Home Chef – We love this meal delivery service, currently $7.88/serving (cheaper – and tastier – than fast food)

Home Chef – Save $90 off

We’ve tried a few meal delivery services at different seasons in our life. Of all the ones I’ve tried – Home Chef is one of my absolute favorites and this current promotion – for $90 off your first three orders is a great time to try it!

Let me share about our Home Chef experience and why we like it so much. . . 

We placed our order online (more on that in a sec) and our Home Chef  box arrived on the delivery date in great condition. The first thing I noticed when opening the Home Chef box is how well insulated the box was. On top of the insulation – separate from the food, you’ll find your Home Chef  recipe cards and instructions!

Under the insulated cover you’ll find your ingredients! We ordered in December, not necessarily the best time for produce – but everything was BEAUTIFUL. The bok choy for example, crispy and fresh! All the ingredients looked picture perfect – which I found such a treat and I was surprised it traveled so well.

Look at all those pretty colors! I love that Home Chef has a lot of fresh ingredients in their recipes. Lots of vegetables and whole, real foods.

Our first order we got four different Home Chef  meals. . . each meal is in it’s own packaging and clearly labeled.

For example, in this bag you’ll find what you need for the Crispy Prosciutto Carbonara Chowder. It’s clearly labeled and so easy to tuck into the fridge for easy access when you’re ready to cook. Here are some more photos of our meals we chose. . .

I love the high-quality Home Chef recipe cards (3-hole punched and ready for a binder!). . . we have went back and made these meals AGAIN – we loved them so much. For example, this Creamy Corn and Tomato Shrimp Linguine recipes – we probably would have never made if it wasn’t for getting it in our box – and it’s now one of our FAVORITE family recipes!

Here’s another example of how beautiful everything is and how well it’s organized. Chicken breast is already diced and packaged in the right serving size! Edamame ready to go! This Chicken Satay Rice Bowl was one of our favorites, too!

My kids LOVED these BBQ Ranch Steak Tacos. . .I would have never put ranch with steak – we usually go with the boring ground turkey or sliced chicken tacos – but these were outta this world delicious! Again – fresh food ingredients and great flavor.

I hope you find seeing photos of our Home Chef order helpful. I think it’s helpful to see how it arrives and what you can expect. If you’ve followed me for any length of time – you know how much I prefer cooking at home to save money.

Home Chef is perfect if you are looking for : 

  • CONVENIENCE! It arrives all ready to go and it couldn’t be easier. 15-30 minutes to get dinner on the table without the hassle of grocery shopping and meal prep.
  • INSPIRATION! We loved being inspired to try new recipes and new menu ideas. Many of the recipes we tried with Home Chef have become family staples!
  • PORTION CONTROL and LESS FOOD WASTE! If you tend to cook more than your family eats or find yourself with a lot of food waste, this is a perfect solution for that. You get just enough of what you need to feed as many people as you need. No waste is a huge money saver!
  • SAVING YOU FROM EATING OUT! To me services like Home Chef are the best alternative to eating out. If you just aren’t able to swing cooking at home 7-nights a week, this is a sure fire way to at least skip the drive thru 3-4 nights a week (depending on the number of meals you order). The price per meal is definitely better than restaurant prices.
  • HEALTHIER EATING! And finally if you are comparing Home Chef  to eating out. . .this is considerably healthier than most restaurant dining. You know exactly what’s being put into every meal and you can keep things healthier with healthy portions and lots of flavor. They even have a calorie-conscious menu! 

Right now you can get Home Chef for $90 off your first three orders!  This is one of their best promotions. Let me talk about the cost!

1.) Head over to Home Chef thru this link and you should see a green banner across the top that says “Voucher code successfully applied for $90 off your first three orders!” Click on the red “Redeem Offer” button at the top of the page.

2.) You’re going to answer a couple questions. Did you want regular Home Chef with pre-portioned ingredients that you prep and cook? Or do you want no-prep recipes!? Do you want calorie-conscious or carb-conscious recipes? Also let them know if there are foods to avoid – like tree nuts or mushrooms!

3.) Enter your zip code and find out if they deliver to your area.

4.) Choose how many people you are cooking for – 2, 4, or 6 and how many recipes you want each week, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

5.) With the current promotion, I can get 3 meals, serving 4 people, for $77.88 plus $9.99 shipping = $87.87. That’s $87.87 for three family-size  fresh meals delivered to my house. . .it comes out to about $29 a meal or $7.49 a serving with four people – less than a combo meal at a fast food restaurant! This is at least HALF the price of me taking my family of four to a restaurant!

6.) Hit continue and enter you delivery information and select your delivery date. They have them as early as next week!

7.) Pick your meals and the your delivery date!

You can cancel at anytime. You are not charged until your items ship. Just make sure and login to cancel or extend your delivery date. You can skip deliveries at any time. 

I can’t wait to hear what you think about Home Chef  . . . I hope you love it as much as we do!

Find it here – Home Chef



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