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This plant based diet meal plan is full of healthy, gluten free and vegan recipes for you. Many of them use shelf stable pantry foods! Making these recipes will give you delicious replacements for dairy, eggs, gluten, and refined sugar.

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Alright my friends, I asked, you responded. The time for more plant based recipes with shelf stable items is NOW! I’ll also be showing you a few ways you can substitute meat/dairy with REAL FOOD. I promise, you will not even know that dairy and meat are missing from this meal plan. So take notes, try it out, and report back. Mmm k? Let’s begin! Note – Printable PDF of recipes and grocery list is at the bottom of the post.
Gluten Free & Vegan meal plan
For all of us, but especially those on a vegan diet, good sources of protein and dairy are very important.

GREAT NEWS! Bob’s Red Mill has plenty of shelf table products that help to boost protein and replace dairy products.

Pea protein – This protein comes from yellow split peas. Originally introduced to address people’s concerns about the genetic modification of soy, its popularity continues to grow. It’s very easy to digest, too. As a result, it’s a great option for those with gut issues. Nutritional Yeast – This cheesy tasting yeast has no leavening ability, so forget about making bread with it. Instead, it makes a delicious non-dairy replacement for cheese, especially in sauces. Many people who have trouble digesting fermented foods are able to use nutritional yeast without any issues. Also, it’s gluten free and sugar free! Garbanzo Bean Flour – Also known as chickpea flour, this flour should be a staple of any gluten free, vegan, or plant based diet meal plan. It’s made by harvesting and grinding raw chickpeas that have dried on the vine. Flaxseed – This nutritional powerhouse is full of protein, healthy Omega 3 fats, and both soluble and insoluble fiber. It’s a low carb alternative to flour, adding a nutritional boost to everything and anything you add it to! Chia Seeds -These tiny, protein packed black (also available in white) seeds have been around since Aztec times. Just like flax, chia seeds are also a good source of fiber and protein. Psyllium Powder – Psyllium is a flowering herb that is high in soluble fiber. It’s probably best known to help aid in digestion, but for someone on a vegan or plant based diet meal plan, psyllium powder makes the perfect egg replacer. Egg Replacer – If you need a little help preparing an egg replacer, Bob’s Red Mill makes one that’s conveniently ready to use. Hemp protein –  Hemp Protein Powder dissolves easily and has a mild taste. It’s rich in protein, fiber, and is keto friendly.

Real food ingredients to help replace dairy, eggs, and meat Canned coconut cream (dairy & cream sub) Cashews (dairy sub) Coconut milk or almond milk Maple syrup (vegan syrup sweetener) Tempeh (gluten free) – meat sub + rich in iron, fiber, protein Mushroom – meat substitute Cauliflower – dairy & grain sub Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds – Rich in zinc and protein. Binder for foods like meatless patties or burgers, bars, snacks, etc.

Vegan plant based diet meal plan
You can mix and match the plant based diet meal plan options below to suit your tastes. The Bob’s Red Mill products you’ll need to make them are in parentheses after the title. To grab the recipe for your favorites, just click on the link(s).

For FULL LIST OF RECIPES ready to print, click HERE.

Matcha overnight chia oatmeal smoothie –
An energizing, make ahead smoothie packed with antioxidants, fiber, and probiotics! Just blend it up the night before and enjoy the next morning. The chia and oat combination help to thicken the smoothie and boost protein without any dairy! 
Smoothie with Bob’s Red Mill protein powder or overnight protein oats – (oats/protein oats)
For those times you want a grab and go breakfast, a protein packed smoothie does the trick! I also love using this vegan protein and fiber booster in smoothies! Rich in iron and omegas. 
Chickpea pancakes (made with chickpea flour) or oatmeal crepes –
Raise your hand if you love pancakes or crepes for weekend brunch! These are tastier and healthier than anything you can order at a restaurant. You’ll never guess there are no eggs to create the fluffy goodness!

Vegan sub – Chickpea flour and Applesauce in place of butter and eggs.
Homemade granola with coconut yogurt.
This granola is made from chia and buckwheat groats, which is rich in B Vitamins – great for vegetarians! 

Grain free naan bread wrap with BBQ tempeh –
If you’ve never tried fried tempeh, THIS is the delicious meal to take the plunge with. You’ll want to drink the bbq sauce through a straw! Tempeh is rich in fiber, plant based protein, and b Vitamin. We’re also using Bob’s Red Mill Cassava flour for the naan bread! It’s such an easy recipe that’s gluten free and grain free! 
Vegan BBQ quinoa salad – 
Take your quinoa salad to the next level by pairing it with plant based protein and lip smacking barbecue sauce.
Avocado pea soup
This pea soup is full of healthy prebiotics, fresh spring veggies, tons of flavor, and plenty of nourishment. You can enjoy it warm or chilled, so it’s perfect any time of the year.

Vegan sub – Chilled coconut cream/milk versus cream and yogurt.

Plant based diet meal plan DINNERS –
Curried cauliflower chickpea bake
There are only 5 simple ingredients in this cauliflower casserole, but the flavor combination is out of this world delicious! It’s a hearty dinner that’s full of protein and fiber. Plus, it’s gluten free, and there’s a lower carb option, too.

Vegan sub – Chickpea and Nutritional Yeast, versus meat and cheese.
Mushroom soup –
This is NOT your mama’s condensed soup. It’s rich in nutrients and oh-so-creamy! The vegan version uses coconut cream (thickened) in place of dairy. We’re also using arrowroot starch to help thicken this plant based soup. 
Creamy mushroom millet risotto –
Mushroom lovers unite! This creamy risotto has tons of protein and fiber, so it will fill you up, but with GOOD carbs and energy.

Vegan Sub – Nutritional Yeast in place of parmesan!
Sweet potato cauliflower patties  –
If you’ve been on a low carb plant based diet (or a vegan diet for that matter) for a while, you know that cauliflower is the all-purpose veggie. These patties do NOT disappoint! 

BONUS MEAL PREP/FREEZER FRIENDLY RECIPE – My Go to Grain free and Beanless Veggie Burgers

Vegan Sub – Flaxseed or Egg replacer versus Egg


A meal isn’t complete without a little something sweet, right? RIGHT!
Chocolate pistachio protein bites –
Antioxidant rich cocoa, protein packed pistachios and chocolate pea protein come together in portable deliciousness!

Vegan sub – Chocolate pea protein in place of whey protein or egg protein!
4-seed homemade healthy crackers –
These healthy crackers are my new favorite snack. They’re especially delicious with a schmear of hummus!

Chia seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds all take the stage boosting protein, fiber, minerals, and more! 
Nut free apricot chocolate bars –
These no bake protein bars are easy to make with turkish apricots, gluten free oats, protein, and seeds. The perfect nutritious protein packed snack or breakfast to go!

Vegan sub – Plant based Protein (pea protein or hemp protein), flaxseed, chia seed. This is a great substitute for eggs and boosts protein, minerals, and fiber. 

Bob’s Red Mill vegan products to add to your grocery list!

Dairy/Protein Substitutes  Pea protein Hemp protein Nutritional Yeast Garbanzo flour (A great protein rich flour for baking and making sauces for casseroles) Gluten free and vegan flours and whole grains Plant based grains for iron, B vitamins, and protein (rolled oats, buckwheat, quinoa, millet) – Organic raw buckwheat groats Classic oatmeal cups Cassava flour Gluten free 1:1 baking flour Arrowroot starch or tapioca to thicken non dairy creamy soups – Quinoa flour Vegan baking and egg replacement Flaxseed Psyllium powder Chia seed Egg replacer
Unrefined Sugars (Vegan)
Coconut sugar (refined sugar substitute) Date sugar

If you have questions about vegan substitutes and plant based pantry staples, then please feel free to comment below or join our private meal plan FACEBOOK GROUP. We are here for ya!

Cheers and have a DELICIOUS week!

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