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Ready to change how you think about your to-do list?

On this episode of The Coaching Podcast, Kendra Adachi of The Lazy Genius Collective joins me to talk about how to run your life with less stress. I’ve been following Kendra on Instagram for a while and wanted to bring her on to help us prioritize our to-do list. 

Kendra is the author of the book The Lazy Genius Way. In the book, she encourages people to embrace what matters and ditch what doesn't so they can get things done. On the show, she shares two of the principles from the book - Decide Once and The Magic Question. These two principles require small action now for big results later. I can't wait to try them myself!

During the interview, Kendra shares ideas for managing your time like a human, not a robot. She explains why we don't need permission to care about the things that matter to us. You're going to love all the tips she gives on the show!

Topics and Questions Discussed in Episode 98 - How to Run Your Life with Kendra Adachi

  • The steps coaches can take to figure out what matters most
  • Removing the pressure to get it right and what to do instead
  • What to do when what matters changes
  • Why over-optimizing isn't the answer
  • How to remove the expectation that you must make every moment count
  • The trouble with decision fatigue and why writing decisions down makes you more likely to stick with them
  • Why being organized doesn't need to be all or nothing
  • The power of building the right morning routines
  • How she discovered the 13 principles in her book
  • The reasons coaches and administrators need to give themselves more compassion and kindness

After you listen to the episode, think about which of these ideas you could implement right away to change your life for the better. You can share what you tried on my Instagram.

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