TCGAMES Pokémon Trading Card Binder


The Pokémon paper card game isn’t one I hear too much about these days, but I know fans young and old alike are still out there playing it tons. And for those people, I recommend this zippered card collection binder from TCGAMES.

Inside the thick padded PU leather cover you’ll find 55 double-sided pages with enough slots to hold and organize up to 440 of your favorite cards (just not the jumbo-sized ones) for easy portability and trading. Pages can be added or removed as needed thanks to the three-ring binder system, so there’s room for your collection (or your kid’s collection) to grow.


They’ve got a few Pokéball-esque designs to choose from, each of which costs $19 and represents different sets of Pokémon:

They also offer a 720-card version in case you plan on doing some serious trading.

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