The Household Organization Diet Home Organization Plan

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Its time to put your home on a diet! If you struggle with home organization, this room by room plan will help you get your whole home decluttered, deep cleaned, and organized once and for all!

Home Organization

If one of your goals has always been to get your home cleaned and organized, The Household Organization Diet is for you! I have a whole new set of FREE organization printables for you as well as The Home Decluttering Dietbookto provide you with a constant source of inspiration and encouragement!

If your home is bursting at the seams, this home organization plan will help you take back your home! The Household Organization Diet is a year long plan designed to take away those feelings of being completely overwhelmed when it comes to getting organized. Throughout the year, we will systematically work on decluttering, cleaning and organizing every room in your home while creating new organization habits to help you keep it that way. You truly can have the clutter-free, relaxing home that you desire.

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What is The Household Organization Diet?

The Household Organization Diet is built on the same principles that you follow when you go on a traditional food diet. By changing the way you think about the process of creating your healthy and organized home, you can conquer that decluttering paralysis and start moving ahead with a steady plan to lose all of that excess house weight that bogs you down. Having too much stuff in your home costs you time, energy and unneeded stress, so get rid of that weight and spend your extra time and energy doing the things you love!

Make a Long Term Commitment.

Your house didnt become filled with stuff and disorganized overnight, so you cant expect to get things back in order in a weekend.Depending on how much weight your house has to lose, it will definitely take some time to make your home the way youd like it to be. Thats totally okay! Have some patience with the process. Celebrate those small victories. When you go on a diet, you dont expect to lose 50 lbs. in a month. You make a long term commitment to gradually lose the weight and adapt a healthier lifestyle. Our houses will take time to lose the weight too, so let go of the thought that this will happen quickly. It will not happen overnight, BUT IT WILL HAPPEN!

Develop New Healthy Home Organization Habits.

You need to be open to changing some of your old, unhealthy organization habits and truly commit to forming those new, more helpful ones. Just as we have to develop new eating and exercise habits to lose weight, we need to develop new healthy home organization habits to create {and maintain!} a clean and organized home. At first, this will likely require some intentional planning and focus; however, over time, these new habits will just become part of our regular routine and you will rarely have to think about them. In order to stick with it, we need to start small and gradually build on the habits that we are forming. It may take some trial and error and a few tweaks here and there but, with a plan in place, we can change those bad habits and replace them with organized new ones!

Get Rid of the Excuses.

The best way to get things done is to just get started. Dont put off getting organized until you have more time, or more money, or more energy. Get started NOW! This plan can easily be tailored to whatever you want it to be give it 15 minutes a day, a couple of hours per week, or 5 hours per month. Anything that you do will be better than doing nothing! Just get started NO EXCUSES!

Set Your Personal Goals.

We always need some kind of internal motivation to drive us to do something new and challenging. The benefits always have to outweigh the bad. Like losing weight, I think many of us start out on these re-organization projects with so much gusto that we quickly burn ourselves out and give up. The bad quickly outweighs the good and we shut down. With this project, I am hoping to take things slowly, at a very manageable pace. Keep the good in mind having more time to relax and spend time with our families, being more patient with our children, creating a calmer life. Think of what your own personal rewards will be and use them to keep you motivated. Focus on what you have done rather than what you still want to do.

Let Go of Perfect.

Your home does not have to be Pinterest-perfect to be clean and organized. The goal of this home organization plan is to get rid of all of that excess weight in your home that you do not need or love so you can enjoy and use those items that you do keep more. Its to create more time for yourself and a more relaxing place to come home to. Be proud of what you are able to achieve and remember thatthose perfect images in magazines are often not reality.

Order The Home Decluttering Diet Book

While the blog is a great place to get inspiration, I really wanted to create a book that had all of my thoughts and organization ideas in one place and would allow my readers to easily keep referring back to the information that they needed to keep them motivated and encouraged. You can find my book, The Home Decluttering Diet, on Amazon as well as many other online retailers. The book is based on the basic idea of The Household Organization Diet, but is filled with additional organization inspiration, strategies, and simple DIY projects. For me, having something tangible that is right in front of me on a daily basis really helps to increase my motivation, and I hope this book will do the same for you. The book isnt mandatory though, so join in either way!

Ready to Join In?

The Household Organization Diet officially starts on January 1 with the 31 Day Home Detox Decluttering Challenge; however, you can start at ANY TIME!!! I would LOVE to have you join me and hope that we can all provide each other with the inspiration to continue throughout the year! Whether youre living in disorganized chaos or just need a few little tweaks, this project CAN work for you.
The Household Organization Diet works on decluttering, deep cleaning, and organizing every space in your home one room at a time. There is a printable to-do list for each room that you can follow along with or use the blank printables to come up with your own plan. Take out what you dont need to do or add in anything extra that you would like to accomplish!

Whats New This Year

This year Ive taken out the dates for the room to-do lists to make things even more flexible! This gives you the freedom to do whatever rooms your would like in any order and any time frame. In the past, Ive always done one room per month. However, I realize that this doesnt work for everyone and that your needs may change from year to year. Ive also added a few more blank room to do lists for those of you that were asking. And, most importantly, Im giving you the FULL YEAR of printables all in one easily downloadable PDF!

How to get Started

Make a committment.

The first thing you need to do is make a long-term commitment to getting your home decluttered and organized. Its not going to happen overnight, so give yourself some grace! This is just the start, and it will take some time to develop those healthy, new organization habits.

Put together a binder.

Download the PDF files below and choose what printables you would like to have. The printable package includes a title page, room by room guides, and a notes page for each room. There are often two versions of the room by room guides one that has been pre-filled in with tasks and a second blank version for you to pick your own tasks. {NOTE: There are some rooms that only have a blank version.}. Use the notes sheet to jot down organization ideas, items you may need for the space, or future design/renovation plans you may have.

Print out the optional calendar pages and add them to your binder.

{NOTE: These will be available later this week. Ill leave the link here when theyre up!}

Writing your specific tasks down on a calendar is a great way to plan out your monthly organization tasks. Some of you might do a little each day and others will do things once or twice per week. Its totally up to you! At the beginning of each month, fill in the calendar dates with the tasks you are committing to. Stick to it and hold yourself accountable!

Get ready to build those healthy organization habits.

There really is no end to this plan. Once you have completed all of the rooms, you should start to continuously cycle back through them again. As you build your new organization habits, you should find that it gets quicker and easier each time you re-visit a space. Its also important to regularly re-evaluate how your spaces are functioning over time. Your needs will change over the years so be open to changing with them!

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Download The Household Organization Diet Printables

Ive created a whole series of organization printables to help you map out your plan and keep you on track. The printables are divided into two files the room by room tasks and the room notes. You might not need all of them so pick and choose what you would like.


More Organization Ideas

Im always sharing my favorite organization ideas and products on the blog and on social media, so be sure to follow along! If theres a specific room or area that youre looking for, you can always search for it using the search tab in the side bar. {This is found on the menu bar if viewing on mobile.} To see some room-by-room organization ideas from previous years, check out the posts below.

I hope that youll join me and start working towards a more simplified and organized home! Its time to get rid of everything thats weighing you down and robbing you of precious time and energy. For extra motivation, ask a friend to join you and be sure to get your family involved in the process!

Happy Organizing!

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