderoga Neon pencils are perfect for adding a splash of color to your everyday usage. These bright colors will bring fun to note-taking while still using regular lead. These are also Puma certified non-toxic so you won't have to worry about adding anything harmful to your body. Even though you shouldn't chew on your pencils, these are certified not to harm you in any way if you do.

The latex-free erasers at the end of these pencils match the color of the pencil as well, so it looks nice and uniform. The biggest downside to the colorful erasers is that they might leave the color on your page. They'll erase the graphite, but possibly leave a blue or green trail from what it just erased.

If you don't mind colorful paper, then these pencils are a great product to pick up and add some fun to your day. The colors will make mundane tasks seem a bit more exciting, and they even have matching colorful erasers. These are Puma certified non-toxic too, so you won't have anything bad going on your hands when you use these pencils.


  • Fun, bright colors
  • Matching latex-free eraser
  • Puma certified non-toxic


  • Colored eraser might leave color on the page

Best Colors

Ticonderoga Neon Pencils

Fun and bright

These Ticonderoga Neon pencils will surely add a pop of color to any backpack or binder, and your friends will want to borrow one.

Bottom line

Pencils are a must-have when it comes to school time or even just taking notes at work meetings. The best one to have with you is Ticonderoga pencils since it's one of the most well-known pencil companies. These are #2 graphite that writes smoothly, and the latex-free eraser will make any mistakes quickly disappear.

If you want to have some pop of color or even just spend a little less money on pencils, then there are other great options on this list to fit your needs. You can stock up with large amounts of pencils, or you can settle for just an 18 count as well. Whatever you decide, you will have tons of ease by picking up some great pre-sharpened pencils.

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