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Home office design has become as popular as kitchen and dining room renovation and comfort, efficiency, and style are necessary components. When a home office is used by more than one person, it can be challenging for each user to have the space they need to make work more enjoyable and organized.
Experience increased productivity in a custom home office designed for two
Tailored Living® has been designing and installing custom home offices for years, creating everything from small corner offices in bedrooms to large office/boardroom combinations. In some instances, the home office will have more than one user at the same time. In other circumstances, the space may accommodate only one person at a time but still be shared space. For example: Dad’s office during the day becomes mom’s space at night for household accounting, personal emailing, or writing. With two at-home breadwinners, multiple workstations in one home office may be needed the entire day. Daytime office space may transition into homework space in the evenings. Whatever is needed, Tailored Living design experts can help you maximize your home office space and design a beautiful, functional custom home office so all the users will feel confident. Individual home office design may vary, but the goal is a space that you enjoy being in that is both inspiring as well as practical. Two workstations, side by side When a home office serves as the main office for two people at the same time, creating equal space is important. Two complete workstations give each user the space they need to work efficiently and comfortably, without crowding each other.
Separate workstations allow each person to work independently in complete comfort
Two desk-top workstations allow for multiple users at the same, but in separate space for working in privacy. Drawers and overhead cabinets allow for independent storage of work necessities without co-mingling supplies or work styles, i.e., the piler versus the filer. Plenty of natural light and/or secondary lighting ensures visibility and comfort for each, with no one working in a dark corner. Informal office space without walls A loft is the perfect spot for an “open” home office where workspace for several people at the same time is possible. This casual office space does not have the need for the seclusion of an enclosed room. It’s ideal for a family computer that everyone uses, homework stations for the kids, gift wrapping, and doing crafts or hobbies.
Maximize living space with a creative corner where everyone can work or play
One long work countertop can accommodate multiple chairs at the same time and, depending on the project, one can use a little or a lot of the communal desk space. Overhead cabinets keep would-be clutter behind closed doors, so the desktop stays clear for the next user. Giving each person a cabinet for their own use means each user can quickly locate what they need for their particular activity. A formal office for one or more If your home office serves as a company face, you’ll want an extra level of professionalism in the design. A conference table may be a requirement along with a secondary workstation for meetings and collaborations. This office can also become more family-centered after hours, where kids can do projects and homework away from the lure of TV in the family room.
An elegant formal home office meets all the needs of professional presentation when there’s serious work to be done
Wood cabinets create a formal office with all the ambiance of a professional business. The many drawers and cabinets can easily conceal unsightly office equipment and electronics as well as the “other use” paraphernalia like kids’ notebooks, school supplies, or craft supplies. Our wide range of cabinetry styles, colors and finishes means you can match your home’s style and décor effortlessly. The drop-in home office Some home offices may not be used every day; in fact, they may be used only occasionally but still require functionality and convenience when the need arises. Converting unused hallway space into a small home office provides ample desktop space for anyone in the family to set up a laptop, read, write a letter, draw a picture, or do a little homework.
A small space can be converted to a highly functional home office with custom design from Tailored Living
Enclosed cabinets provide storage space for office supplies and other storage to avoid clutter. A long countertop provides space for one or more users at the same time. It’s a relaxing spot to pay bills, organize favorite recipes, or contemplate life with a cup of coffee. Office accessories to organize everything Enough workspace is only one element of an efficient home office; you also need to organize everything you use for your job or the other uses of the office space. Office accessories will eliminate clutter and allow each person to customize their own storage to what works best for them.
Office accessories create efficient storage to accommodate different work styles and preferences
Cabinets can hide big items and capture vertical space for storage to keep countertops clear of clutter. Drawers can hold files and supplies, with custom dividers to organize small items and keep everything neat and tidy. Slatwall panels turn wall space into storage for keeping necessary tools close at hand without cluttering up the desktop. Make your home office a beautiful space Work is messy, there’s no doubt about it, especially in a shared space. Custom home office design will allow you to incorporate beauty and functionality into the space where you spend so much time. Efficient storage solutions will allow you to work efficiently and then clear the clutter when the workday is done.
Your home office can be as beautiful and stylish as the rest of your home and fully functional at the same time
Here are some additional tips for making a shared home office feel more like home: Everyone should have a chair they feel comfortable working in, even if they don’t match. Let each user enhance their space with items that lift their spirits such as family pictures, framed art, favorite coffee mugs. Temperature can make or break the workday. In a shared space try to find a comfortable setting or use individual fans and space heaters. If music styles differ or one likes silence, headphones can keep listening pleasure contained. Use task lamps as needed when there’s not enough ambient light. Respect each other’s space and don’t keep hiding his Star Wars figurines or her lavender potpourri. If you’re challenged with finding space for a home office or making a shared home office more efficient, call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to to find a designer near you. We can help with a custom home office design that will enable you to work more efficiently, integrating comfort and convenience while maximizing the space you have. As whole home organization specialists, we can also provide innovative storage solutions for other areas of your home, including custom closet storage systems, pantry and laundry room design, Murphy Beds, entryway enhancement, garage storage cabinets and custom garage flooring.
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