Increased productivity is just one of many reasons to stay organized at work. Desk organization helps save you time, improve creativity, and may even create a feeling of professionalism and control when your coworkers or boss pass by.

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After all, an organized desk is the sign of an organized mind. Office accessories make it simple and easy to stay on track with your to-do list. Reach your full work potential with 27 DIY organization ideas for your desk.
1. Clip-On Organizers
For quick desk feng shui, nothing beats clip on desk organizers. They’re easily adjustable to expand your desk and are perfect for hanging plants or nonessentials that you want to see, but don’t want in your way. These are especially handy for small desks. On a budget? Buy in bulk and use binder clips!
2. Wire Wall

Each item in your office has a purpose. Worried you don’t have enough shelving? Grid structures help you compartmentalize your life and simplify the tasks at hand. DIY a wire wall using chicken wire to hang notes, papers, and important to-dos from.
3. Personal Planner

Every desk should have a place for a monthly personal planner. Choose a motivational saying to add to the front so that you’re reminded every day why you work so hard. Customize it by uploading your favorite picture, or use one of the many in stock to develop your own rhythm.
4. Hide Your Cords
When something freezes up, the universal fix is to unplug it and plug it back in. Luckily, there is no shortage of office desk organization ideas for labeling (then hiding) unsightly cords. Choose a cord concealer to keep cords out of the way, but still leave them accessible enough to find.
5. Back of Door Solution
If you want to declutter, consider using the back of your door for extra storage. Doors can hold a surprising amount of weight, and it’s unused space, so make use of it during office planning. Consider a simple DIY fix like a shoe organizer with multiple compartments or a hanging file holder.
6. Personal Notes

By using custom Post-it® Notes, you will not only help yourself stay organized, but you can stick them on your laptop or wall for quick, easy reminders. Personalize your notes with your last name, pet’s name, or your favorite pattern.
7. Handy Desk Caddy

Desk caddies offer many options to store desktop items without taking up too much space. Choose a caddy that fits your needs, as there is no shortage of desk decor ideas. Store your phone, pens, or office supplies in a custom caddy with a photo of your furry friend.
8. Make a Mail Station
If you’re looking to simplify a home office, a mail station works as a hanging organizer to sort letters and bills. Choose one that matches your needs and style. Is your home office budget tight? Pick up an old shutter from a home store and use that to store letters.
9. Level Up

Shared offices can get crowded quickly. If you’re planning to maximize the use of a desk, don’t forget to “level up” with a desk riser or a standing desk. Desk risers help keep your computer or monitor at eye level while maximizing your desk space.
10. Use Your Wall Space

When planning your desk organization, don’t forget to organize your room. Walls are an important part of desk and office planning but are often underutilized. Consider hanging a large bulletin board for keeping daily notes and jotting reminders. This is also a great place to add inspirational art or study room tips.
11. Rolling Organizer
You can never have enough storage. If you share a cubicle and shelving isn’t an option, consider adding a small rolling organizer to store files, books or papers. Another option for a home office is using an old chest for storage.
12. Phone Valet
Add a special place for your phone that not only serves as a charger but keeps your phone upright, protecting it from spills and getting lost in piles of paper. Some docking stations also serve as a planter to hold your favorite succulent or cactus.
13. Go Magnetic

A framed magnetic board is easy to incorporate into any office design decor. Small magnetic backed containers are ideal ways to store small office supplies (like paper clips). Photo magnets are a fun, fanciful way to hang important notes.
14. White Board

Whiteboards are easy to hang above your desk. As a bonus, they are magnetic, which makes it easy to add words of encouragement. Have some fun with them—whiteboards are for more than just tracking hours! Doodle away your writer’s block with colorful pens and hide the evidence with a dry erase.
15. Use A Photo Box
Keep your collection of cards or notes organized with a simple photo storage box. Add dividers to separate topics, reminders, or dates to send. This is a simple way to free up storage space without giving up your desk drawer space.
16. Lazy Susan
We use them in the kitchen, so why not the office? These circular organizers are ideal for small offices or shared desks. Keep your important office supplies in one area and give it a spin.
17. Pyramid Design

Triangles make the perfect shape for storing office supplies. Stack your supplies in a custom pyramid-shaped organizer. Or, hang triangle wall decor for a unique way to organize.
18. DIY Desk Decor

A bright and positive work environment will inspire you to take on the day. Incorporate a white desk, white walls, and inspirational quote framed art to keep you motivated. Fresh blooms and good lighting will help you concentrate on the task at hand.
19. Slot Organizer
Keep all of your items in one place with a slot organizer. These handy organizers use the vertical space on your desk, so as not to take up desktop space.
20. Drawer Organizers
Don’t forget to plan the organization of your desk drawers. Drawer organizers are inexpensive and help keep your office supplies in place. You’ll never lose your pen again!
21. Desk Calendar

A 5×11 desk calendar is a perfect way to keep track of the week, without taking up too much space in your office. Personalize it with photos of your family and friends and jot down a quick note when you need. Best of all, the durable built-in easel means you won’t ever lose track of the month.
22. Desktop Bins

Work desk organization ideas are more of a challenge when you can’t choose your desk. If you lack storage or drawer space, use clear plastic bins on top of your desk to store the essentials.
23. Desk Name Plate

Show everyone who’s boss with a personalized desk name plate. Go the classic route by labeling just your first and last name, or have a little fun by including a funny message.
24. Go Green

Don’t forget to feng shui your office space with some relaxing features. Whether this is an indoor purifying plant, a desktop fishbowl or a mini zen waterfall, water and greenery can help you relax while you knock out your to-do list.
25. Room for Pets
If you’re a cat lover, you know they love lounging on your keyboard or desktop. Help them out by adding a riser to your desktop. A riser will protect your keyboard while your cat naps peacefully above, purring you into contemplative work. No cat to plan for? Use the riser space for your favorite latte mug.
26. In Out Boxes
Don’t let files become your nemesis. Filing organizers are perfect for becoming an in out box. Not only does it keep papers out of your way, but it also helps you see all you’ve accomplished during the day. There’s nothing more satisfying than an empty box.
27. Business Card Holders

Every desk should include a business card holder if you work in a client-facing industry. These keep your stack of business cards organized and accessible all day long.

If you’re hoping to increase productivity at work, an organized desk is the first step to success. Choose desk organization solutions that match your needs and design style. Is your home office budget tight? DIY organization and desk decor go hand in hand and are easy to tackle as a fun Sunday project.

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