Home Chef Meals Reviewed 2022

I am no stranger to meal delivery – I’ve tried them all!  After trying over a dozen services, Home Chef is still my favorite, so I’m sharing my Home Chef meals review for 2022!

Home chef box on a counter with ingredients in a bag

If you’re on the fence about meal delivery, I’m here to help!  The options are endless and it can be overwhelming. Even though I’m a recipe developer, cookbook author, and food blogger – so my job is literally food- I was getting frustrated at dinner time. I wanted something fast, something homemade, and something I didn’t have to think about. Enter meal delivery services where they send you all the ingredients and you put them together. Well, not all services are created equal, some have you using every pot and pan and kitchen utensil in sight – which leaves dishes and more of a headache. The service I’ve consistently loved over the years is Home Chef.

  1. Their meals truly are amazing and so easy to make.  You get a simple step by step recipe card which walks you through the recipe. It comes 3 hole punched so you can save it in a binder if you like the meal so you can make it later (a Home Chef meal was inspiration for this 5 ingredient baked chicken Parmesan pasta -everything is cooked in one pan and is made with only 5 ingredients). Often times, the kids will help me with chopping or adding sauces etc. which leads them to trying new things.
  2. Home Chef will help you pick your menu after you fill out a simple questionnaire with your preferences.
  3. Selecting what you want to eat is easy because Home Chef allows you to customize your meals.  You can upgrade proteins or swap them for your preferred option.  You can check out more about this option here.
  4. Maybe my favorite thing about Home Chef is that they put their meat in a separate bag for shipping!  I know this seems silly, but it makes all of the difference in the world.  I’ve literally had to throw out boxes from previous companies due to the possibility of contamination.

Home chef unboxing

If you are really short on time (hello, me, every night lol), Home Chef offers a variety of Fresh and Easy meal options

  • Easy Prep Meal Kits – meals that are ready in 15 minutes or less!
  • Fast & Fresh  – meals that don’t require any cooking, simply assemble and cook in the microwave or oven.
  • Oven Ready – You’ll get everything you need for a quick meal, including the pan to cook it in.  You aren’t doing much cooking at all, but rather just assembling the dish and cooking it.  Plus, cleanup is simple and quick! I love these ones.
  • Entree Salads + Extras – when you need a light and healthy dinner, a salad is a great option.  Everything is pre-cooked and pre-portioned so all you need to do is combine and enjoy. Home Chef now has extras too – like breakfast sandwiches, dessert and snacks.

Home Chef has been a dinner saver in my house. The ingredients are continually fresh and their meals taste good!

To see how the various meal delivery services stack up to others, see my comparison here

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