The Best Pencil Cases Will Keep You Organized From the Classroom to the Boardroom

Heading back to school, back to the office, or simply want to stop losing your favorite pencil? It may be time to buy yourself a pencil case. A must-have for students and a surprisingly useful accessory for professionals, you don’t have to be young enough for nap time to need a pencil case. Also, we miss nap time.

A pencil case is a useful tool to keep students organized by creating a central place to keep their writing utensils, calculators, erasers, and math tools. Aspiring artists will appreciate the oversized pencil cases on our list that can hold their supplies, including one zippered case that has enough room for 124 pencil crayons. For anyone who keeps multiple tech accessories on hand, a pencil case provides a safe and convenient way to keep Apple pens or stylus pens, charging cords, earbuds, USBs, and other small items together without them falling out of a backpack or briefcase.

Many of the pencil cases on our list can acts as multipurpose bags thanks to their versatile design. Use your pencil case in the office during the week and turn it into a toiletry bag for a weekend getaway. Want a discrete way to pack a granola bar for extra-long meetings? Pick up a pencil case with multiple compartments.

If you write, charge, listen or create throughout the day, a pencil case is an affordable and simple way to keep your belongings organized. Check out some of our top picks below.


1. Easthill Large Capacity Pencil Case


You got stuff? The Easthill Large Capacity Pencil Case has room. The oversized pencil holder ticks (with a pen or pencil) all our must-haves in a pencil case. A side opening features elastic holders for pens and pencils and provides access to the main compartment, which can also be accessed through the main zipper on top. Made from 100 percent cotton and available in several colors and designs, the Easthill is fun for young students while still being professional-looking enough to pass in an office. We also like the convenient side carrying handle, which can also be attached to a larger bag.

Easthill Large Capacity Pencil Case Buy: Easthill Large Capacity Pencil Case $12.99

2. iDream365 Apple Pencil Case Holder


Being an adult doesn’t mean you’re out of the pencil case phase just yet. If you need a case that can blend into your office setting and won’t have co-workers asking what you’re doing after fifth period, we like the iDream365 Apple Pencil Case Holder. Made from quality EVA material and waterproof nylon oxford fabric, the lightweight and shockproof case is ideal for traditional pens and pencils as well as Apple pens. Multiple mesh pockets and holders make it easy to find a spot for earbuds, chargers, USBs, and any other small items you want to store between lunch and recess. JK, we mean meetings.

iDream365 Apple Pencil Case Holder Buy: iDream365 Apple Pencil Case Holder $9.98

3. Vnieetsr Large Pencil Case


Keep your writing utensils and small gadgets organized and separated with a large pencil case that has multiple openings and a professional finish. The Vnieetsr Large Pencil Case is great for students and professionals thanks to its multi-purpose design. Three zippered sections provide ample storage for office essentials including most smartphones. Mesh pockets, including one with a zipper, stretchy elastic holders, and a waterproof finish on the canvas material make a case that will last for years.

Vnieetsr Large Pencil Case Buy: Vnieetsr Large Pencil Case $13.99


4. Ziploc Reusable Accessory Bag


If you’re looking for a non-traditional pencil case, we are big fans of the new fashion-forward set of reusable bags from Ziploc. Spy received a set that included five Essential and five Skinny bags and we were impressed by the quality and durability. Great for keeping things like office essentials, tech accessories, food items, and toiletries separate, the lightweight Ziploc bags have eye-catching designs and can be rinsed clean and reused.

Ziploc Reusable Accessory Bag Buy: Ziploc Reusable Accessory Bag $10.96

5. Friinder Pen and Pencil Telescopic Holder Stationery Case


For a pencil case that can stand up to extensive use, we like the Friinder Pen and Pencil Telescopic Holder Stationery Case. Made from high-quality PU and corduroy, the pencil case can be folded down to reveal the contents while still standing vertically. Large enough to store several pens, pencils and other office essentials, the Friinder makes it easy to keep items organized thanks to its interior pockets. Available in several color combinations, the case holds up to 30 pens at once without taking up much space.

Friinder Pen and Pencil Telescopic Holder Stationery Case Buy: Friinder Pen and Pencil Telescopic Holder Stationery Case $7.99

6. Homecube Pencil Case


If you gotta keep ‘em separated (pens and pencils, obviously), the Homecube Pencil Case is a great option. Big enough to handle a student’s school accessories and discrete enough to fit into any office, the Homecube has a large, zippered opening, a clapboard with elastic for pens, a mesh pocket, a Velcro pocket and a large divider flap. The Oxford fabric is available in several colors and can hold up to 60 pens at once. Take that, dude in the next cubicle who keeps stealing our pens.

Homecube Pencil Case Buy: Homecube Pencil Case $13.99

7. Herschel Settlement Pencil Case


For teens (and some adults) who are too cool for a pencil case, but still need a pencil case, there’s the Herschel Settlement Pencil Case. Available in Extra Small and Classic size and in several solid and patterned designs, the case is lined with Herschel’s signature red and white striped design. The high-quality case has a durable zipper and a convenient carrying handle. Large enough to carry school supplies as well as tech accessories, students can match their pencil case to their Herschel backpack. Is matching still cool? We think so.

Herschel Settlement Pencil Case Buy: Herschel Settlement Pencil Case $21.99

8. BTSKY Deluxe PU Leather Pencil Case For Colored Pencils


Budding artists who need a place to store their massive collection of colored pencils will like the PU leather pencil case from BTSKY. Available in several solid and patterned designs, the case comes with a detachable carrying handle and three fully zippered closures for security. The pencil case opens flat to make it easy for users to flip through the dividers and see their 124 colored pencils, which are held in place with wide elastic holders. Three larger slots are also included for erasers and the case holds most traditional pencils.

BTSKY Deluxe PU Leather Pencil Case For Colored Pencils Buy: BTSKY Deluxe PU Leather Pencil Case For Colored Pencils $16.99

9. Pen + Gear Solid Polyester Binder Pouch Pencil Case


If you are a PPCM aka a Perpetual Pencil Case Misplacer, the Pen + Gear Solid Polyester Binder Pouch Pencil Case is about to be your new favorite item. The zippered case has a large, clear window that allows users to see the items inside. Secure the case into any three-ring binder using the three reinforced rings that run along the edge of the case. The lightweight case is a great budget buy and makes it simple for customers to buy one case per binder if necessary.

Pen + Gear Solid Polyester Binder Pouch Pencil Case Buy: Pen + Gear Solid Polyester Binder Pouch Pencil Case $0.97

9. Sterilite Pencil Box


Organize small items at home or give school accessories some added protection in a backpack with a hard case from Sterilite. Available in several translucent colors, kids can see inside the case without opening it to know whether their favorite pencil (it’s a thing) is safely inside. The hinged connector allows for flat opening and a snap closure keeps contents secure. We also like that the lids are indexed to create a secure stacking option.

Sterilite Pencil Box Buy: Sterilite Pencil Box $1.19

10. ZIPIT Unicorn Pencil Case


If your kids want a pencil case that doubles as their new favorite toy, we like the fun design of the Unicorn Pencil Case from Zipit. The googly-eyed unicorn comes in pink, purple, and teal and includes some unicorn fur. The diagonal opening puts a fun twist on the case and the interior can hold up to 30 pencils. When germs start to pile up, the durable polyester pouch can be machine washed.

ZIPIT Unicorn Pencil Case Buy: ZIPIT Unicorn Pencil Case $9.99

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