How Financial Commitment Will Change Your Life: Saturday Monthly Review #1

Financial commitment is different from goals where you have set an obligation you must fix, whereas a goal is something you’d like to complete.

The pandemic has sure hit everyone’s pocket hard, and credit card companies are reeling in the fish.

Often, getting a loan or credit card comes with a convincing mindset to pay it back quickly.

You know, as good as I do, that’s not often the case and that credit is a bandage that easily comes off.

When one financial problem gets fixed, another one drops from the sky right into your lap.

It is said that in 2022 Canadian families can expect to pay $1000 more a year for groceries.

One month the freezer breaks down, and you need to buy a new one, or the roof starts leaking.

That’s the thing with money and debt; it never ends whether you are debt-free or not.

If you’re the person who wants to start the new year with a clean slate and tackle debt, do it.

There’s no better time to start getting your finances organized than when your mind is motivated.

Forget goals, commit to debt freedom, and conquer your worst enemy, owing money.

financial Freedom
How Financial Commitment Will Change Your Life

Stop Giving Up On Yourself

Whether you have a family or not, giving up on yourself is the easiest thing to do.

We’ve all done it, especially if it’s something you’ve convinced yourself that can wait longer.

If that something is a debt you owe now, there is no time because you’ve just swept it in the closet.

Financial excuses are common, and anyone can talk their way out of a struggling situation.

  • I’ll pay that bill next month the interest is nothing to worry about.
  • Everything will be ok (that’s not good enoug)
  • Sulking instead of doing something about it.
  • Hoping debt will go far away and forget about you.
  • Learning about finance is too much work, too hard or too time consuming.

There are many ways humans can manipulate their minds to fit today to deal with tomorrow.

Unfortunately, you have more decisions to make when tomorrow comes, and it never ends.

But, it can and let me tell you from experience, that you must push giving up away when you commit.

Financial Comittment Is More Than Setting Goals

A budget is meant to work as long as you earn enough money to get to the next month.

Budget numbers probably start out looking good on paper but can quickly spiral out of control.

New Years Day is probably one day where people think about money the most.

Consider money friends with getting fit because you’re rested from the holidays.

Do any of the two goals below sound familiar?

  • Goal 1: Wanting to lose weight in 2022
  • Goal 2: Getting rid of debt for good and watching where the money goes

However, goals are easy because you set them and easily forget them.

Commitment is like a raging fire inside of you where nothing will get in your way unless you let it.

There must be a solid plan with backup if a situation arises.

For example, something terrible happens in your life, and you give up on everything.

The problem is that although you stop, paying your bills does not.

As hard as that is to hear, it’s the solid truth, and when you owe a debt, it doesn’t care.

Pay now or face the consequences, although making a phone call to explain a situation can help.

Again, here’s where the problem is, what helps you out backs you up, and you have double to pay.

Debt forgiveness doesn’t mean you get a freebie. It just means get back to us next month with double the money plus interest.

Financial Commitment Starts With Baby Steps

Planning how your money will be used when you get paid is called baby steps.

We went through this when we designed our monthly budget years ago.

Here’s the catch though, you can’t be a baby forever.

The idea is to learn about simple budgeting online, read a book, or talk to a financial expert.

Once you get a grip on the basics of budgeting, you need to get rid of the diaper and move on.

Consider this a graduation to the next level, but only if you’ve made positive progress.

What will your next step be?

  • Creating a Budget Binder is a fantastic way to monitor your finances
  • Getting rid of the paper budget and opting for a budget app, online budget or excel budget.
  • Continue educating yourself about budgeting until the process is engrained in your mind.

There are many ways you can budget your money, and I always suggest starting with paper.

A bare-bones budget is simple to use, and once you master that, you can add details to the budget.

What are projected expenses? Maybe now is a time to invest in learning about saving for an expense later in the year.

I guess what I’m trying to say is practice makes you stronger, and financial commitment grows.

You have a plot of land, plant the seeds, water the seeds, and grow the garden.

If you don’t water it, some of your veggies may grow but not all of them. You’ll get by, though.

However, if you tend to your garden daily, you’ll have plenty and some that you can save for future use.

Financial Failure Or Financial Commitment

If you are met with a brick wall, you choose and find a way to jump over, walk around, or smash it.

Don’t throw in the towel just because you’ve had enough or you feel like you’re failing.

Please never give up on being the person who has the weight of debt taken off their shoulders.

It is said that in 2022 Canadian families can expect to pay $1000 more a year on groceries.

Save money any way you can and earn extra money from online savings apps; cashback apps reward cards.

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Blogging For Extra Income

Start a blog and monetize it to earn extra money and passive income over time.

Passive income means you’re earning money when you sleep and while you’re awake.

It didn’t take long for Canadian Budget Binder to earn more money than I had ever imagined.

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Find Helpul Info From Your Favourite Blogs

Perhaps taking a cash job on the side or saving money by swapping skills with friends.

You plumb my house, and I’ll paint yours is a great way for friends to help friends.

Use coupons, discounts, meal planning, gardening, food swaps, and take financial commitment day by day.

A top-rated app is the Flash Food App for finding groceries at Loblaws stores for 50% off or more.

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I don’t often give advice, but it’s because I know it works when I do.

Every Dollar Counts and will add up into something.

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There’s never a day that goes by that we regret starting with baby steps and transitioning to success.

Your Journey Starts Now!

Be Well,


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