It’s finally done! I am so excited that our new monthly meal planner has just entered our shop!

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Say good-bye to the days of stressing out over meal planning!

Meal planning just got one step easier with our new The Monthly Meal Planner!

Do you get home from grocery shopping and have no idea what meals to make your family? You just spent $200 on what? Snacks, milk, bread and eggs?

We created our monthly meal planner to help take the stress away from meal planning and to help you stop wasting money on food waste.

When you have a plan for your food your wallet will thank you in many ways. You will {hopefully} not impulse buy at the grocery store and not have to run through the drive-thru.

Just print it off and begin!

What is The Monthly Meal Planner?
Our new monthly meal planner is an excellent tool for you to use to get yourself organized and to take control back of your family’s meals. 

It’s a printable and digital binder than you can mix and match pages to make the perfect binder that works for you.

You can head over to our shop to check out our Monthly Meal Planner now. 

Benefits of Monthly Meal Planning?
There are SO many benefits to using the monthly meal planner. As soon an I started using the binder, I saw a huge difference in my grocery bill. I was impulse buying less at the grocery store because it was not in the meal plan that I created before I went shopping. 

With a built-in day to eat leftovers, I have been saving money on food waste.

This 30+ page printable meal planner comes with everything you will need to help you:
Create a meal plan that works for your family Stay on track and motivated with printables that suit you Inventory what you currently have to stay on budget Use your family’s favorite meals in the plan and SOOO much more!!!
What Supplies Do I Need Other Than Buying The Meal Plan Binder?
Not much just a simple 1-inch binder from Amazon will do the trick. It never hurts to have some colorful markers and pens either. 

1 Inch Binder Colorful Markers Pens
What is Included in The Monthly Meal Planner?


All of the following pages are included in the binder. Along with lifetime updates to anything we make changes to or add in the future. 
Cover Page Table of Contents Savvy Meal Plan Advice Example Themed Dinner Meal Plan Calendar Notes Weekly Meal Planner Daily Meal Planner Monday Meal Planner Tuesday Meal Planner Wednesday Meal Planner Thursday Meal Planner Friday Meal Planner Saturday Meal Planner Sunday Meal Planner Favorite Meals Meal Plan Calendar Breakfast Meal Plan Calendar Lunch Meal Plan Calendar Dinner Meal Plan Calendar Themed Day Meal Plan Calendar This Week’s Meals Freezer Inventory Pantry Inventory Fridge Inventory Grocery List Weekly Water Inventory Budget Meal Ideas Recipe For… 
Free Monthly Meal Planner Printables
If you want to give our monthly meal planner a try, feel to head over to our shop now and download it. It is three pages from our meal plan binder to give you an idea of exactly what you will get.

We highly recommend you purchase the entire monthly meal planner to give yourself all the tools you need to start organizing your meals and save money while doing it.

How to Make The Monthly Meal Planner?
Simply go through all of the pages included in the binder and write down the pages you want to use. 

Head over to your printer and print out the pages you feel will help the most in planning your meals. 

We suggest printing out the entire binder and going through every page to start. 

If you happen to find a page that does not work for your situation just remove it from your binder. 

Tips and tricks to meal plan in under 30 minutes Place all your monthly activities and dates on the printable calendar first before you start planning out your meals. You don’t want to plan to make a 30-minute meal when you have hockey and dance practice on the same evening.  Keep a list of your family’s favorite meals to always go back to when you are stuck coming up with meals or making sure you have them planned throughout the current month’s meals. Have weekly themed meals (see below) that you can rotate through every day of the month. For example, meatless Monday, taco Tuesday, etc. Always use a pencil because life happens and you will need to make changes to your monthly meal planner. Use the season to help you plan out your meals and what is considered in season when planning your meals. Not only will it be cheaper, but you will find what you are looking for in the stores faster. I love watermelon in the summer and hearty crockpot meals in the fall.
How is a monthly meal planner different than meal prepping?
Meal prepping is different than a meal planner based on the words “prep” and “plan.” That is exactly it. 

One is a plan for your meals and the other is prepping your meals. First comes the plan then comes the prep. 

The benefit that meal planning and meal prepping is both make your life super easy!

A step-by-step guide to meal prepping will help you get started with the “prep” side of your meals.

Sample Themed Monthly Meal Planner
Vegetable Barley Soup Eggplant Parmesan Quinoa Stuffed Peppers Portabella Mushroom Burger Fettuccine Alfredo With Broccoli
Tacos Enchiladas Mexican Pizzas Mexican Stuffed Shells Chicken Quesadillas
Tuna Noodle Cream of Chicken Million Dollar Spaghetti French Onion Beef Casserole Tater Tot Casserole
French Toast Pancakes Breakfast Sliders Biscuits and Gravy French Toast
Pepperoni Supreme BBQ Chicken Hawaiian Spinach & Artichokes
Chili Orange Chicken Tomato Tortellini Soup Pasta Fagioli Beef and Broccoli
How Do You Use The Monthly Meal Planner? 
Once you purchase the meal plan binder you will get instructions on how to download it. 

After you download it, you can turn to page three and read the entire set of instructions on how to use The Meal Plan Binder. 

Here they are for reference and to understand exactly what you will be getting. 

1. Cover Page

Print the cover page and place it in the front pocket of your binder.

2. Table of Contents

Use this page as a reference for where to locate specific pages. 

3. Savvy Meal Plan

Five ways The Savvy Couple stays on budget each month and meal plans.

4. Dinner Meal Plan

An example of what a rotation calendar would look like for a meal plan with “themed days” throughout the week.

5. Notes

Print out as many pages of notes as you think you might need.

6. Weekly Meal Planner

Record down your plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week. Along the side, you can record down snacks. Also included the weekend because that is often forgot about when meal planning.

7. Daily Meal Planner

Throw in a plastic page protector and reuse this page with a dry erase marker if you do not want to print off 365 {Haha}. You have each of your meals to plan out, your daily exercise and a notes section. On the right-hand side, you can shade in your daily water intake and record down the number of servings your got in of your fruits, veggies, protein, grains and dairy.

8. Day of The Week Meal Planner

Same as above, just customized for each day of the week.

9. Favorite Meals

Use this as a resource to go back to when creating your meals for the week.

10. Meal Plan Calendar

This calendar is just a generic calendar that you can use for any month for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.

11. Breakfast Meal Plan Calendar

A calendar for you to plan out breakfast for a month.

12. Lunch Meal Plan Calendar

A calendar for you to plan out lunch for a month.

13. Dinner Meal Plan Calendar

A calendar for you to plan out dinner for a month.

14. Dinner Meal Plan Calendar Themes

A calendar for you to plan out themed dinners for a month. Record the theme of the day under the corresponding day of the week.

15. This Week’s Meals

Another example of a meal planner that could work better for your family. Use one or either. Up to you.

16. Freezer Inventory

Use this as a running inventory list of items you currently have and items you need to buy.

17. Pantry Inventory

Use this as a running inventory list of items you currently have and items you need to buy.

18. Fridge Inventory

Use this as a running inventory list of items you currently have and items you need to buy.

19. Grocery List

Print this page out and use it to fill up before you head to the store. Keep it handy all week to add things as they come up so you don’t forget. Hopefully, it will save you time in the store as well based on how it is organized.

20. Weekly Water Inventory

Shade in your water intake each day throughout the week.

21. Budget Meal Ideas

If you are looking to create some meals on a tight budget, use this page as a reference for some fillers.

22. Recipe For…

Recipe page for you to print off to record down your favorite recipes that you always turn to, but do not have memorized yet. Print off as many or as little as you need.

Is it in Digital and Printable Format? 
Of course! Some people like to print the binder out and use pen and paper while others like to keep it digital and fill it out on their computer. 

No worries we have you covered either way! 

Where Can I Get a Copy of The Monthly Meal Planner?
Head over to The Savvy Couple Shop and add it to your cart. You will get instructions on how to download The Monthly Meal Planner Binder and you will be well on your way!

Now is your chance to eliminate one of the most stressful things in your life. Grab yourself a copy of The Meal Plan Binder today!

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