How to Shop Safely Online

In the last couple of years, shopping choice has gradually shifted from supermarkets to online platforms. Now, over 87% of the world population prefers online shopping. Certainly, online shopping comes with its own benefits.

First and foremost, online shopping is convenient in every aspect. Secondly, it is contactless. Finally, you can purchase almost anything from any corner of the world, and it will be delivered to your doorstep in a week or two.

However, safety and security come into play when you shop online. There are loads of sites selling sundry products.

Therefore, you need to know which site is legitimate and which is not. Here are 5 points you need to keep in mind when shopping online.

How to shop safely online without having your private information available to unsafe websites.
How To Shop Safely Online

Make Sure the Website You’re Visiting is SSL

You should check that the site is secure, which is shown by a URL address that starts with “HTTPS://“ and not “HTTP.” Furthermore, there should also be a padlock symbol in the browser window.

Usually, Chrome, Safari and other browsers you might use will give you a warning before proceeding to a specific website. If a website is not SSL, then it is too dangerous to even click on such a website.

A valid SSL Certificate establishes a secure connection between the visitor and the server. For that reason, most users are hit “back” as soon as they find a website that lacks security measures.

Use Online Services such as PayPal for Better Protection

Ensure You Get The Best Protection When You Shop Online

Doing transactions is one of the final steps while shopping online. It would be best if you were extremely careful in this step.

What is really important is choosing a trustworthy and authentic site like PayPal. Since PayPal is global, online transactions have been quite easy and safe.

It offers sellers protection and a refund policy which helps a buyer have a hassle-free purchase. Fortunately, PayPal is now being accepted on most legit shopping sites.

Because of its trustworthiness has also become the number one transaction choice in casinos. For instance, some people use PayPal at Platincasino because it is the most secure way to deposit and withdraw funds.

It won’t be wrong to say that their dedication to protection has steadily made it the safest choice when it comes to online shopping.

Buyer Protection from PayPal may foot the bill for the full cost of the product plus shipping. When you use PayPal, Buyer Protection can protect your insured online purchases on eBay or any other website.

Don’t overshare information

Be careful what personal information you give out online.
Be careful what personal information you give out.

It is imperative to keep your personal data protected at all times. Make sure you never overshare your personal details on any website you visit, even if it is a shopping site.

Some online shopping sites, given they are scammers, will ask you for unusual details, such as your credit card information or very personal details that you would usually not be asked to disclose.

On the other hand, on a legitimate site, you will be asked for the following:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Name

If an online shopping site asks for more than that, then this is definitely a red flag to look out for.

Use Familiar Websites that have a good Reputation

When shopping online, ensure that you use a verified and trustworthy website, Amazon or eBay. If it’s an unfamiliar website, and you’re not sure whether it is safe or not, ask your friends if they have heard of the website, do your research and go through the site’s reviews (although keep in mind that some reviews might be fake.)

You should also pay attention to the possible misspelling in the fake website’s name to make it appear like a familiar brand, the layout and the content.  

Make Sure to have a secure Internet Connection

A secure internet connection prevents intruders and spammers from gaining access to your Wi-Fi network and the devices that use it.

Several common-sense practices will help you in establishing a secure internet connection:

  • Rename your Wi-Fi router name
  • Always have a unique and strong password
  • Never use public Wi-Fi when shopping online
  • For ultimate safety, use a prolific VPN service
  • A strong firewall and network encryption should be the priority

In addition, you also have to consider the websites’ safety. Having a secure internet connection while shopping only matters if you access an authentic site.

Never be too eager to fill up details after being attracted to lucrative offers. In the best cases, using a VPN service is the most secure way to shop online.

Bonus Tip: If you require a password for an online store — Make it Strong & Unique

Create an intangible and unique password when you need to sign up for something online.
Create an intangible and unique password

A password is a digital bridge between you and the website you use for shopping. Be sure to make it intangible and unique.

When creating passwords for various websites, they frequently require a combination of characters, including symbols, numbers, and capital letters. Avoid using birthdays, contact numbers or any general information.

You can also use a password protection service to store your passwords under your name. Doing so allows you to access all of your passwords in one spot any time you need them.

Also, it is a good idea to keep changing the pattern of your password every three months. These are cores of e-commerce security, and it only requires common sense to be ahead in the game.

It might look like an easy task, but once you get a spamming email telling you that your password has been hacked. It becomes a source of anxiety. So, precaution is always better than cure.


Online shopping is not going to be out of fashion anytime soon. Consequently, you have to be more aware and cautious than ever before when shopping online.

As e-commerce is growing exponentially, the threat of cybercrime intensifies too. Internet fraud, identity theft, and violation of privacy are certainly not uncommon.

Stealing personal data is especially easier than before as people tend to overshare their details online and not pay much attention to their safety and security when online shopping.

If you do not want to fall victim to cybercrime, it is crucial to observe all of the tips provided in this article.

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