Savory Spiced Walnut & Tahini Energy Bites

I love creating savory snacks for my little toddler that are healthy, full of good fats, tasty, and easy to pack into a lunchbox or snack pack for on the go nourishment. We love the traditional nut and date balls that I make but I wanted to create something less sweet that packed a good punch in the flavor department. I think it’s really important to get my girl’s taste buds used to savory flavors more so than sweet flavors and while there’s nothing wrong with sweet treats on occasion, I like having savory options be our go-to on the regular. These savory nut balls fit the bill. They’re easy to whip up in our food processor and one batch will last two weeks in the fridge. Though I’m sure you’ll go through these before the two weeks are up! I love the spice combination in these and for fun I sprinkled ours with some local hemp seeds (local folks you can purchase local hemp seeds from Queen of Hearts) Though I’ll admit that Pepper, my little toddler, picked all the hemp seeds off of her balls before eating so feel free to leave them out completely. Honestly, these don’t need the “topping” they’re perfect as is.

The dough for these is a little more dry than traditional nut and date balls (the dates always act as a nice sticky binder) but since we’re forgoing the dates in these they’re a little more dry when you first start working the dough. Be patient, it comes together!

Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy these as much as we do. They’re a great snack for toddlers and adults alike. Happy snacking everyone!


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