January Decluttering Challenge The Home Detox Diet

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If youre ready to make a change and get rid of all of that unwanted clutter in your home, start the year off with this January decluttering challenge! This home decluttering detox diet will help to jumpstart all of your decluttering and organization habits and set the tone for an ongoing organization plan!

The Household Organization Diet 2020 officially kicks off on January 1 with my January decluttering challenge The 31 Day Home Detox Diet! Whether you just have a few trouble spots in your home or are completely feeling overwhelmed with all of the clutter, this challenge is for you. Whos ready to make 2020 the best organized year yet?

What is The Household Organization Diet?

The Household Organization Diet is basically a year-long, systematic plan to get every room in your home decluttered, cleaned, and organized. Youll receive monthly to do lists, tutorials and tips to get it all done, and tons of cleaning and organization inspiration! Its designed to help you learn strategies and systems to create your ideal home and {most importantly!} how to keep it up on an ongoing basis. You can read more about it HERE and see last years posts HERE.

What is The 31 Day Home Detox January Decluttering Challenge?

The 31 day detox decluttering challenge is designed to jumpstart your decluttering and organization habits and will help you clear out all of that obvious unwanted and unused stuff that is clogging up your home. For the next month we will be doing aquickrundown of our homes and getting rid of at least 10 items per day {feel free to do as many as you would like!} The idea is to keep it simple and easy to keep up with. We will be going more thoroughly through each room during the year, so this is not the time to be taking onany time consuming projects or major re-organizing. Just 15 minutes per day anywhere you would like.

Inevitably, I always get at least a few comments from readers laughing that they would never be able to do this in 15 minutes per day. While its true that you may not be able to completely declutter and organize the space well actually be doing that later in the year this will hopefully give you a good head start and inspire you to keep going. It feels SO good to start clearing that extra weight out of your home and the benefits you see should encourage you in the year to follow.

What do I need to get started on this decluttering challenge?

All you really need are some garbage bags for trash and recycling and some bins or boxes for items that you will be donating. If youre going to be following the full Household Organization Diet, I also recommend that you get a binder to keep all of the printables in. You can find the title page OVER HERE and the January printables below. This year I will be releasing the WHOLE YEAR of printable calendars and monthly tasks so youll have even more flexibility in designing what works best for you. They should be out mid-January so be sure to follow along!

Lets Get Started!

Free Decluttering Challenge Printables

Before you get started, print out the organization printables below. You can use my pre-done challenge or use the blank plan to create your own areas to declutter. If the daily plan doesnt work for you, spend a little longer once or twice per week and work on a few tasks at a time. Whatever works best for you!


To make yourself more accountable, schedule time in the calendar for the spaces you want to tackle. Dont worry if youre not perfect and please dont let it be an excuse to stop the challenge altogether. When you come across places that need some extra time or if you have ideas for future projects, write them down on the notes sheets for a later date.


Tips for a successful home decluttering challenge.

  1. Remember that this is just a quick decluttering NOT an organization project! We have a whole year of organization ahead of us so dont get burned out now! Remember that it has likely taken you years to accumulate all of your stuff so dont feel bad if it takes you some time to get rid of it!
  2. Get rid of any possible distractions. Put away your phone, turn off notifications, and keep your kiddos busy with something else for 15 minutes {or better yet, get them involved if theyre old enough!}.
  3. Work quickly. Put on a timer and work as quickly as you can for the full time. Dont spend time debating about things that youre not sure about. Instead, target all of those obvious items that you know need to go. There will be more time for other items when we work on the individual rooms.
  4. Stay focused. If you have a lot of decluttering to do, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Just remember its only 15 minutes and it is only one small space. Pull out only what you have time for. You dont want a bigger mess in the end than what you started with!
  5. Have a donate bin {or two!} handy. Trust me. You will probably be making multiple trips down to The Salvation Army this month. Have a bin or tote {and garbage bag!} nearby when you are decluttering to sort out all of your items that you will be getting rid of as you come to them.
  6. Dont let perfection get in the way. Again, this is a quick decluttering. Spend all of your time getting rid of things and we will be coming back to make things look pretty later. Dont think about it too much just get started!!
  7. If you come across items that belong elsewhere when you are decluttering, put them away where they belong!
  8. If you need a little extra motivation to get your going, read this post on tackling procrastinationand this post on conquering your decluttering paralysis to help get your started on your way.

The Home Decluttering Diet Book

For those of you that really want to get your home decluttered and organized, my book, The Home Decluttering Diet, is the perfect companion to the plan! You can find it on Amazon, {plus its currently on SALE!} as well as Barnes and Nobles, Target, and many other online retailers. While the blog is a great place to get inspiration, I really wanted to create a book that had all of my thoughts and organization ideas in one place and would allow my readers to easily keep referring back to the information that they needed to keep them motivated and encouraged. The book is based on the basic idea of The Household Organization,but is filled with additional organization inspiration, strategies, and simple DIY projects. Think of the book as your ultimate organization text book and the blog as your workbook.

Whats the plan for the decluttering challenge?

To help get you started, I have a daily plan set up to cover pretty much every area of your house. Feel free to just use this as a guideline though. You can really pick and choose whatever areas of your home need the most work. For extra cluttered spots, you may want to spend 2 or 3 days going through things and skip some of the other tasks. Its all up to you!

Here is the plan that I will be following for this years decluttering challenge

Day 1: Paperwork.

Do you have a pile of paperwork {or two?} collecting on your kitchen counter or in your home office? Go through bills, receipts, and any other paperwork, tossing {or shredding} what you dont need and sorting whatever is left over into its proper location.

Day 2: Front entry way and coat closet/mudroom.

Donate any coats, shoes, or accessories that you no longer use. If you are short on space, put items that are out of season into storage somewhere else in your home.

Day 3: Purse.

Empty out all garbage and items that you do not use regularly. Sort through any receipts and either put them into paper recycling or file away. Use a small pouch to hold make-up and other essentials that can easily be transferred from purse to purse. Donate any purses that you no longer use or love.

Day 4: Cleaning supplies.

Go through your cleaning supplies {wherever they may be!} and get rid of all of those products that you dont use. Try to use multipurpose cleaners or green cleaning products whenever possible. If you have multiple partially filled bottles of the same product, combine them into one bottle. Toss any old rags or cloths that are at the end of their use.

Day 5:Fridge and Freezer.

Remove all items from that are expired or you know you will not use. Minimize packaging when possible to save space. Find other organization ideas HERE.

Day 6: Pantry and other dry food storage.

Toss all items that are expired and get rid of anything that you know you will not use. Dont forget to go through all of those spices too! Place items that will be expiring soon towards the front of the cupboard.

Day 7: Free for All.

This is your catch up day if you didnt finish any of the above areas. If youre all caught up, pick the most cluttered area in your home and spend a little extra time there.

Day 8: Kitchen Cabinets.

Look for any kitchen items that you do not use or have room for. Ensure that all Tupperware has matching lids and eliminate as many unnecessary kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, and duplicate utensils as you can. You can see how ours are organized HERE.

Day 9: Medicine Cabinet/First Aid Supplies.

Medicine is actually best storedoutsideof the bathroom in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children. Go through all medications and look for items that are expired or that you no longer need. Return expired medications to your local pharmacy for proper disposal. Find more ideas HERE.

Day 10: Dining Area.

Commit to keeping your table clutter free. Find storage solutions for all items that frequently find their way to the table. Donate any dishes, serving ware, or other items that you do not use.

Day 11: Entertainment Area.

Make sure all CDs, DVDs etc are in their proper cases and evaluate what you really will use. Music and videos are so easily accessible through our computers and mobile devices, that your CDs and DVDs may be a thing of the past.

Day 12: Magazines and Books.

Let go of your magazine hoarding and get rid of any outdated editions. Cut out pages that you would like to keep and sort into a filing system. Recycle or donate old books that you will no longer read and sort the rest in a logical order.

Day 13: Junk drawer.

Get rid of everything that is not needed. If you have time, use inexpensive plastic containers to store similar items together. Put items that belong elsewhere away.

Day 14: Free for All.

This is your catch up day if you didnt finish any of the above areas. If you are all caught up, pick the most cluttered area in your home to go through.

Day 15: Desk.

File away any needed paperwork and shred remaining papers. Sort smaller office supplies and only keep products that you use. Get rid of those 2014 calendars!

Day 16: Bathroom cabinets.

Go through all beauty products and keep only what you really use. Do you really need all of those hotel shampoo bottles?

Day 17: Linen closet.

Donate any linens that you no longer use that are still in good condition. Toss any items that are really dingy or have holes.

Day 18: Make-up.

Toss anything that is expired, cracked or no longer your style. Pick your favorites and get rid of those other 10 lipstick tubes that you never wear! To find out more about the recommended shelf-life for various make-up, check out this post on how to organize your makeup.

Day 19: Jewellery.

Sort through all of your jewellery and decide what items you still wear. Donate or toss the rest! If anything you would like to keep needs cleaning or repairs, put them aside to take care of as soon as you can.

Day 20: Bedroom closet.

Sort through all clothing and ask yourself if you would still buy it today. If not, it is time for it to go!

Day 21:Free for All.

This is your catch up day if you didnt finish any of the above areas. If you are all caught up, pick the most cluttered area in your home to go through.

Day 22: Sock and underwear drawer.

Go through all of those socks and underwear. Make sure you have matching socks with no holes and only keep what you still wear.

Day 23: Nightstand.

Clear off table top and sort through drawers keeping only what you would need before bed or during the night.

Day 24: Kids Toys.

This is always a fun one. Sort through toys to see what your kids still use {and have your kids help out on this one if they are old enough}. Check to see that toys have all parts and are in working order before donating or selling. Toss the rest!

Day 25: Kids Closets

Check to see what clothes still fit and donate the old ones or sort them into a labeled storage bin if you are saving them for younger children. You can find more kids closet organization tips HERE.

Day 26: Craft space.

Be ruthless and really evaluate what items you still need and use. Schools will often take extra supplies that you are looking to get rid of.

Day 27: Laundry Room.

Sort through cupboards for any laundry products that are old or not used. Toss any unpaired socks that are hanging around.

Day 28:Free for All.

This is your catch up day if you didnt finish any of the above areas. If youre all caught up, pick the most cluttered area in your home to go through.

Day 29: Basement.

Chances are this is one of the biggest source of clutter. Set a timer and try to get rid of as many items as possible. Use large storage totes to store seasonal items together.

Day 30: Garage.

This one is also a big clutter offender. Again, set a timer and collect as many items as you can that you no longer use or need.

Day 31: Car.

Grab two bags one for garbage and one for anything that needs to go back in the house. Put everything away in its proper place that you bring back into the house.

Get a support team.

The best way to stick with any new plan or habit is to find a support team. Try doing this challenge with all of the members of your household, a friend, or an extended family member. And for even more support and inspiration, follow along with Instagram or Facebook and subscribe to my emails {the sign up is right on the side bar!} so you wont miss a post! There is definitely strength in numbers and I love to hear how things are going for you all! Please email me with any questions you may have or tag me in your social media posts.

Happy Organizing!!

For more information on The Household Organization Diet and to see last years spaces, check out this post HERE.

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