Slightly Obsessed with Recipes

I have a mild obsession with recipes and everything about them. I love reading recipes, collecting recipes, and buying too many cookbooks and cooking magazines. Not sure if it’s the combination of my love for food and cooking or the beautiful publications themselves but I just can’t get enough and often have to cut myself off from cookbook purchasing. Yes, I know there are tons of recipes on the internet and I do happen to have an extensive recipe pinterest board but there is something special about a paper recipe, especially one that your mom wrote out that’s covered in flour and mystery spots. After I’ve gone through a new cooking magazine umpteen times I finally bite the bullet and pull out the recipes I want to keep and eventually try. I file them in plastic sleeves in a giant categorized binder and once I’ve tried and approved a recipe I place a little sticker on it along with my comments. If the recipe doesn’t cut it, it gets pulled out and off it goes into the recycling bin. Below is a picture of my saved recipes from magazines, I just happen to be turning to the lamb section. :)

One thing I’ve never done is try every single recipe in a magazine or cookbook. Now I realize this has been done and done very well in Julie and Julia but this is by no means close to the amount of recipes or complexity of the recipes in that movie. I own the Joy of Cooking cookbooks and oh my lanta they read like a novel; brilliant but time consuming to say the least. I don’t have time to even begin a project such as that but I do have the time to make my way through a cooking magazine trying out the recipes. The magazine that I chose is a Farm to Table – Taste of Home with 128 fresh recipes. It has a variety of things to try and promises sizzlin’ dinners, salsa 6 ways, summy salads, and fruity ice pops! What have I got to lose? As I make my way through I’ll keep ya’ll up to date on the trials and tribulations as well as share some of my favs. Happy Cooking and to all my fellow recipe lovers, keep on a saving!

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