Meal Planning And Prepping Mondays

I have always been a meal planner. Not so much a meal prepper. But lately, I have found doing a small amount of prepping on Mondays makes things easier and healthier for the rest of the week. I am old school, I suppose. No fancy spreadsheets here. I just look through my binder and online, choose a few recipes for the week, make sure we have the ingredients and handwrite a simple menu. I try to find a simple breakfast, lunch, and snack to have on hand for the week. This particular week I prepped a delicious baked oatmeal for breakfasts, a simple summer vegetable soup for lunches, and some healthy but amazingly delicious chocolate muffins for snacks. I take a few hours on Monday morning to prep and clean up, and then we are set to go. And then I sit down for a sample or two. :)

To see the recipes for these, just click on the links below.

Have a cozy Monday, my friends.
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