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This free bug book printable is a wonderful way to keep track of what they see and learn.  Just like our other kids’ science activities, this bug activity is a quick prep, engaging afternoon project.

Getting Ready

Assembling the free bug book was quick and easy!

I printed the pages on regular copy paper (HERE) and grabbed a pencil, crayons, clipboard and stapler.

Bug Book Activity

To begin the bug book activity, my students cut around the pages, being careful not to cut off the tabs.

They colored each tab a different color.

We clipped the pages to a clipboard and grabbed a pencil.  We decided not to assemble the book just yet, as it would be easier for the students to record their outside observations on the clipboard.

The second part of the bug activity was about to begin!  We went outside for a bug hunt. Each time they found a new bug, I helped my kids write the name on a side tab: ladybug, beetle, ant…

It was easier to write in all of their observations before assembling the book, so we finished up our record keeping before heading back inside to staple the pages together.

I helped kids fold the cover page in half to make a book. Since the pages were already numbered, we just put them in order inside the cover. Then, I placed three staples vertically aligned on the left side patterned binder edge.

Viola! Our bug book was complete.  The kids had a great time with this bug activity assembling their books and exploring the great outdoors!

More Science Fun

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Insects KindergartenScience LifeScience Summer Spring

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