Last Week of School 2021-22

N.B. Very few pictures because RCA does not allow parents to post pics of other students--and almost all pictures are group shots!

What a lovely final week of school!

Last weekend, we enjoyed hosting family friends who had moved out of state last year and were back for a visit, followed by Margaret's spring voice recital (her first).

Monday marked the last day of any academic work at Regina Caeli Academy, the homeschool hybrid program we participated in this year. That was also the day I attended the Lower School Virtue Awards and the school Science Fair (John did a really cool mathematical proofing of Rubiks Cubes.)

After two years of not filing any school papers (being a little bit busy saving our son's life!), my unorganized piles of paper were bursting, so I used Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday as Teacher Work Days to organize. Each year, each child gets a binder of their tests and work worth saving. The rest of the papers get thrown away. Textbooks get moved back from the children's desks to my homeschool library. This paves the way to begin lesson planning for the subsequent year!

This was also a week in which six-year-old Thomas wore an ambulatory blood pressure monitor for 24 hours (necessitating my making two trips to the hospital clinic) because maybe, just maybe, he no longer has hypertension and can discontinue an entire medication!

Also, the jig is up for our naughty puppies because we hired a dog trainer to teach us how to be leaders of our pack. It's not the dogs' fault that we don't speak their language, leaving them thinking they are much higher up in the pack than they are. After our first three-hour session and our changing some body language and behaviors, and our learning how to growl, I can truly tell that the dogs understand us. They are behaving differently (better) and it's just wonderful. We have a lot of work to do, but I have hope.

Thursday was the final meeting day at RCA. The children had a May Crowning, the Upper School Virtue Awards, and then Field Day, the latter of which both Chris and I volunteered for. There was also a sale of RCA books and used uniforms in which I participated. After a ceremony at the end of the day and year books being passed out, everyone was dismissed. 

We arrived home to the children's report cards having been sent to us electronically . . . and our kids' grades were something they should be truly proud of!

On Friday, the children attended another May Crowning and Ice Cream Social at our home parish. This coming weekend will involve three high-school graduations around town and then plans to open our swimming pool on Sunday afternoon.

I'd say that's all just about perfect for this side of heaven.

Academic Year 2022-23, here we come!

Rising Kindergartener
Rising 2nd Grader
Rising 4th Grader
Rising 6th Grader
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Rising 10th Grader

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