The Hello Binder is the perfect way to start your morning! Do you have students who trickle in making a slow start to your morning? Students who need to work on personal information? Need independent activities to fill parts of your day? Read on...

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The Hello Binder is customizable for your students. You can have students use velcro or write their answers using dry erase marker (this makes it easy to reuse each day).

You can build a personal information and daily info binder for each student in your classroom or only the ones who need it.

The Hello Binder works on skills like name, phone number, birthday, date, patterns, weather, safety signs, and coin ID. These basic skills are perfect to practice each day. Even if your students know these skills, are they able to know them independently? The Hello Binder is the perfect way to generalize.

Because the binder only includes core basic skills, it is easy to prep, assemble, and begin using right away.

It also includes patterns for all year long that are very easy to change out.

You can download the bestselling Hello Binder here.

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