Strengthen Your Resolve

I used to be a quitter.

I don’t usually share that part of my life because it’s not something I am proud of, but it’s the truth.



Back in college, when I pledged to be in a sorority, I ended up quitting during pledge week. I thought protecting my trusted binder from frat boys who were trying to steal it to make me look foolish was the dumbest thing, and I didn’t have time for it. I quit. The guys who lived on my dorm floor sang, “Sorority Girl Dropout” (to the tune of “Beauty School Dropout” from Grease) to me. I thought it was hysterical and didn’t question my decision to drop out.

Years later, I quit the Police Academy. Unlike the apathetic attitude I had about being a sorority girl dropout, I regretted this decision for years. I made it lightly, based on how I was feeling at a particular moment, and it changed the trajectory of my career. I didn’t like running, the other two girls in my class had dropped out, and other, unrelated life circumstances made quitting the easy choice.

Since then, I’ve changed. Quitting has become something I despise. I want to be a grower, a cultivator, and a person who is known for her resolve.


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