The Best School Supplies for Back to School 2020

Well friends here we are.  Back to School.  Some of you might have gone back to regular school, some hybrid and many of us are distance learning with no real live school in site.  I have been going through all the emotions- grumpy, concerned, sulky, relieved… and decided on a space of making the best of things.  My girls are healthy, I am healthy, my husband and I are lucky enough to work from home.  We need to be incredibly grateful.  We have two kids in two very good schools with plans in place for distance learning.  My girls both play sports (with significant restrictions) but that at least gives them a bit of social interaction so mental health is not as much of a concern.

Also our back to school shopping this year was basically nothing.  I usually spend about $75 per child on the endless school supply lists and this year for 6th grade I was asked to buy a binder, paper, dividers and a pencil.  I think it was about $10 total.  My 8th grader doesn’t have any school supply lists yet (crossing fingers those come since school starts Thursday) but I did want to get them a few extras that will help make this year fun and that should be practical.

I put together a few fun things for you to consider too- headphone cases, water cups (for home learning), fun markers, bright pencils and more…

I always get a few things together for the first day of school (tomorrow for my little girl) so I just put in a pick up order for Target.

Happy Back to School my friends!

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