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Let's be honest here for a minute. As a stay-at-home mom budgeting and finances played a role in allowing me to be here.

It was thanks to killing our debt and saving mad money that I quit my job of 15 years and became a stay-at-home mom.

Now, the road was not easy but it wasn't because of finances. The fact that we continue to budget and plan our finances has helped us grow our income.

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At one point in our journey, we had a salary of $30K a year! Thanks to budgeting and planning we are making $50K a year and living a good life.

Here's the point, you don't have to make $100K a year to live life to the fullest!

Managing your money no matter the income is key! Following your budget, creating a plan is the key to success.

I'm not saying you shouldn't increase your income because omg that's our yearly goal and by 10%, but to be strick and dedicated with your budget and planning.

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November Monthly Budget Printables What’s included with this budget printable?
The November Monthly Budgeting Printables includes 18 pages.

A cover is provided to use in front of the binder if applicable.

The budget printable comes with:
A November cover Calendar Month Goal Sheet Monthly Budget Sheets Paycheck Budget Sheets Monthly Cash Envelope Budget Sheets Bi-Weekly Cash Envelope Budget Sheets How much cash do I need? Sheet Cash Envelope Tracker Sheets Expense Tracker Sheet Income Tracker Sheet Monthly Cash Envelope Tracker Sheet Monthly Debt Tracker Sheet Monthly Saving Tracker Sheet Monthly Recap Sheet
Now let be clear that these printables are what we use EVERY MONTH to keep track of our finances.
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Where to Get Your 2020 Budget Binder Printables
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