The Ultimate Guide: Cashback Canadian Websites For Online Shopping

Ultimate Canadian Cashback Guide


Earning cashback in Canada has never been easier when shopping from the comfort of your home.

All the small savings add up to money to pay off your debt faster and it works as long as its part of your budget plan.

Saving money is important to us which is why by combining our rewards credit card with online sales, promo codes and cashback websites were cashing in.

There was a time when online shopping wasnt attractive for us but that has all changed.

When we had more time to go shopping child-free it was easy to roam the stores looking for bargains.

As busy parents with a child who has limited patience, it has become harder to save money the way we used to.

Using coupons has been a BIG part of our stockpile that has lasted us for over 12 years.

With the invention of phone apps, we have been able to cash in using coupons, coupon cashback rewards and triple-dipping the savings with our rewards credit card.

Apps such as Checkout51 and Flashfoods have been huge savings for our grocery budget and we will continue to use them in 2020.

Online Shopping Cashback Rewards

Instead of heading to the mall or big box stores before or after work we have since become frugal couch surfers.

Not all cashback websites are the same so its important to make sure that you are comparing the cashback deals.

By that I mean we prefer to shop online and have our items shipped to the house for free while getting the best price and cashback rewards.

Why waste gas, time and energy to physically go to a store when you dont need to?

Thats why weve found ourselves purchasing more from websites such as Amazon Canada.

As prime members, we enjoy the fast one and two-day free shipping not to mention the competitive pricing.

Rakuten Cashback (Formerly Ebates Canada)

Rakuten Canada

Rakuten (formerly Ebates Canada) is by far one of the most lucrative cashback rewards websites that weve been involved with.

Any time shop online whether it be for clothing, tools, travel, health, and beauty, home renovations or shopping on Amazon Canada we browse Rakuten first.

You can even visit the Rakuten Gift Card Shop where you purchase gift cards online through them, earn cashback AND get free shipping of the gift card.

How cool is that?

We LOVE it and have received 5 cheques in the mail since signing up in 2018.

Below is a photo of our first-ever Rakuten Cashback cheque that we received in the mail.

Every 3 months, we send you a Cash Back payment for your online purchases that posted to your account during the previous quarter, based on the schedule below.

You can decide to receive this payment via a cheque in the mail or by PayPal.

Rakuten Canada Cashback Cheque

1. Buy a gift card

2. Earn cashback just for buying it

3. Free shipping of your gift card.

Youll find loads of Canadian gift cards

Some of the current trending gift cards this week are;

  • Walmart Canada
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Pizza Pizza
  • Cineplex Canada
  • Uber
  • Air Canada
  • Atlantic Superstore
  • Marks Work Warehouse
  • Mastermind Toys Canada

Not many retailers offer you cashback on gift cards.

There are SO MANY online shopping retailers that have partnered with Rakuten youd be silly not to sign-up and use them.

  • Indigo
  • Disney
  • Amazon Canada
  • Walmart Canada
  • Gap Canada
  • Air Canada
  • Aldo Shoes Canada

Sign up with Rakuten Canada and receive money back when you shop!

As a result of our success with Rakuten we will always use this service when making online purchases from retailers in Canada.

Shopper Army Cashback

Shopper Army Canada Cashback
Shopper Army Canada a cashback online shopping website for Canadians

Join over 70,000 Canadians who Earn The Highest Cash Back on 100+ top online stores, and Try and Review Products For Free.

Sign up for Shopper Army a Canadian Cash Back online rewards site that offers cashback and free product reviews.

Shopper Army has been operating since 2014 and is part of the BrandSpark International group of companies operating in Canada since 2001.

Youll find cashback offers from many of Canadas most popular retailers such as;

  • Amazon Canada
  • Sephora
  • Indigo
  • Canadian Tire
  • Hudsons Bay Co
  • Walmart Canada
  • Gap Canada
  • Shoppers Drugmart
  • Old Navy Canada
  • Best Buy Canada

For example, if you order from Shoppers Drugmart online and click on the Shopper Army link after signing up you can earn:

  • 4% Cashback Luxury Beauty products
  • 2% Cashback on All Regular Purchases

Plus try products for free through their feedback missions program.

  • Try products for free
  • Share your honest feedback with brands and other shoppers
  • Earn rewards for completing surveys and sharing other shopping experiences


honey cashback Canada

Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click.

We installed the honey browser extension which allows us to compare other coupon codes quickly.

What we love about Honey is that it helps you apply Canadian coupon codes without having to look for them.

honey app image canada

Youll find codes for these and many more in Canada:

  • Costco Canada
  • H&M Canada
  • The Body Shop Canada
  • Starbucks Canada
  • Walmart Canada
  • Walmart Photo Centre Canada
  • Lovebooksonline Canada

If for example, we find a coupon code for free shipping and the cost savings is better than a 2% cashback reward from another site, well take it.

The great thing is once you sign up for cashback rewards programs you wont have to go far to do your research.

Honey offers everyone the free tools it takes to find the best savings, perks, and all-around value.

Honey currently supports shopping sites in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and more. Were rolling out support for additional international sites now!

Great Canadian Rebates

great canadian rebates

At Great Canadian Rebates, they offer their customers rebates just for beginning their online shopping journey with them.

How it works is that you shop through Great Canadian Rebates for cashback offers such as on Amazon Canada, Staples, eBay, Home Depot, Indigo, and American merchants they get a commission.

Great Canadian Rebates has over 700 retailers to choose from and regularly offers coupons, discount codes and exclusive online offers.

Youre sort of being paid by the middleman for helping them get a commission to build their business.

Its a win-win for consumers and these cashback websites that are helping the advertisers reach Canadians.

When you register for Great Canadian Rebates they automatically deposit a Toonie into your cashback account.

Hows that for a quick couple of bucks?

Oh, and if you refer a friend, colleague or relative to you will automatically be enrolled in our incredible referral program.

You will earn a Referral Bonus on all Cash Back Rebates earned by any new member you refer for three years from the time your referral becomes a member.

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to Great Canadian Rebates.

Youll love it.


Swagbucks Canada
If you love being on the computer why not earn money while youre doing what you enjoy.

Earn cash for taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos and playing games without any sweat.

You cant earn cash any easier and it will help add money to your savings.

Its a WIN-WIN Sign up for Swagbucks TodayIts FREE, we LOVE it.


Paymi App Cashback Canada
paymi app get more cashback for Canadians

Sign up for FREE with the Paymi App FREE and use the code CanadianBudgetBinder and start earning cashback when shopping at participating Canadian Retailers.

Paymi features retailers that partner through them instead of paying advertisers huge amounts of money.

The savings get passed down to the customer this way.

Examples: Sportchek, Burger King, Lowes, Leons, Marks Work Wearhouse, Bed Bath and Beyond, Indigo, Mary Browns and SO MANY MORE!!

  • Sign Up Connect your credit and debit cards to Paymi so we know when to give you cashback.
  • Go Shopping Shop using any linked credit and debit card at our partners to earn cashback.
  • Collect Your Cash Well send your money to you through Interac e-Transfer whenever you want it.

Best of all you will receive $5.00 for every friend you refer to Paymi.

My Points

Earn points by shopping at your favorite stores and is open to US and Canadian residents.

MyPoints members get up to 40% back with every purchase at 2,000 top retailers such as;

  • Walmart Canada
  • Best Buy Canada
  • Home Depot Canada
  • Amazon Canada

All payouts are made through gift cards to Amazon or other leading retail companies.

You know Id take a cashback reward on a gift card any day over getting nothing back at all.

All the small savings add up to working your way toward debt freedom.

Always keep that in mind when you see savings you dont think is worth the time or effort.

We are living proof that it works and being debt-free is a place everyone should experience.

Saving For Tomorrow While You Can Today

To clarify, Ive always been a firm believer that if you have to spend money find the best price and highest quality.

Having added all of these cashback rewards programs to our online shopping experience has allowed us a bit more financial freedom.

As new Canadian cashback rewards programs become available and we test and review them I will add them to this ultimate guide.

If you are aware of a cashback app that I am not please message me with the app so I can have a look at it.

Canadians Helping Canadians Save!

Thats our motto.


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