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Have you? If not you should make lists to prioritize what you need to get done daily. I have a little confession to make, I have been feeling a little disorganized lately. Especially after traveling to help the family. I hopped on a design program I use and made a new Printable to-do list. I thought you might enjoy a new checklist to use. 

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Printable To-Do List 

You can use this printable for a daily to-do list if you are really busy or as a weekly to-do list if you have a quieter week going on. I hope you think this is a cute printable checklist. I love using floral designs and know I am going to be making more printable to do lists to get organized. 

I have been really wanting to get back into designing a few things. I have spotted so many cute illustrations like these woodland creatures. Do you ever make printables? Yes/No? What graphic designs or $1 graphics should I pick next to make printables for you with?
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Grab today’s PDF Printable To-Do List and get it all done! 

Let me know what you would like made next! Printables invites, party planners, weekly planners… Just tell me on our Facebook Page or Twitter I love making freebies for my readers, I try to make at least one or more new printable each month.
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