New Special Education Teachers: Ultimate Guide

Ultimate guide for new special education teachers! Here are the best blog posts to help guide you and create confidence on your journey!

Are you a new special education teacher? You are going to want to keep reading! I’ve rounded up my best blog posts to help guide you! I will tell you where to look for jobs, what kinds of interview questions to prepare for and more!

Where to Look for a Special Education Job

Looking for a job in special education can be a daunting task depending where you live. Check out the above post to get an idea of the best places to look. Do you need reminders of what they will want to see on your job application? Grab the FREE APPLICATION CHECKLIST!

Special Education Resume Tips

Applying for your first job may seem daunting. Throw in the fact that you want to write a perfect resume that will stand out above the crowd, and you may feel somewhat overwhelmed. Grab these resume tips from SSE blogger, Kate (a high school self-contained teacher).

How to Prep for a Special Education Interview

Want to prep with a family member or friend and do a mock interview? Grab this list of 101 interview questions to use!

5 Tips to Rock Your Interview and GET HIRED!

Interviewing for a position in special education can be intimidating, especially when it is your first interview. I have learned some tips over the years that I share in the above blog post. Any interview questions? Comment below!

8 Pinterest Boards for New Special Education Teachers

If you are a new special education teacher, I am here to let you in on a little secret! (PINTEREST is a search engine! Yes- that’s right) Your two new best friends will now be Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest! If you have for some reason not heard of either of these, it’s time to create accounts ASAP!

Simple Self-Contained Setup 101

With Simple Self-Contained Setup 101, you say goodbye to that uneasy and apprehensive new teacher who dreads the daunting classroom setup and back-to-school prep process! You will instead be CONFIDENT and EAGER to take on anything that comes your way with rock-solid plans and systems in place from day 1! I won’t let you make the same mistakes that I did!

8 Special Education Sample Schedules

Scheduling is one of the nightmares..oops I mean fun parts of a special educator’s job.

How to Implement a Paraprofessional Binder

Managing a team is probably one of the most unexpected duties of a special education teacher. My first year teaching I remember thinking, no one in college ever told me this would be such a big part of the job! Making schedules and managing adults is a HUGE part of our job as special educators and it’s important to build a strong team to have a successful year. Implementing a paraprofessional or support staff binder in your classroom can be super helpful!

Favorite Special Education Podcasts

Anyone else dislike the radio commercials and talk radio? If you have a longer commute to your new job, take a look at some recommended podcasts!

5 Must Haves for a Successful Special Education Classroom

Are you a new teacher? Do you want to know how to have a successful classroom as soon as possible? Keep reading!

5 Mistakes New Teachers Make

I share the BIGGEST mistakes that I made as a new self-contained special education teacher (and tips for what to do instead!) Let me help you be over-prepared when you step into your classroom next year!

Back to School Night in Special Education

Most special educators find this night to be a great opportunity to spend valuable time with each family. This helps to really understand their needs and goals for their student. Being a special education teacher means that you have a more consistent group of parents and/or guardians compared to general education counterparts.

Ultimate guide for new special education teachers! Here are the best blog posts to help guide you and create confidence on your journey!

All About Visual Schedules

Visuals will be your new BESTIE as a special education teacher! Get to know them well!

How to Organize Your Task Box System

Whether you’re a teacher, like me, who has been teaching for a while and collected TONS of task boxes, or a new teacher who is just starting their task box collection, we can all use some tips on how to organize them!

5 Tips for Your First IEP Meeting

After leading many IEP meetings throughout my teaching career, I can honestly say that my first and last IEP meetings were completely different- in a good way! I have 5 tips to help you lead your very first IEP meeting with CONFIDENCE

Ultimate guide for new special education teachers! Here are the best blog posts to help guide you and create confidence on your journey!

Which post above did you find the most helpful?

Good luck in beginning your career as a special education teacher! I am here to help!

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