Right now you can stock-up on Ticonderoga Pencils over on Amazon ~ great price, shipped right to your door!

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Remember that pricing on Amazon is subject to change at any time.

Amazon just dropped the price on this 96-pack of Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils (96 ct) to under $10 ~ that's like paying $.99 per box to have them delivered to your door!

That's a great deal on everyone’s favorite pencil!

 Plus, check out these other great deals:

Paper Mate 12-Count Flair Felt Tip Pens – Under $12

Sharpie 24-Pack Fine-Point Color Burst Permanent Markers – Under $11.05

Dixon No. 2 Pencilss (144 ct) – Under $11

Expo Chisel Tip 16-Pack Dry Erase Markers – Under $12

Expo Ultra Fine Tip 8-Pack Dry Erase Markers – Under $6

Paper Mate 12 Count Large Pink Pearl Erasers – Under $6

Elmer’s Liquid School Glue Pack of 12 – Under $16

Elmer's Washable Glue Sticks, Pack of 60 – Under $13

Elmer’s Washable All-Purpose School Glue Sticks, Pack of 30 – Under $7

Avery 8-Tab Binder Dividers (6 ct) – Under $10

Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors 2-Pack – Under $9

Westcott School Scissor Caddy and 24 Kids Scissors – Under $21

Westcott All Purpose Value Scissors (3 pk) – Under $5

Westcott 8″ Titanium Non-Stick Straight Scissors 3-Pack – Under $11

Expo Dry Erase Markers (8 ct) – Under $8

Watercolor Brush Pens Set of 21 – Under $26

Expo 2-in-1 Dry Erase Markers 4-Count – Under $7.65

Expo Fine Point Dry Erase Markers (12 ct) – Under $9

Sharpie Liquid Highlighters 10-Pack – Around $9

BIC Round Stic Xtra Life 144-Count Ball Point Stick Pens – Under $12

BIC 60-Count Xtra Life Ball Pens – Under $5

Fiskars Titanium 8-Inch Softgrip Scissors 3-Pack – Under $15 (under $5 per pair)

BIC 24-Count Xtra Precision Mechanical Pencils – Under $5

Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils (72 ct) – Under $10

Sharpie Metallic 12-Count Permanent Markers – Under $15

Expo Low-Odor 12-Count Fine Point Dry Erase Markers – Under $9


Expo Chisel Tip Low-Odor 12-Pack Dry Erase Markers – Under $10

Expo Original Chisel Tip Assorted Colors Dry Erase Markers – Under $10.15

Expo Low-Odor 6-Piece Chisel Tip Dry Erase Set – Under $7

BIC Brite Liner Grip Highlighter 12-Count – Under $8

Smart Color Art 100 Colors Gel Pens Set – Under $17

Crayola My First Safety Scissors 3-Pack – Under $4

Pack of 10 Mini Bright Books – Under $9

Elmer’s 24-Count Extra Strength Glue Sticks – Under $13

Sharpie 12-Pack Chisel Tip Pocket Style Highlighters – Under $5

Sharpie 36-Count Fine Point Black Permanent Markers – Under $22


Sharpie 12-Pack Assorted Colors Fine Point Permanent Markers – Under $8

Sargent Art Big Pink Erasers 36 ct – Under $13

 AmazonBasics #2 HB Pencils 96 ct – Under $8 or 144 ct – Under $10

12-pack of Sharpie Accent Highlighters – Under $6

Mr. Sketch 10-Count Stix Scented Fine Tip Markers – Under $5.50

Amazon just dropped the price on this 96-pack of Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils (96 ct) to under $10

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