Merlgen’s Home Chic Home: What is modular cabinetry?

WELCOME to Home Chic Home. This is Merlgen Euro Designs’ help corner. M, the resident specialist, will answer questions regarding modular cabinetry and extend solutions to home and office storage and design issues.

Modular cabinets: architects and interior designers recommend it and include it in their designs. The clients will nod to it because it’s what they see and hear about. But, believe it or not, not everyone knows everything about modular cabinets, popular it may be. In a Merlgen-client meeting, the question “What exactly are modular cabinets?” Is always asked.

Here’s a brief Modular Cabinet 101 with M. that can help anyone who wants to know more about the products Merlgen Euro Design offer.

What are modular cabinets?

Modular cabinets are pre-fabricated cabinets with fittings. A group of cabinet units can easily be affixed together in a predetermined interior space, whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom, living, bathroom or even office spaces. With that system, it can easily be installed, and if needed, dismantled and reinstalled.

These cabinets come with “standardized accessories.” That means, the hardware, like drawer sliders, racks, shelves, handles, hydraulic hinges, etc, will easily fit the modules. More importantly, the availability is not a problem.

The cabinet system uses space effectively and maximizes its storage potential, which is what every homemaker wants to keep spaces clutter-free.

Without effort, modular cabinetry can achieve the dream look anyone desires, from modern to traditional. The overall appearance will be streamlined and polished.

How is it different from traditional cabinetry?

Modular cabinet units are cut and assembled in the factory. This allows quick installation onsite with less construction mess, which doesn’t happen with traditional carpentry.

In terms of quality, you are assured that it’s consistent with modular cabinets because each component comes in standard finishes and are cut with precision using computer-aided technology allowing for a perfect fit when assembled.

What is it made of?

There is a wide array of materials that can be used for modular cabinets from natural to man-made. At Merlgen, choices vary from solid oak wood imported from Canada, medium density fiberboard (or MDF, an engineered wood made by breaking down natural wood into fibers, mixed with a binder and formed into panels by applying high temperature and pressure) and marine plywood.

The cabinet faces or finishes come in laminated acrylic and UV (Ultraviolet curing, or photopolymerization, is when specialized coatings are exposed to UV light to cure). It gives the cabinets a uniform color and a matte or glossy look.

For countertops, Merlgen highly recommends quartz because of its look (it can mimic natural marble and granite), it’s ultra-durable, easy to maintain and very affordable.

Depending on one’s budget, personal style and needs, Merlgen can customize the cabinet requirements of the clients.

For the hardware and fittings, the lasting power of stainless steel is a big plus. Coated fittings are good as long as it’s well maintained.

Can I afford it?

Merlgen will work on your budget. Depending on the material you choose, the quality of work, manufacturing and final product will not be compromised. All designs will be fed into the computer and fabrication will still be done by computer-aided machinery.

What about its maintenance?

Just like any storage space, regular cleaning is recommended. For modular cabinets, all you need is a soft cloth and homemade cleaning solution (or any mild commercial cleaning agent). It’s a worry-free task.

Just in case a module is damaged, remember that components are cut piece by piece, so it’s easy to replace a door or a shelf and not the entire cabinet.

Was M helpful?

Now that you know about the materials and maintenance, it is easier to attain that home chic home-look you are aiming for. Remember that modular cabinetry is a wise space utilizer to any area of the home and a brilliant solution to storage issues that can keep your spaces spick and span. That’s clutter-free living for you to enjoy.

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