Special Education Teacher Desk Tour

Do you like to see the inside of teacher desks? I am an incredibly nosey person, so I love to see the inside of drawers, cabinets, and desks. It is so interesting to me to see what teachers keep inside their desks at school. If you’re as nosey as me, you are going to love this special education teacher desk tour.

top of my special education teacher desk
This is a look at the top of my desk. I keep all my supplies, IEP planner, and clipboard on my desk all the time.

Top of my Teacher Desk

First, let’s take a look at the top of my desk. Let’s be honest, this is the cleanest it has ever been and probably ever will be. But what is pictured is always the base of what’s on it. I always keep all my supplies- pens, sharpies, stapler, tape, etc. in organizers for easy access. I also keep my IEP planner and my clipboard on my desk. You can find the IEP planner I use here. On my clipboard, I keep any paperwork I need to complete, a notes page, and any other notes or paperwork I need to attend to. I also keep an organizer on my desk as well. The picture below gives you a good look of how I use it.

desk organizer to keep papers and folders in order
I keep this organizer on my desk to keep the millions of papers and folders that pile up on my desk somewhat organized until I can get to it all.

This Dollar Tree organizer saves my sanity when it comes to the endless paperwork, folders, activities, notes, and much more that gets piled up on my desk every day. My desk typically becomes the dumping ground for all the stuff my staff and I accumulate throughout the day. I feel stressed when my desk is a mess, just ask my paras, so this organizer saves me some stress!

computer desk
Next up is my computer desk. I have my computer, printer, laminator, Astrobrights, and shredder stored in this space.

Computer Desk

This tower desk is where I have my computer, printer, laminator, shredder, Astrobrights, phone, and pencil sharpener. I love this desk because it doesn’t take up a ton of space and it holds a lot of my stuff. All my Smartboard connections are also right behind this desk. I also keep post it notes and an extra timer on this part of my desk for quick access if I need it. There are a few hooks behind this desk that I keep a sweater, rain jacket, my car keys, my lunch bag, and any other items I need hung up out of the way.

shelf next to my teacher desk
This shelf sits right next to my desk. I keep my important binders and my bags here.

Shelf and Organizer

I have a shelf that sits right next to my desk to block it off from the student cubbies. I keep all my important binders here as well as my bags and an extra pair of shoes just in case. I find myself bringing 3-4 bags to work every day, so a shelf where I can store them all is the most efficient, space saving place for them. I also have a drawer organizer next to the shelf that holds lots of my prep materials.

top drawer of my teacher desk
This is the top drawer of the inside of my desk. It looks a little crazy, but this is actually pretty organized!

Top Drawer of my Teacher Desk

Okay, now for the fun part- the inside of my special education teacher desk. I got this organizer at Target years ago, and it has helped me keep my desk organizer. You can find a similar option here (affiliate link.) In the top drawer I keep:

  • pens
  • pencils
  • staples
  • rubber bands
  • binder clips
  • magnets
  • hand sanitizer
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • stain pen
  • snacks
  • click counters
  • timers
  • door stop
  • lip balm
middle drawer of my teacher desk
Here is a look at the middle drawer of my special education teacher desk.

Middle Drawer

Let’s take a look in the middle drawer of my desk. In this drawer I have:

  • sticky notes
  • tape
  • sharpies
  • extra pens
  • a brush
  • deodorant
  • dry shampoo (not pictured because I ran out)
  • ibuprofen
  • allergy medicine
  • white out
  • hole punch
  • outlet covers
  • batteries
  • chip clips
  • thank you cards
bottom drawer of my teacher desk
The bottom drawer of my desk holds extra ink, a tote bag, a lint roller, and more.

Bottom Drawer

The bottom drawer of my desk is much deeper than my first two drawers, so I keep more of my bulk items and extras in there. In this drawer I keep:

  • extra ink
  • masks
  • extra tote bag
  • lint roller
  • envelopes
  • eraser sheets
  • extra supplies

I hope my special education teacher desk tour was helpful and maybe a little entertaining for my fellow nosey teachers! What do you keep in your teacher desk? Share in the comments! If you want to see a tour of the rest of my classroom, check out my blog post here!

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